Chapter 25 – Golden Dragonfather

There have been strong individuals who have defeated the descending gods.

They believe that the gods are only manifestations of mortal spiritual thoughts.

These factors have accumulated, causing many creatures in this world to disrespect the gods.

Although there is also belief in the gods here, the atmosphere of faith is not strong, and it can even be said to be weak.

In many empires, the power of the gods is weaker than that of the kings.

The development of the major god churches also faces many restrictions set by the emperors.

The weak faith also leads to the lower power that the descending gods can exert in the material world, making it more difficult for creatures to worship and believe in them.

This is also the reason why Saga did not hesitate to kill the priest of the Magic Goddess Church when he encountered her. If it were in a material world with strong faith and worship, killing a priest of the gods would be a very troublesome matter if it attracted the attention of the gods.

But back to the topic, this large golden dragon is only one step away from being a demigod. It is almost able to reach the pinnacle of the material plane. For a golden dragon with sufficient talent, it is only a matter of time.


“My territory does not welcome Metal Dragons. Go back to your Golden Sea.”

The Golden Sea is a sea area deep in the Storm Ocean, the gathering place of the Metal Dragon clan.

The Red Dragoness let out a deafening roar from her mouth, sounding like thunder in the rolling dark clouds.

It can be heard that she recognizes this golden dragon.

And although there is a big difference in size and strength, the Red Dragoness seems to have no fear, but rather is very aggressive.

At the same time.

Under Saga’s gaze, the golden wings of gold that covered the sky flew across the sky and had already reached the territory of the Red Dragoness.

“Renata, you…”

Before the words could be finished, the deep voice of the golden dragon was interrupted by a roar.


The Red Dragoness’s wings burst into flames, violently flapping and stirring up waves of scorching hot winds with flames.

Surrounded by flames and strong winds, the Red Dragoness left the Dragon’s Nest, soaring into the sky, and attacked the golden dragon fiercely.

“It’s over. Mother obviously can’t win, why is she still provoking the other party? She’s going to get beaten.”

The Little Dragoness covered her face and couldn’t bear to look.

But in the end, unable to withstand the tension and worry, Saga’s gaze looked through the cracks in the dragon’s claws and looked up at the sky.

Two dragons with vastly different sizes and strengths fought each other.

But what surprised Saga was that the scene of the Red Dragoness being beaten up by the other party that he had expected did not happen.

On the contrary.

The Red Dragoness fought fiercely, chasing and beating the golden dragon, which was much larger than herself, and even scolding angrily while fighting.

The words were harsh and unpleasant to the ears.

The Little Dragoness raised one dragon claw and covered half of her ear.

Like this.

Realizing that there seemed to be no danger, the Little Dragoness covered one eye, covered one ear, and eagerly and eagerly watched the Red Dragoness show her power.

“What is the origin of this golden dragon?”

“Clearly very powerful, but why can it tolerate…”

Saga pondered.

As if remembering something, Saga suddenly looked shocked and turned his head to look at Yekaterina.

On the Little Dragoness, the golden threads in the red dragon scales were so eye-catching.

Yekaterina was also staring at Saga at this time.

In the eyes of the Little Dragoness, the reflection of Saga’s pair of golden pupils and his golden dragon scales were so prominent.


The two hatchling dragons looked at each other, and they both had speculations about the identity of the golden dragon in their hearts.

Time passed bit by bit.

After several hours, the night dissipated, and the newborn sun rose from the horizon, casting a pale golden dawn on the earth.

However, in the sky around the Yakan Volcano, more than half of the sky was dyed a fiery red color by the flames. The high temperature brought by the flames caused visible distorted ripples in the air.

Such a big movement naturally cannot be ignored.

The creatures living on Thorn Isle, whether they are ordinary creatures, magical creatures, beasts, or sapient beings… at this moment, they all raised their heads and looked towards the direction of the Yakan Volcano, with fear and panic on their faces.

