Chapter 27 – Golden Radiance Shield

Saga suddenly understood the fleeting reminder in his inheritance, realizing what the Golden Dragon had said.

Not wanting to talk to the Golden Dragon anymore, the Red Dragoness grumbled, “You’ve achieved your goal, now go back to your Storm Ocean!”

The Golden Dragon sighed and then brushed past the Little Dragoness with its huge dragon claw.

In an instant, a flash of golden light disappeared, and to Saga’s astonishment, Yekaterina was nowhere to be seen.

Great, there won’t be any dragons fighting over food with me anymore!

Saga felt delighted in his heart and looked towards the spot where Yekaterina had disappeared.


Saga thought about the identity and powerful strength of the Golden Dragonfather, and felt that if he were taken away, he might have access to better resources for growth. Just as the Golden Dragonfather had said, the Red Dragoness wasn’t very good at taking care of hatchling dragons.

On the other hand, the Metal Dragon usually cared a lot about its bloodline descendants.

Thinking about this, Saga felt a bit downcast, and his dragon face drooped.

If only he hadn’t been so spoiled and gained the Red Dragoness’s favor, it would have been much better if he had been taken away by the Golden Dragon.

Damn you, Yekaterina!

The dejected little hatchling dragon fell into the Golden Dragon’s eyes, and the Golden Dragon mistakenly thought that they had a deep sibling bond. Yekaterina being taken away made Saga unhappy.

“Saga, you will see Yekaterina again.”

The Golden Dragon said softly to Saga.

The harsh words towards the Red Dragoness didn’t bother the Golden Dragonfather.

Both Saga and Yekaterina had the bloodline of the Red Dragoness.

Even without the inheritance of the Golden Dragon, which caused their initial personalities to lean towards evil, the Golden Dragonfather was confident that with the influence of the Golden Dragon bloodline, as time passed, the personalities of the two hatchling dragons would gradually lean towards neutrality, rather than pure good or evil.

While speaking, a dazzling golden dragon scale automatically detached from the Golden Dragonfather’s body and gradually became smaller. Under the curious gaze of the little hatchling dragon, it eventually turned into a golden dragon scale identical to Saga’s own, automatically embedding itself in Saga’s chest.

The little hatchling dragon lowered its head and looked at the dragon scale given by the Golden Dragonfather.

In terms of appearance, there was no discernible difference from Saga’s own dragon scale.

“My child, forgive me for not being able to accompany you when you need me the most.”

The Golden Dragon’s concept of treating offspring was completely different from that of the Red Dragon.

“This dragon scale will protect you in my place.”

“When you encounter a major crisis, it will automatically trigger a legendary-level ten-ring defensive spell called the Golden Radiance Shield.”

A ten-ring defensive spell!

The little hatchling dragon gasped and widened its eyes.

If it were an offensive ten-ring spell, its power would be like a natural disaster. One strike might be enough to bring down a secondary sky fortress of the Skyrealm Empire.

“It will put you in an invincible-like defensive state for a certain period of time, while also restoring all the damage you previously suffered, and causing your overall physical attributes to skyrocket, giving you a leap in strength without any side effects.”

The Golden Dragonfather briefly described the effects of this spell.

“Thank you, Father.”

The little hatchling dragon said.

Saga wished he could just hug the Golden Dragonfather’s leg and let it take him away, but unfortunately, the Red Dragoness was here watching, and the parents had already discussed it. Saga estimated that it was unlikely.

The Golden Dragonfather extended its dragon claw and gently stroked Saga’s small head.

A few seconds later, the Golden Dragonfather’s dragon claw moved away from Saga’s head, and two hooked toes were raised, slowly saying, “The magic energy I left above is only enough to use the Golden Radiance Shield twice. And, after you become a teenage dragon at the age of twenty-five, whether you have used it or not, it will shatter on its own.”

“Just like a young eagle must leave the nest to soar, I cannot protect you forever. As a True Dragon, you ultimately need to grow on your own.”

According to the age division of the dragon race, from one to six years old is considered a hatchling dragon, from six to fifteen years old is a young dragon, from fifteen to twenty-five years old is a teenage dragon, and above twenty-five years old is a young adult dragon.

Saga is currently less than two years old, so he has two “lifesaving feathers” that he can use before he turns twenty-five.

“I understand your intentions.”

The little hatchling dragon nodded and said.

The dragon race never excessively doted on their offspring, even the Metal Dragon, which valued bloodline bonds the most.

