Chapter 21 – Desires

“Your Highness Saga, you are truly amazing, worthy of being the bloodline of the Empress.”

“I believe that you will eventually become a legendary True Dragon, just like the Empress.”

While Saga was admiring and playing with his spoils, the sound of rustling scales and leaves could be heard, and a slightly hissing Dragon Tongue, not very standard, entered Saga’s ears.

Saga looked up.

In his field of vision, the bushes not far away trembled lightly and then parted, revealing a giant snake with purple scales all over its body, irregular red flame-like veins distributed on it. The snake was as thick as a small barrel and over twenty meters long, with a winding and slender body.

As it moved, sparks burst into the air from the friction between its scales and the ground.

This purple giant python was one of the Dragon Vein followers of the Red Dragoness, named Ieyona.

In the previous battle to capture the island of the Rosen Kingdom, Ieyona earned the title of “Bloodfire Snake” due to her outstanding performance. She was the core follower under the Red Dragoness and was much stronger than the current Hatchling Dragon.

Ieyona was a female python.

With smooth and bright snake scales, sapphire-like pupils, a symmetrical and slender body, and sharp and shiny fangs… Due to the terrifying aesthetics of dragons, she appeared quite beautiful and charming in Saga’s eyes.

“Hmm… I guess my mother was worried about my safety and sent Ieyona to accompany me.”

Saga thought to himself.

“Ieyona, you’re not bad either. I like beautiful snake ladies who speak their minds.”

The Hatchling Dragon raised its head proudly and accepted Ieyona’s praise without hesitation.

“Hiss, thank you for your compliment, Your Highness Saga.”

Ieyona hissed, sticking out her forked pink tongue.

At the same time, under Saga’s gaze, the purple snake’s body emitted a faint light and began to transform under the glow. In just a blink of an eye, she turned into a half-human, half-snake form, with a body size comparable to that of an ordinary human.

With a slender and graceful snake tail dragging on the ground, each scale smooth as a mirror and flawless, Ieyona’s upper body had a slender and flexible waist. As she moved, her curves were fully revealed. A crystal-like purple snake scale was embedded in her petite navel.

Following her slender waist, Saga’s gaze moved upward.

Only the body covered in light purple gauze came into view, ivory-like white and delicate.

As Ieyona moved gracefully.

The plumpness under the sunlight was dazzling and swaying, creating strange waves.

Ieyona’s face was exquisite and charming, with a melon seed-shaped face, cherry-like lips, fair skin, slightly rosy cheeks, and peach blossom eyes that exuded a charming feeling as they flickered. Her snow-white arms were adorned with several purple scales like decorative ornaments.

Ieyona was not an ordinary magical creature.

She was a snake person, the leader of the snake people under the Red Dragoness, and had three forms.

One was the purple giant snake form that Saga had initially seen, which displayed her strongest combat power.

Then there was the half-human, half-snake appearance currently in front of Saga.

In addition, she could also transform her snake tail into long and straight legs, perfectly assuming a human form.

Saga had been acquainted with Ieyona since he was over a year old.

As his gaze carefully swept over Ieyona’s body, Saga’s eyes suddenly turned, and he fell to the side, saying, “Ieyona, I was seriously injured in the battle just now. Come and heal me. I remember you know healing spells.”

Ieyona smiled and played along with the Hatchling Dragon’s act, covering her mouth in surprise.

“Oh, then I must take a good look. Your Highness Saga, being injured is not a small matter.”

She twisted her enchanting and slender snake waist, dragging her long snake tail, and moved to Saga’s side. Then she extended her snow-white arms and held the Hatchling Dragon’s head, gently stroking the diamond-like golden dragon scales.

Feeling the soft touch on his head, the Hatchling Dragon shook his head and rubbed against her.

At the same time, a pure white light emanated from Ieyona’s palm, swirling around Saga’s body like water waves, moisturizing the injuries he had sustained in the previous battle. It gave the Hatchling Dragon a comfortable feeling as if soaking in a hot spring for a massage.

“Your Highness Saga, do you feel better now?”

Ieyona said in an indulgent tone.

The Hatchling Dragon sneakily extended its dragon tail, flicking and wandering around the snake woman’s waist, feeling the touch of the dragon scales against the delicate skin. At the same time, its eyes half-closed and half-opened, enjoying it, saying, “Hmm, with another half hour, I might feel better.”

In a non-combat state.

The dragon tail was quite sensitive and flexible.

They had been together for over a year, and Ieyona didn’t bother with the mischievous dragon tail. Her cheeks just turned slightly red as she whispered, “Your Highness Saga, you really are a little rascal.”

The Hatchling Dragon chuckled and said, “I am a Red Dragon after all. That’s a compliment to me.”

Having inherited the Red Dragon’s legacy, Saga’s personality inevitably underwent an impact. His nature now resembled that of a Red Dragon, especially in terms of dragon desires. Due to his more mature soul, although his dragon body had not fully developed, his desires had already been revealed early on.

Most True Dragons only develop desires for the opposite sex after their youth, but Saga matured earlier than most.

Just like his greed for wealth.

True Dragons also wouldn’t resist their other desires.

Moreover, since he had become a dragon, Saga felt that he had no reason not to enjoy this dragon life to the fullest. Abstinence? A dragon practicing abstinence would be too strange. Dragons should indulge in their desires, pursue everything they want, and ignore societal norms and ethical principles.

The only regret was that his body was still too young. At the moment, he had more desire than ability.

After dawdling for a long time.”Your Highness, I need to attend to some matters at the ranch, let’s call it a day.”

Iyeona gently stroked the Hatchling Dragon’s shiny scales, speaking softly.

In the dense forest area outside Yakan Volcano, there was a ranch that served as the main food source for the Red Dragoness and her clan. The ranch was filled with non-aggressive, easily tamed and bred beasts with a large amount of meat.

Iyeona was the manager of several such ranches.

The Hatchling Dragon let go of Iyeona without any reluctance, opened its eyes, and said, “Then you go to the ranch first, I should return to the Dragon’s Nest.”

Saga knew how to prioritize.

Pleasure was fine, but it should not delay important matters.

Upon hearing Saga’s words, Iyeona smiled at him, cradling the Hatchling Dragon’s chin in her hand. She gave a gentle, soft kiss on the golden faceplate of the Hatchling Dragon, then whispered, “Prince Saga, grow up quickly.”

She twisted her seductive waist and disappeared into the dense forest, her presence quickly fading away amidst the rustling sounds.

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