After another half an hour.

The Red Dragoness finally released all her anger and stopped panting.

Across from the Red Dragoness.

The golden dragon now looked smoky and burnt, with its originally golden and brilliant dragon scales covered in black scorch marks. Some places even had a red-hot iron-like high-temperature luster, looking quite disheveled.

But its gaze was still calm and deep.

“Renata, do you want to continue?”

“If it makes you happy, I can let you fight for a whole day.”

The golden dragon said.

At the same time.

The luster on its body flowed, and the smoky and burnt appearance disappeared in an instant, returning to a majestic posture, with a calm and unhurried demeanor, and its words carried a kingly aura.


The Red Dragoness snorted coldly, raised her head high, and proudly said, “Wait until I become an ancient dragon, then try saying that again.”

There are geniuses among humans.

There are also geniuses among true dragons.The Red Dragoness is an undeniable genius among True Dragons. The fact that she could give birth to two Outsider Dragons at once speaks volumes about her extraordinary abilities.

Dragons over 1200 years old are known as Ancient Dragons.

An Ancient Red Dragon is an absolutely powerful legendary creature.

However, the Red Dragoness is not even three hundred years old yet, and she is already a legendary creature. With this rate of growth, if the Red Dragoness becomes an Ancient Dragon, her strength would indeed be terrifying. A regular Red Dragon would need at least seven to eight hundred years to become a legend.

The Golden Dragon swished its tail and lowered its head, showing submission to the Red Dragoness. “With your talent, if you grow to the stage of an Ancient Dragon, I dare not let you attack me casually.”

The voice paused for a moment.

The majestic Golden Dragon turned its head towards the Dragon’s Nest, then spoke to the Red Dragoness in a sincere tone, “Renata, I can sense the presence of the two children.”

“Let me see them.”

“After all, they are my bloodline descendants.”

Compared to the Chromatic Dragons, the Golden Dragon, as a representative of the Metal Dragons, is inherently good and just, and places great importance on bloodline bonds. Under normal circumstances, a pair of Metal Dragons would raise their offspring together.

Upon hearing the Golden Dragon’s words, the Red Dragoness narrowed her eyes, her pupils becoming vertical slits.

The Golden Dragon remained silent, merely lowering its head slightly, looking at the Red Dragoness with hopeful eyes. Its tail hung low, presenting a pitiful appearance that contrasted greatly with its massive body and demeanor, somewhat similar to the often cute Saga.

The Red Dragoness was the type to respond to softness rather than force.

Under the expectant gaze of the Golden Dragon, after a few seconds, the Red Dragoness hesitated, then snorted coldly and said, “Follow behind me, roll over here.”

Without waiting for a response, the Red Dragoness turned and flew towards the Dragon’s Nest.


Saga and Yekaterina couldn’t hear the conversation between the two giant dragons, but that didn’t stop them from seeing the red and golden dragons flying one after the other.

Soon, the Red Dragoness entered the Dragon’s Nest first.

Perhaps because she had expended a lot of energy earlier, the Red Dragoness went straight to the depths of the Dragon’s Nest and began to rest with her eyes closed.

Following her, the Golden Dragon folded its massive wings to its sides and slowly entered the Dragon’s Nest.

The lair of a legendary giant dragon is vast.

But for the terrifying size of the Golden Dragon, it seemed cramped and narrow, making it difficult to turn around.

The golden beast, weighing well over a hundred thousand tons, had barely landed when the ground trembled. This even triggered some of the magic runes laid down by the Red Dragoness to reinforce the Dragon’s Nest.

Looking at the two Hatchling Dragons inside the Dragon’s Nest, the Golden Dragon’s gaze flickered.

The Golden Dragon took careful, gentle steps forward, shrinking with each step until it was about the same size as the Red Dragoness, seemingly afraid that its massive size would frighten Saga and Yekaterina.

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