Saga didn’t feel regretful about the restrictions set by the Golden Dragonfather. After all, if he had always lived under the protection of the Golden Dragonfather, there would also be disadvantages. Under habit, he would lose his sense of crisis and become a spoiled dragon. When the Golden Dragonfather couldn’t provide protection anymore, it would be almost his time of death.

“Goodbye, Renata.”

The Golden Dragon looked at the Red Dragoness, who was silent in the Dragon’s Nest, and said.

There was no response.

Next, a burst of golden brilliance rose, illuminating the surroundings of the Dragon’s Nest as if it were cast in gold.

After rising, the golden light suddenly shrank and collapsed. In the subtle fluctuations of space, the body of the Golden Dragon disappeared in an instant.

The Dragon’s Nest returned to its usual appearance.Apart from the absence of a Hatchling Dragon, there seemed to be no other changes.

“Mother, mother, what’s the situation between you and father?”

The Hatchling Dragon, unable to contain its curiosity, was shaking the tip of the Red Dragoness’s tail.

“The Red Dragon and the Golden Dragon?”

“You two are like the Divine Herald from the seventh layer of Paradise Peak and the chaotic demon from the Abyssal Abyss, disregarding the prejudices between each other and coming together.”

As the love child of the Red Dragon and the Golden Dragon, Saga asked the Red Dragoness with a face full of curiosity.

The Red Dragoness, unable to bear the disturbance, flicked her tail and threw the Hatchling Dragon away.

But the Hatchling Dragon quickly ran back with its short legs and started shaking the Red Dragoness’s tail again.

“I should really throw you to Nagaes.”

“I guarantee, the rigid rules of those old-fashioned Metal Dragons in the Deep Sea Dragon City will make you wish you were dead, crying and wanting to leave.”

The Red Dragoness said irritably.

Hearing that she was going to be thrown into the Deep Sea Dragon City, where she could receive the careful care of the Golden Dragonfather, the Hatchling Dragon’s eyes lit up and she shook even more vigorously.

The Red Dragoness once again threw the Hatchling Dragon away.

But the Hatchling Dragon was persistent.

Over and over again, due to the Hatchling Dragon’s persistence and the Red Dragoness’s desire to confide, she finally opened her mouth.

With a flick of her tail, she lifted the Hatchling Dragon and placed it in front of her.

The Red Dragoness looked down at Saga and began to tell her story in a sing-song voice.

“A long, long time ago, beyond the sea and the mountains, there was a little Red Dragon.”

“She was diligent, earnest, beautiful, evil, and smart.

“She robbed merchant guilds, plundered towns, kidnapped princesses, and slowly accumulated her own little fortune.”


Accompanied by the Red Dragoness’s words, a story unfolded.

Saga gradually learned the story between the Red Dragoness and the Golden Dragonfather.

It was over two hundred years ago, when the Red Dragoness was still a young Red Dragon, she inherited the nature of the Evil Dragon and tried various ways to accumulate treasure for herself.

Then, by a twist of fate, she met Nagaes, a legendary Golden Dragon, a mature Golden Dragon.

As one of the descendants of the ancient Golden Dragon King, and the youngest one at that, Nagaes was extraordinarily talented. Like the Red Dragoness, he was already a legendary creature in his prime, and not just a newcomer to the legendary stage.

Due to his extraordinary talent and being the last offspring of the old Dragon King, Nagaes was subject to many restrictions.

It wasn’t until he was a full three hundred years old that this Golden Dragon first left the Deep Sea Dragon City, left the Storm Ocean, and began his journey of punishing the wicked and promoting the good.

Soon, the legendary Golden Dragon discovered an underground laboratory of an evil great witch in the dark forest within the territory of the Shaya Empire in the eastern part of the Yar Continent.

The chase battle lasted for several months.

The battle between the legendary Golden Dragon and the great witch went through the Golden Trade Road, Lion Eye Watch Fortress, Storm Giant Mountain Range, Elf Sunset Forest, Green Capital Marsh and other places, causing quite a stir in the Yar Continent.

In the end, the Golden Dragon killed the evil great witch in the Winter Forest at the cost of being seriously injured and unconscious.

Just then.

The young Red Dragoness, who was just about to come of age, was on the run after robbing a duchy’s city treasury. She was hiding in the Winter Forest while counting her treasures with delight.

Then, she found the legendary Golden Dragon who had fallen from the sky and was unconscious.

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