Chapter 24 – Golden Dragon

“Strong individuals should have more resources.”

“Now, let me know who is strong and who is weak. I believe you also want to know the answer.”

After saying that, the Red Dragoness lay down on the ground and eagerly stared at Saga and Yekaterina.

“Let’s begin.”

Seeing that the two hatchling dragons didn’t move, the Red Dragoness urged them.

Then, the two hatchling dragons stood several meters apart, staring at each other. Their golden eyes and ruby eyes with golden threads reflected each other’s figures as they circled around.

Saga and Yekaterina didn’t mind the Red Dragoness’s command.

Because what the Red Dragoness said was right, both hatchling dragons wanted to defeat each other officially and establish their position in the Dragon’s Nest.

But at that moment, something unexpected happened.

A hurricane-like force swept through the sky.

Dragon’s might.

Solid and terrifying dragon’s might, like a roaring tsunami.

This dragon’s might rushed into the Dragon’s Nest of the volcano, passing through the bodies of the Red Dragoness and the two hatchling dragons.

Saga and Yekaterina’s bodies stiffened at the same time.


This dragon’s might didn’t contain any malice. It was more like a greeting to the Red Dragoness, openly expressing its arrival. So the two hatchling dragons quickly regained their composure and were unharmed.

The Red Dragoness, on the other hand, was slightly stunned at first, then showed an angry expression. Her massive body moved and turned to look outside the Dragon’s Nest, gazing at the distant sky.

Following the Red Dragoness’s gaze, Saga also looked towards the distant sky.

In his field of vision, under the dark and lightless night, a golden streak of light pulled a straight line, approaching the Yakan Volcano at high speed.

In just a few seconds.

As the distance closed, this streak of light became clear and distinct. The creature within the golden light also entered Saga’s sight.

Majestic and sturdy pairs of dragon horns, slender and powerful dragon tail, and sky-obscuring dragon wings… all revealed the identity of the True Dragon.

Covered in dazzling dragon scales that seemed to be made of gold, they formed majestic and unique patterns. The muscular body beneath the dragon scales moved slightly with its movements. Below the face mask adorned with intricate dragon scales, golden dragon whiskers swayed in the wind.

It exuded a kingly aura from head to toe.

Golden Dragon.

The favored child of the great Platinum Dragon God in the Dragon God lineage, the leader of the Metal Dragons, the Golden Dragon.

As the leader of the Five-Color Dragons, the Red Dragon’s strength is slightly weaker than the Golden Dragon’s at the same age. It is slightly stronger than the Silver Dragon, which ranks second among the Metal Dragons, but only to a limited extent.

This is not because the Red Dragon is weak, but because the Golden Dragon is strong.

Except for a few extremely rare and special dragon species, the Golden Dragon can be said to be the most powerful type of True Dragon. It has an innate strength that can rival the Red Dragon, as well as magical talents surpassing the Red Dragon.

It is said that every Golden Dragon is constantly under the watchful eye of the Platinum Dragon God.

Even if you have the strength to kill a Golden Dragon, it is best not to do so.

Unlike the Five-Color Evil Dragons, the Metal Dragon lineage, from the Platinum Dragon God to the ordinary True Dragons, has a strong protective instinct and values bloodline bonds and family connections. Provoking a hatchling would attract an adult dragon, and if the adult dragon couldn’t handle it, even an ancient dragon might appear.

If you are not a match for an ancient dragon.

Then congratulations, you have a great chance of witnessing the divine incarnation of the Platinum Dragon God.

Of course, this incarnation will undoubtedly come with thunderous fury.

However, Saga felt a sense of familiarity in the dragon’s aura, but because the distance was too far now and the dragon’s might was restrained, he couldn’t get a clear feeling.

“It’s strange. Is this the first time we’ve seen it? Why does it feel familiar?”

Saga was puzzled.

He turned his head and saw Yekaterina, the Little Dragoness, who also had the same feeling of confusion.

In addition to the confusion, what made Saga even more apprehensive was that the golden dragon in his field of vision was nearly sixty meters long! From head to tail, it was fifty-eight meters long, and its sky-obscuring wings spanned over eighty meters. The entire dragon seemed like a towering golden hill moving in the sky, and its speed was extremely fast, exuding immense pressure.

The Golden Dragon didn’t deliberately emit an intimidating aura, and the distance was still far.

But Saga still felt a deep and oppressive feeling, like being trapped in a abyss.

This oppressive feeling mainly came from cognition, not from its size.

On the Saiga Planet, creatures with a size of over a hundred meters are common, and True Dragons are also massive. However, the strength of True Dragons is not solely due to their size; it is only a small factor. Among the many dragon species, there is a rare dragon species called the Sun Dragon. The older they are, the smaller their normal size becomes, but their strength becomes stronger.

Of course, most dragons grow larger as they age.

A True Dragon that reaches a length of thirty meters is generally considered a legendary creature.

For example, the Red Dragoness possesses the terrifying power to destroy kingdoms and cities on her own. If she goes into a rage, without the interference of opponents of the same level, she can cause terrifying natural disasters and easily destroy everything within millions of kilometers.

So the question is.

What level does the Golden Dragon, whose size far exceeds that of the Red Dragoness, belong to?

When Saga was filled with doubt, the Dragon’s Inheritance provided him with the answer.

The opponent is an infinite-level Golden Dragon, approaching the level of a deity. It is a top-tier legendary existence below only the demigods, a legend among legends, only one step away from obtaining power comparable to a deity.

Demigods are also gods and are the limit that the main material world can accommodate.

The gods living in the outer planes are not lacking in demigod existences.Legendary creatures can dominate a territory, acting as lordly kings, while demigods are only below true gods, standing at the pinnacle of the pyramid in any primary material world. They are the ultimate powerhouses in the primary material world, where demigods can influence the world’s structure according to their will, moving clouds with a wave of their hand and bringing rain with a flip of their palm.

If a demigod is bold enough, they can even compete with the true gods of the lower realm.

True gods reside in places like Paradise Peak, Abyssal Abyss, Elysium Realm, Stellar Realm, Elemental Realm, and other outer planes.

Both the primary material plane and the outer planes are collections of worlds, possessing countless worlds and collectively referred to as the multiverse. The overall structure of the multiverse, according to some scholars’ research, is a giant ring-shaped formation with the primary material world at the center and the outer planes irregularly surrounding it.

Many scholars on Saiga Planet believe that the outer planes were born from the philosophical trends and faith wills in the primary material plane.

This includes the gods, who were also born from the philosophical beliefs of mortals.

The primary material plane is the core of the multiverse.

The theory of the primary material plane core is uncertain in its truth, as it is merely a mortal’s theoretical research on the multiverse and the gods, unconfirmed and unanswered by the divine beings.

However, what can be confirmed is that the primary material plane, where mortals mainly live, naturally repels and suppresses the gods.

When true gods descend to the lower realm, they often bear the suppression from the rules of the primary material world, unable to exert their true divine power. Although they are still strong, the degree of their weakened strength compared to their full power is quite severe.

On Saiga Planet, there was an instance where an evil god descended, only to be besieged by the top demigod powerhouses of Saiga Planet. The god nearly fell in the primary material world and eventually fled in disgrace.

Saiga Planet’s comprehensive strength is quite formidable, having once defeated the true form of an evil god.

At the same time, the theory that the gods of the outer planes were born from the philosophical beliefs of mortals, known as the primary material plane core theory, is also very popular.

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