Chapter 23 – Awakened Yekaterina

Saga withdrew his gaze from the Red Dragoness’s figure.

He lowered his head, his big round bright eyes staring at his dragon claws, focusing on the small piece of red agate in the palm of his hand.

The agate fragment was crystal clear, translucent, and emitted a faint red glow. The surface of the crystal reflected the happy expression of the little hatchling dragon.

Although the gem fragment was small, it contained a rich concentration of elemental energy. In the perception of dragons, it shimmered like a flame and felt extremely comfortable to be near. This was an effect that ordinary gems did not possess.

Saga was very satisfied with this.

After all, he had just obtained his first bucket of gold, dozens of gold and silver coins, and even gem fragments. He finally had his own little treasure trove.

Saga stared at the agate fragment without blinking.

At this moment, a great goal was born in the heart of the little hatchling dragon.

To obtain enough treasures, to turn gold and silver into an ocean, to forge different kinds of magic gems into a forest, to stack them into mountains, and to overlook everything from the top of the gem mountain, enjoying the magnificent view created by endless gold and gemstones.

What a magnificent and extravagant scene it would be.

Saga took out the gold and silver coins and played with them along with the agate fragment until the sun set and the fiery evening glow covered the sky. Only then did the little hatchling dragon reluctantly put them into the inner layer of his scales and keep them close to his body.

At the same time.

A slight vibration caught Saga’s attention.

Saga was particularly sensitive to the movement of objects, or more accurately, changes in their motion state.

The movement of objects, even the slightest movement like a speck of dust falling, would cause a reaction in the force field. He could even create a three-dimensional perception world in his mind by combining this sensitivity with his understanding of the force field.

Ordinary true dragons did not have this ability.

This was Saga’s force field perception.

At first, his force field perception range was only a point, but now, the two-year-old hatchling dragon’s perception range could encompass everything within twenty meters of himself.

He turned his head.

Saga saw Yekaterina, whose body was trembling lightly.

The little dragoness with interwoven golden and red scales was about to wake up from her slumber.

Yekaterina’s dragon tail swayed gently, and the amplitude of her body’s movements became larger and larger. After just a short ten seconds, the little dragoness slowly opened her eyes, revealing a somewhat dazed and confused look.

She shook her head.

Yekaterina quickly regained her clarity.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw Saga looking at her.

The hatchling dragon, with a body length of four meters and covered in golden scales, was exceptionally dazzling. Even the dim dragon’s nest couldn’t hide the luster of his diamond-like scales. Yekaterina was slightly stunned by his handsome appearance.

After coming back to her senses, Yekaterina remembered that she should not have a good impression of Saga.


“You foolish little brother, what are you looking at?”

Standing up, she snorted coldly and said her catchphrase. Yekaterina’s ruby-like eyes stared at Saga, baring her sharp teeth.

“I suddenly realized, Yekaterina, you are very beautiful.”

“The bright red scales, and the golden texture, you look different.”

Unlike the fierce and arrogant Yekaterina, Saga blinked his eyes, took a few steps closer, and honestly said.

Saga was telling the truth.

With a body length of four meters, the little dragoness, who was slightly larger than Saga, now looked even more beautiful.

Hearing Saga’s words, the always fierce and arrogant little dragoness’s heart skipped a beat, and her blood flowed faster.

Due to the true dragon’s fascination with gold and gemstones, Saga’s words were a high praise and recognition.

Because of the Red Dragoness’s dislike, Yekaterina had heard harsh reprimands for a long time. Coupled with seeing the Red Dragoness’s favoritism towards Saga, Yekaterina, due to her proud nature, even had some self-doubt.

This was the first time she had heard positive admiration for herself.

Yekaterina had been suppressed for too long, and as a dragon, she was quite vain and liked to hear compliments about herself. At this moment, the state of the little dragoness could be described as: temporarily enlightened by celestial music.

For the first time in her dragon life, she received praise, making the little dragoness feel a bit dizzy.

Saga approached.

Yekaterina finally came back to her senses and subconsciously took a few steps back until she touched the rock wall of the dragon’s nest and stopped.

Saga originally thought that Yekaterina would still snarl at him.

But now, it seemed that something was off with this arrogant little dragoness.

Saga looked at the expression of the little dragoness, deep in thought.

“Good sister, your eyes are even more clear and beautiful than the finest ruby.”

“Can I take a closer look?”

“You are so beautiful. When you grow up, you will definitely be more beautiful than your mother.”

While speaking, Saga moved his limbs and took another step closer, almost pressing his face against Yekaterina’s, and said.

The approaching Saga made the little dragoness’s heart tremble. She kept retreating until her back touched the rock wall.


The little dragoness exhaled a hot breath and suddenly pushed Saga away, panicked and ran to the other side, distancing herself from Saga. Then, she lowered her body and bared her teeth at Saga, showing a fierce appearance.

Yekaterina’s reaction confirmed Saga’s thoughts.

“Oh… So this dragon sister likes to hear sweet words and doesn’t respond well to force.”

“That’s easy, I’ll take you down!”

Saga blinked his eyes and decided.

He had already planned to train the dragoness and turn her into his little follower.

Just take it step by step.

No need to rush.

But what Saga didn’t expect was that he didn’t have the opportunity to implement his plan.

Several hours later, the Red Dragoness returned.

She folded her overwhelming dragon wings and dragged a black-blue serpent nearly 40 meters long between her dragon claws.

The Deep Sea Demon Python, a legendary sea monster.Although it was already dead, its fresh body still emitted an oppressive aura that made Saga feel somewhat uneasy. The Red Dragoness tore open the scales of the deep-sea demon serpent, sliced it open, and placed a chunk of flesh about ten meters long and as thick as a water barrel in front of Saga and Yekaterina.

“This high-quality food will help you grow faster. Eat, my children.”

After saying this, the Red Dragoness watched the two hatchling dragons with interest.

This time, she did not divide the food into two portions for Saga and Yekaterina separately.

This meant…

The Red Dragoness believed that the two hatchling dragons could start a healthy competition.

Just awakened from a deep sleep, the famished Yekaterina pounced on the food, and Saga also approached the food and began to eat.

High-quality food was indeed different. As soon as it was swallowed, it seemed as if a warm current rose up, flowing to every limb, nourishing the bodies of the hatchling dragons.

Saga ate with relish.

But what surprised the Red Dragoness was…

Yekaterina, who had always been protective of her food and had a fierce temperament, did not attack Saga or snatch his food.

Even though she was vigilantly watching the young hatchling, issuing threatening growls while eating, she did not take any real action.

This made the Red Dragoness, who was looking forward to a good show, feel bored and somewhat disappointed.

Her gaze shifted between the two hatchling dragons, and the Red Dragoness felt that something had happened between the two dragon cubs when she was not around, causing the tense relationship that had always existed to change and become more relaxed.

How could this be?

This was not interesting at all.

“Saga, Yekaterina.”

“You two have inherited my excellent bloodline, both of you are uniquely gifted, evolving Outsider Dragons with unlimited potential. But there are also strengths and weaknesses among Outsider Dragons.”

“The strong should enjoy more resources.”

“Now, let me know who is stronger and who is weaker among you. I believe you also want to know the answer.”

Not seeing the scene she wanted, the Red Dragoness interrupted the two hatchling dragons’ meal and spoke in an irrefutable tone.

She wanted Saga and Yekaterina to fight.

On one hand, moderate friction and conflict among hatchling dragons were beneficial for growth.

On the other hand…

The Red Dragoness found it amusing to watch the little dragons squabble like chickens pecking at each other.

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