Chapter 12 – Insects

Time seemed to slow down, and in slow motion, Saga unconsciously spat out an unknown dragon breath that landed on the dragon scale at the center of the Red Dragoness's dragon claw.


The Red Dragoness looked a bit surprised but didn't care, and her eyes suddenly became vertical at that moment.


Her pupils trembled!


Without any sound, several legendary red dragon scales that were hit by the hatchling dragon's breath began to silently crumble and shatter. The dragon scales, which should have been indestructible, turned into decomposed ashes under Saga's breath, scattering in the air and disappearing into nothingness.


After releasing this breath, the hatchling dragon breathed a sigh of relief.


Saga looked up and saw the Red Dragoness's dragon pupils become vertical, staring at him with a strange gaze.




Saga felt a little uneasy under the Red Dragoness's gaze and spoke softly in an inquiring tone.


Realizing that he had actually shattered the Red Dragoness's scales with a single breath, no, directly spat them out, Saga himself was also shocked.


He didn't expect his breath to be able to harm the Red Dragoness, causing one of her dragon scales to disintegrate.


It was like a baby in swaddling clothes kicking away an adult man, unbelievable and incredible.




"I'm a hatchling dragon that has only been developing for two and a half years, a tender and pink little dragon, and my breath can actually dissolve the legendary red dragon scales. This is really—"


So cool!


Saga screamed, rolled around, and squirmed in his mind.


He was extremely excited.


The Red Dragoness didn't speak and remained silent.


She turned her gaze and looked down at her dragon claw.


In the center of the massive dragon claw, several scales that were as red as flames were noticeably thinner than the surrounding scales.


"This little brat's breath can damage my dragon scales!"


The Red Dragoness also found it unbelievable.


What are dragon scales?


They are the natural armor possessed by true dragons. The dragon scales of legendary dragons are precious materials that blacksmiths dream of. They have indestructible defensive power, and each scale can be sold for a high price. Legendary dragon scale armor is an absolute treasure anywhere.


The Red Dragoness found it difficult to believe.


Her dragon scales were actually disintegrated by a hatchling dragon's breath!


This wasn't just a scratch or some insignificant mark.


This was complete disintegration, even annihilation!


If Saga's breath had lasted a little longer, if it hadn't been so fleeting, his breath could have pierced the Red Dragoness's scales and made a legendary dragon bleed as a hatchling.


"Mother, I didn't mean to break your scales. You won't blame me, will you?"


The hatchling dragon blinked and said in a low voice.


"The breath you just spat out, try spitting it at me again."


The Red Dragoness's face became serious, her voice low as she spoke to Saga.


The hatchling dragon shook his head, exerting force from his head to the tip of his tail, then took a deep breath and forcefully spat it out, but… whoosh!


Golden flames spewed out from the hatchling dragon's mouth, burning fiercely in the air with a lot of noise. However, this was not what the Red Dragoness wanted to see. She wanted to see the strange breath that had previously shattered her scales, which was intangible and immaterial.


The hatchling dragon only spat out a stream of flames, not the previous breath.


"Try again."


The Red Dragoness said.


Little Saga stood up, crossed his claws, puffed out his belly, took a deep breath, and tried to regain the feeling he had when he first spat out the strange dragon breath.


Then, whoosh!


He spat out another breath.


But this time, it was still flames.


Saga didn't give up and tried again and again, trying hard to find the feeling he had when he first spat out the unique dragon breath. But even when his throat was about to smoke, and the ground around him was scorched, he still couldn't spit out a breath that could destroy the Red Dragoness's scales.


"It seems that you still can't freely use another type of dragon breath."


"Stop, overusing your breath will hurt your body."


The Red Dragoness pondered and told Saga not to force himself, whispering.


Then, she looked at her own dragon scales, then turned her head to look at the innocent hatchling dragon, and then looked at her own dragon scales… After repeating this action three times, the Red Dragoness exhaled a scorching breath and fixed her gaze on Saga, full of curiosity, silent.


Saga stayed still, not moving.


Until a few minutes later, the Red Dragoness slowly approached Saga with her dragon claw.


Her huge and warm dragon claw gently touched Saga's head.


"Saga, my child, you're amazing."


"You have given me a lot of surprises."


The Red Dragoness praised Saga.


After speaking, the Red Dragoness retracted her dragon claw and lowered her head to carefully examine the hatchling dragon.


The hatchling dragon's body was covered in diamond-like golden scales that shimmered and gleamed like precious metals and magic gems. Three pairs of horns were slightly longer, showing signs of growth. The more she looked, the more pleasing to the eye she found him.


"Perhaps, when you pass the hatchling dragon stage, or even within the hatchling dragon stage, you can leave my protection and establish your own kingdom."


Under normal circumstances, a dragon mother would raise her child until they reached the adolescent dragon stage after fifteen years. At this age, dragons already had considerable abilities and began to desire their own treasure territories, so they would be driven away or leave on their own accord.


However…If a hatchling dragon grows rapidly, the dragon mother might let it leave early.


For instance, after reaching the age of five, just after leaving the hatchling stage and entering the juvenile stage, it might be allowed to leave her protection.


Upon hearing the Red Dragoness's words, Saga was slightly taken aback.


The little hatchling blinked its eyes, swished its tail, and said in a low voice, "Alright, I will take you as my role model, mother."


The bond between evil dragons is generally quite indifferent, but the Red Dragoness has always treated Saga well, and Saga, a dragon with clear likes and dislikes, remembers the kindness of the Red Dragoness.


The Red Dragoness nodded slightly.




Suddenly, a gust of wind swept in a few green leaves into the scorching hot Dragon's Nest, and they visibly withered and turned yellow at a rapid pace.


The leaves fell to the ground.


At the same time.


The Red Dragoness's gaze shifted slightly, her eyes suddenly becoming sharp. She raised her head and looked towards the distance outside the Dragon's Nest.


Beside her, Saga followed the Red Dragoness's gaze to look outside the Dragon's Nest, but all he saw were the drifting clouds and the golden sun in the sky, with no signs of anything unusual.


A few seconds later, the Red Dragoness withdrew her gaze, her eyes returning to their usual calm and deep look, and turned to look at Saga.


"Some insects have crawled into my territory."


"Go, my child, I believe you can handle these pests."


Occasionally assigning tasks within the hatchling's capabilities is one of the ways the dragon mother uses to hone and train the hatchling.


Time to get to work!


Saga's spirit was lifted, and he nodded, saying, "Rest assured, mother."


Immediately, the Red Dragoness told Saga the approximate location of the intruders.


With a flap of his wings, the little hatchling left the Dragon's Nest under the calm gaze of the Red Dragoness.

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