Chapter 22 – Negotiate a better deal

After Yekaterina left.

Saga turned his head and looked at the damaged wooden staff and the steel greatsword, and hugged them all together. He spread his dragon wings and flew towards the towering Yakan Volcano in the rising air currents.

On the way, the little hatchling dragon looked down.

Lush forests spread around Yakan Volcano.

Since Saga couldn’t fly too high now and was only flying at a low altitude, the dense branches of the lush trees were brushed by the air currents created by the little hatchling dragon’s wings, making a rustling sound as they swayed.

Some leaves detached from the branches and flew behind the little hatchling dragon.


The scent of the forest gradually faded and was replaced by a faint smell of sulfur.

Yakan Volcano was right in front of them.

Yakan Volcano was a dormant volcano, towering into the sky. It hadn’t erupted for thousands of years, so the surrounding area was able to grow lush forests. Even in the current winter, this densely vegetated magical forest remained lush.

At the top of the mountain was the palace fortress of the Red Dragoness.

The treasury of the Crimson Flame Empress was said to be deep inside the palace at the top of the volcano.

However, the location of the dragon’s nest where Saga and Yekaterina were raised was about halfway between the mountaintop and the halfway point, not inside the palace.

For some reason, the Red Dragoness never allowed Saga and Yekaterina to go to her palace at the mountaintop.

She herself only occasionally went to the palace at the mountaintop, and spent most of her time in the dragon’s nest.

Little Saga curiously asked the Red Dragoness, but she didn’t feel like answering.

A few minutes later, the beautiful hatchling dragon made of diamonds folded its wings and landed on the edge of the dragon’s nest.

Saga ran over and shouted, “Mother, I have dealt with those reptiles that invaded your territory.”

Deep inside the dragon’s nest, a pair of crimson pupils appeared from the shadows.

The majestic figure of the Red Dragoness lay on the warm ground and said to Saga, “My child, I am proud of you.”

She seemed to be in a good mood, with a faint smile on her lips.

Saga placed the steel greatsword, wooden staff, and other items he was hugging on the ground, leaving only the intricately complex magical revolver as a collection. After thinking for a moment, he smirked and said to the Red Dragoness, “Mother, these are my spoils. Can I exchange them for a magic gem?”

“Just a red agate the size of an egg.”

The little hatchling dragon hugged the tip of the Red Dragoness’s tail and gently shook it.

The Red Dragoness raised her long tail and lifted the little hatchling dragon, who was holding onto the tip of her tail, directly in front of her.

“Oh? Greedy little one, aren’t the gold and silver coins you’ve hidden enough to satisfy you?”

The Red Dragoness’s gaze swept over Saga’s neck scales, and a smile that seemed like a smile appeared on her dragon face.

“Many hatchling dragons don’t even have a single copper coin when they are your age.”

That was the truth.

Hatchling dragons that were just one year old normally didn’t have the opportunity to obtain treasures.

Saga smiled awkwardly, still holding onto the tip of the Red Dragoness’s tail, swaying left and right in mid-air, and said, “Mother, just one, I want one. If it’s not possible, can you give me a half-broken magic gem?”

Compared to gold and silver coins, magic gems were more valuable. They were rare in mineral deposits and highly favored by true dragons.

There were many ordinary gems, which had relatively average value and were just pretty stones to true dragons. Only very poor and destitute dragons would use ordinary gems to decorate their dragon’s nests, pretending to have a lot of wealth by mixing them with a few magic gems.

Magic gems that could absorb elemental energy were truly rare.

All high-quality weapons, whether they were staffs or warrior greatswords, mechanical guns, and more, required magic gems as core materials. The production of some advanced spell scrolls, constructs, elemental towers, and other things also required magic gems.

“Well, let me take a good look at these things of yours.”

The Red Dragoness extended her huge dragon claw and rummaged through the spoils that Saga had brought.

“Half a piece, about sixty grams of red agate, in exchange for your miscellaneous spoils.”

The Red Dragoness said with a smile.

In terms of overall value, half a piece of red agate was roughly equivalent to Saga’s miscellaneous spoils. However, under normal circumstances, no creature would be willing to use a valuable magic gem, even half of it, to exchange for low-level and not very useful equipment.

The Red Dragoness’s affection for this dragon cub was already evident.

“My child, what do you think?”

As she spoke, the Red Dragoness gently shook her tail, and a gentle force shook Saga down.

With a thud, the little hatchling dragon sat on the ground, and because he heard the Red Dragoness’s words, a joyful smile involuntarily appeared on his still young dragon face.

Saga looked up and gazed at the majestic figure of the Red Dragoness.

His eyes flickered, and then he coquettishly approached the Red Dragoness, rubbing against her dragon claw, and said, “Um, can I have a hundred grams? My dear mother, make it a round number for me.”

Upon hearing Saga’s words, the Red Dragoness couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The deep and magnetic dragon roar echoed throughout the dragon’s nest, making all the creatures stiff and unable to move for a long time.

After a few seconds, the laughter stopped.The Red Dragoness extended her dragon claw, gently stroking the head of the Hatchling Dragon.

“Little Saga, I like your insatiable greed.”

As the leader of the Five-Color Evil Dragons, the Red Dragon’s nature is violent, greedy, brutal, and fearless. The Red Dragoness’s reaction was only natural. If Saga had shown kindness and generosity, it would have angered her.

Under the surprised gaze of the Hatchling Dragon, the Red Dragoness changed the subject, saying, “However, a True Dragon never makes a losing deal.”

“Half a piece of red agate, in exchange for your spoils of war.”

“Do we have a deal?”

The Hatchling Dragon failed to negotiate a better deal, but he wasn’t discouraged. He nodded repeatedly like a pecking chick, saying, “Deal, deal.”

With that, he pushed a pile of miscellaneous items towards the Red Dragoness.

At the same time, the surrounding space began to distort, rippling and quickly forming a visible deep crack, stretching over ten meters, wide in the middle and narrow at both ends.

Under Saga’s curious gaze, the Red Dragoness reached into the crack and fumbled around.

Just a few seconds later, she pulled out a piece of red agate that was only a third the size of the small scales on Saga’s body.

“Saga, you must remember.”

“If a dragon is willing to make a losing deal with you, then it is definitely plotting something you don’t know about, and it’s likely to be harmful to you.”

“This principle applies to other races as well.”

As she handed the piece of red agate to Saga, the Red Dragoness spoke in a low, calm voice.

Saga nodded seriously, saying, “I understand, mother.”

The dragon’s heritage is not omnipotent. The dragon mother of the Five-Color Dragons occasionally imparts her own dragon life experience to the young Evil Dragons. Whether the Hatchling Dragons can comprehend and learn is not within the dragon mother’s consideration.

The Red Dragoness nodded slightly, then, amid the gentle trembling of the ground, her massive body stood up.

At the same time, the Red Dragoness spread her dragon wings, casting a shadow with her sky-covering wings, enveloping Saga within.

“Stay in the Dragon’s Nest, don’t go out for now.”

When the Red Dragoness was not in her territory, she never allowed Saga and Yekaterina to leave the Dragon’s Nest.

After giving her instructions, the Red Dragoness flapped her wings, leaving the Dragon’s Nest in the gust of wind she stirred up, her destination unknown.

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