Chapter 20 – Twelve Empires

Saga stared at the gold coin without blinking.

The surface of the round gold coin was not smooth, but engraved with different patterns on both sides. One side depicted a sun with a crown of fire, while the other side depicted a miniature mountain range and rivers.

In Saiga Planet, due to the coexistence of numerous empires, the currency system had never been unified.

Through the dragon’s heritage, Saga recognized this type of gold coin.

Sunshard Gold Coin, minted by the Shaya Empire on the Yar Continent east of Thorn Isle. The gold and silver coins also had different patterns, with one side depicting the same miniature mountain range and rivers, while the other side depicted the moon and stars.

Yar Continent was one of the six continents and was adjacent to the Cleis Continent.

Both were located in the northern hemisphere of Saiga.

At the same time, due to the connection of some plates, the Yar Continent and the Cleis Continent were collectively known as the Land of the Rising Sun, with the Midahga Mountains, Kaji River, Crimson Sea, Fallstar Sea, Gus Mountains, Azure Dragon Strait, and other places forming a long line on the surface of the continents. The surface area of each continent exceeded one billion square kilometers.

The Shaya Empire was located in the eastern part of the Yar Continent.

It was a magical empire dominated by humans, with a monarchy and a mix of various sapient races.

The Shaya Empire had a sky city forged by magic, floating amidst the flowing winds and clouds, overlooking all things. There were numerous casters, and it was also known as the Skyrealm Empire.

The Skyrealm Empire was one of the twelve major empires on Saiga Planet and ranked among the top in comprehensive national strength. The proportion of transcendent individuals with magical talents was astonishingly high, reaching an incredible level. All citizens of the empire greatly revered magic, and only those who displayed magical talents were recognized as Skyrealm citizens.

As long as you knew magic, regardless of your race, you could enjoy VIP treatment in the sky city of the Skyrealm Empire. You would be warmly welcomed, and countless enthusiastic casters would join you in exploring magic and researching the truth. You would feel as if you were in a paradise on earth, a holy land for casters.

But if you didn’t know magic…

It would be best not to go to the Skyrealm Empire.

Here was a paradise for casters, but also a hell for those without talent. Caster humans in the Skyrealm Empire were so arrogant that they treated ordinary humans who couldn’t cast magic no differently than beasts. Even legendary warriors and thieves were considered slightly more powerful beasts in their eyes, just with a human appearance.

Examples of human body magic experiments were everywhere, and they were allowed. There were even specialized shops selling “experimental materials”. Some casters from empires that prohibited human body magic experiments often came to the Skyrealm Empire for their desired magical research.

The laws of the Skyrealm Empire only protected caster citizens.

In addition…

Dragons were spread throughout infinite parallel universes, and the dragon’s heritage also had records, so Saga had an understanding of infinite parallel universes.

He knew that the world he was in was just one of the countless worlds in the endless universe, located in the main material plane.


In Saga’s current understanding, it referred to the collection of countless worlds.

The endless worlds varied in size and shape. They could be a piece of land, a planet, a star system, or even a vast universe.

There was not just one plane.

Apart from the main material plane, there were the Abyssal Abyss, Elysium Realm, Ninefold Hell, Stellar Realm, Chaos Sea, Mechanica, Gale Chasm, Beasthaven, Hero’s Domain, Paradise Peak, Mechanar Tomb, Divine Herald, Elemental Sovereign, Beast Lord, demons, and other outer planes where gods, mechanized tombs, divine heralds, demons, elemental sovereigns, and beast lords resided.

However, even in the endless worlds of the main material plane, Saiga Planet was considered special.

In most worlds, only one magical empire could be born in the same era, and at most, there could be two or three in conflict with each other.


In Saiga Planet, there were a total of twelve empires coexisting and still thriving!

The twelve major empires were like blazing suns hanging in the sky, and together with nearly a hundred kingdoms, hundreds of duchies, countless small federations, tribes, and independent cities, they illuminated the endless and magnificent beauty of Saiga Planet like stars in the sky.

Apart from the Skyrealm Empire, there was also the Skaven Empire, the Ratman Empire, which was located underground and coexisted and traded with the Shaya Empire. There was also the Tull Empire, spanning the Cleis and Yar Continents, located in the north of Yar and the east of Cleis. It was a Beasthaven Empire ruled by several beast emperors and inhabited by numerous orc tribes, extremely advocating violence.Located in the northwest of the Cleis Continent, the Calvin Empire is mainly inhabited by elves. It is a romantic and highly developed empire with advanced naval magic ships and the best natural magic academy. Citizens from all empires are welcome to come and exchange ideas.

