Chapter 26 – Purpose

“Don’t be afraid, you are my bloodline, I won’t harm you.”

As he spoke, the Golden Dragon approached the two Hatchling Dragons, looking at Saga and Yekaterina with affectionate eyes.

Saga looked up.

The body of the Golden Dragon in his field of vision was still majestic, blocking all the sunlight that shone into the Dragon’s Nest, leaving behind large shadows that enveloped Saga and Yekaterina at the same time.

With close contact, Saga could also feel the faint pulsation of blood in his body.

This was indeed his biological father.

No wonder both he and Yekaterina were Outsider Dragons. The probability of this happening was supposed to be extremely small, and there were only a few records of offspring between Golden Dragons and Red Dragons in the Dragon’s lineage.

These two types of dragons were usually on opposite sides.

He didn’t know what had happened between the Golden Dragonfather and the Red Dragoness.

To be able to bring together two types of dragons that disliked each other and give birth to bloodline descendants.

Looking at the Red Dragoness and then at the Golden Dragonfather, Saga felt that there must be a story between the two.

Saga had thought that if he traced his bloodline back to a distant era, he might have Golden Dragon bloodline, but he didn’t expect that his father would be a pure Golden Dragon, and one that almost reached the pinnacle of the main material world as a top legendary dragon.

Curiosity rose in the golden dragon pupils of the Hatchling Dragon, and a series of imaginations began.

Mature and steady, upholding justice, the Golden Dragon left the Storm Ocean and, in the process of punishing evil and promoting good, encountered the arrogant and fierce Red Dragoness, and was attracted by her unruly personality.

Or perhaps the young Red Dragoness accidentally entered the Dragon City of the Sea Dragons and happened to take refuge in the territory of the Golden Dragonfather, thus meeting each other.

Or maybe… the enthusiastic imagination of the Hatchling Dragon was interrupted by the gentle voice of the Golden Dragonfather.

“My children, I don’t know your names yet.”

“Can you tell me?”

The Golden Dragon’s voice was gentle, asking in an inquiring tone.

“Saga Alzhus.”

The true name was too long. When a True Dragon spoke their own name, they usually omitted the middle part of their true name and only used the beginning and ending names. The ending name “Alzhus” generally represented the surname of this dragon bloodline.

“Yekaterina Alzhus.”

After receiving the obedient answer, the Golden Dragon wanted to say something else.

But just as he was about to speak, the Red Dragoness on the other side impatiently opened her eyes and said, “Nagaes, that’s enough.”

“You have seen the two dragon cubs, you can leave now.”

The Red Dragoness gave the order to leave.

She didn’t hide her terrible mood towards Nagaes, and it was very obvious.

After hearing the words of the Red Dragoness, a bitter smile appeared on the dragon face of Nagaes, as seen by the True Dragon’s eyes.

“Renata, you know, I can’t give up the Dragon City of the Deep Sea. The Metal Dragon Clan in the Dragon City needs me, and the Sea Clan also needs me.”

“If you are willing, you can come back with me, come back to the Dragon City of the Deep Sea, and become my Dragon Queen.”

Dragon Queen… Saga’s eyes brightened.

His biological father seemed to have an extraordinary position in the Metal Dragon Clan.

Of course, possessing a terrifying power far beyond ordinary legends, it was impossible for him to be an unknown person.

The Dragon City of the Deep Sea, located in the Storm Ocean, was the largest gathering place of the Metal Dragon Clan in the entire Saiga Planet. There were at least ten Ancient Golden Dragons alone, and even more Ancient Metal Dragons. The top-tier combat power was enough to rival the Empire, and it was also a holy land for the Sea Clan. It presided over the Deep Sea Council, mediating and resolving disputes between the three major ocean empires of the Shark Clan, the Sea Nymphs, and the Demon Fish, and even arbitrating judgments.

The Red Dragoness flicked her dragon tail, raised her chin, proud and fiery, and said in a slow and organized manner, “I don’t care about being your so-called Dragon Queen. In my territory, all creatures must treat me as their queen and respect me as the Crimson Flame Empress!”

Wow, the Red Dragoness is so domineering.

Both Hatchling Dragons’ eyes sparkled as if they had turned into stars.

“I will generously give you a choice. If you are willing, you can leave the Dragon City of the Deep Sea and stay here as my Dragon Queen. I will take care of you.”

The Red Dragoness said again.

The Golden Dragonfather stared at the Red Dragoness, remained silent for a few seconds, and said, “Renata, you are still the same as before, unruly, proud, and looking down on everything…”

“I really wish I could go back to the way things were.”

As he listened to the words of the Golden Dragonfather, the expression of the Red Dragoness also softened a bit, looking at the dense forest and mountains outside the Dragon’s Nest that were illuminated by the sunlight, a reminiscing color appeared in her deep dragon eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

Saga and Yekaterina, the two Hatchling Dragons, looked at each other, shaking their heads. You look at me, I look at you, and then they looked at the two silent colossal dragons.

The subtle atmosphere lasted for more than ten seconds.The Golden Dragonfather exhaled, lowering his head to glance at Saga and Yekaterina, then sincerely said to the Red Dragoness, “Renata, I know that Red Dragons rarely take good care of their own bloodline.”

“Why not entrust the two children to me? I’ll take them back to Dragon City, so you won’t have to worry about raising them anymore.”

This was the main purpose of the Golden Dragonfather’s visit.

The Red Dragoness looked up at the Golden Dragon, her gaze wandering over the two dragon hatchlings, deep in thought.

To be honest.

As the Red Dragoness of the Five-Color Evil Dragon, she didn’t really like dragon hatchlings and wasn’t good at taking care of them. She only saw them as burdens, with Little Saga being the only one who could barely win her favor.

If it weren’t for the responsibility directly engraved in the inheritance by the Dragon God, requiring the Five-Color Dragons to take care of their offspring, a considerable number of Five-Color Dragons would directly abandon their hatchlings.

Handing them over to the Golden Dragon would liberate her.

Her gaze swept over the two hatchlings sitting in a row, their limbs together, acting obediently. The Red Dragoness’s sharp claw lightly tapped the ground, quietly contemplating, inadvertently leaving a pit in the ground of the Dragon’s Nest.

The little male dragon covered in diamond-like layered scales.

The little dragoness with red scales threaded with golden lines.

The Red Dragoness’s gaze wandered between Saga and Yekaterina.

“If that’s the case…………you take Yekaterina away.”

The Red Dragoness’s gaze settled on Yekaterina’s body as she spoke.

“What about Saga? Are you going to keep him?”

The Golden Dragon, understanding the Red Dragoness’s character, knew that she would likely agree to his request.

But he didn’t expect the Red Dragoness to plan on keeping one of the hatchlings.

“I will personally teach Saga, to make him an unprecedentedly great Evil Dragon, who will one day overthrow the Sea Dragon City and turn it into our Five-Color Dragons’ territory.”

An unprecedentedly great Evil Dragon!

Saga and Yekaterina’s eyes lit up slightly.

Having received the Red Dragoness’s inheritance, becoming an unprecedentedly great Evil Dragon was, at present, the highest honor in the minds of the two hatchlings.

The Golden Dragon helplessly shook his head.

“Did you give any of the Golden Dragon inheritance I left behind to the two hatchlings?”

The Red Dragoness snorted, spitting out sparks, “I’ve purged that garbage inheritance that pollutes the mind. It’s best not to have it.”

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