In the central part of Cleis, the Ignram Empire, also known as the Mechanar Empire, only recognizes human citizens. They are fond of war and excel in metal and magic construction.


Yar Continent and Cleis Continent are the two continents where the five major empires exist.

And the most outrageous thing is.

Four out of these five major empires are high-level countries!

Only the Saiga Empire is an ordinary empire, occupying a seat in the high-level country council. Although it is also an empire, its status and influence cannot compare to the high-level countries. This is natural. The five high-level empires compete with each other while suppressing other empires to consolidate their high status among the empires.

Four of the five high-level countries are distributed closely.

This seems somewhat unbelievable.

But if you think about it carefully, it makes sense.

Both Cleis Continent and Yar Continent are incredibly rich in resources, making them fertile grounds for nurturing strong individuals. Due to the abundance of empires, kingdoms, and city-states born here, competition is fierce, and the weak have long been eliminated, silently fading away. Only the strong can rise and achieve glory.

The other four continents each have only one empire, while there are a total of nine empires on the Saiga Planet.

In addition, there are differences in strength among the five high-level empires.

The Skyrealm Empire, Mechanar Empire, and Divinia Empire are the top three countries, with comparable comprehensive national strength, all ranking at the top.

The Naturia Empire and Beasthaven Empire are the next two countries.

The comprehensive national strength of these two countries is close to each other, stronger than other empires, but slightly weaker than the top three countries, Skyrealm, Mechanar, and Divinia.

In the four oceans outside the six continents.

There are three major sea tribe empires: the Shark Tribe, Sea Nymphs, and Demon Fish.

The twelve major empires of the Saiga Planet consist of the six continents and nine empires, as well as the three empires in the four oceans. As for the kingdoms, duchies, and independent city-states under the empires, they are countless in number, either completely independent or following a certain empire, quietly influencing the pattern of the Saiga Planet according to the empire’s instructions, supporting alliances and suppressing dissent.

Over two thousand years ago.

Under the leadership of the five high-level empires, many empires signed a non-aggression agreement, and the Saiga Planet entered a new era of apparent peace.

However, it was only surface peace.

The flames of war have never been extinguished and have been burning cruelly.

In addition to the many empires, the Saiga Planet also has the Deep Sea Dragon City, known as the holy land of the sea tribes, the Adventurer Association that spans dimensional barriers and has branches in endless worlds with the slogan “Towards Heaven and Abyss,” and the Truth Sorcerer Association that recruits only talented spellcasters and is dedicated to researching the truth of magic. These are all powerful forces that the empires attach great importance to.

“The twelve major empires… The influence of the Red Dragoness can at most be considered a duchy, and its territory is far from enough. It only has corresponding military strength.”

Saga’s thoughts returned from the inherited memories and focused on the gold coins in front of him.

Under Saga’s gaze.

The precious metal currency of the Skyrealm Empire emitted a faint elemental light.

Especially the Sunshard Gold Coin, the elemental radiance on it was the most intense.

If thousands of Sunshard Gold Coins were gathered together, they could attract the convergence of elemental energy, greatly increasing the concentration of elemental energy in the surroundings. Even absorbing a single coin could assist in the growth of magic power.

With this effect, the value of precious metal currency is self-evident.

They not only carry the credibility of the empire, but also have their own commodity value. In addition, if gems such as agate, jade, crystal, and diamond become magic gems, they can absorb elemental energy even better than metal minerals, often being more valuable than precious metals.

However, although there are no more precious magic gems here, Saga is already satisfied.

If there were magic gems, the caster’s staff would not be a bare wooden staff, so Saga was mentally prepared.

Seventy percent of those gold and silver coins came from the caster’s money bag.

The remaining part was plundered from other adventurers.

“Take them all away!”

Saga picked up the coins one by one and stuffed them under the scales around his neck.

Dragon scales are layered and stacked structures, and the outermost layers can even be raised diagonally under the control of the dragon.

It feels great to be filled up.

Many dragons put their beloved collections inside the layers of scales for safekeeping.In most cases, bits and pieces of gold coins or gems, when there is no space equipment available, dragons often stuff them into the layers of their scales for carrying. This does not make the dragons feel uncomfortable, the feeling of being filled is very fulfilling. Some dragons, who particularly like to carry treasures with them, are simply moving treasuries. Ordinary people can never imagine how many treasures can be hidden under a dragon’s scales.

Some Transcendents, when fighting with dragons, have a chance to burst gold coins from the dragon’s body, and this is the reason why.

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