Chapter 13 – Caster

White Oak Island, Coconut Island, Thorn Island, Coral Island, Mangrove Island.


These five large islands are located in the Storm Ocean, in the northwest of the Whirlpool Sea in the ocean. They are relatively close to each other and form an uneven circular island outline in the turbulent waters of the Whirlpool Sea. They are collectively called the Four Ring Islands. They have a total land area of about 700,000 square kilometers and belong to the Rosen Kingdom.


As for why there are five islands in the Four Ring Islands… it's because Coral Island, which is in a relatively remote location, was not discovered at first.


After the fifth island was discovered, the Four Ring Islands had already been called that for a long time.


So there was no need to change it afterwards.


The Four Ring Islands are home to many different species.


There are large beasts, undead, savage breeds, magical creatures, sapient beings, and more.


Among them, the most powerful force is not the Nest of Ashes.


The Nest of Ashes refers to the True Dragon Legion led by the Red Dragoness. Anyone who dares to offend the enemies here will be turned into ashes by the fierce flames of the legendary Red Dragon and the Red Dragoness's subordinates. That's why it is called the Nest of Ashes.


Of course, although the Nest of Ashes is not the largest force, it is undoubtedly the most difficult to deal with.


Before the Red Dragoness came to Thorn Island from the Yar Continent, including Thorn Island and the scattered small islands around the Four Ring Islands, they all belonged to the Rosen Kingdom, a sapient being kingdom.


The Rosen Kingdom, also known as the Kingdom of a Thousand Islands, but because most of the islands are small, some are even just larger reefs, the name is not accurate. The Four Ring Islands are the main component of the Rosen Kingdom and their importance is self-evident.


Later, Thorn Island, one of the Four Ring Islands, was occupied by the Red Dragoness, and the kingdom's garrison stationed there was completely wiped out.


In order to reclaim Thorn Island, the Rosen Kingdom launched three cross-island campaigns against the Red Dragoness.


The Rosen Kingdom, as a kingdom of a thousand islands, has a small territory. After losing Thorn Island, it only has a land area of over 500,000 square kilometers, but it is a powerful kingdom with a population of nearly 100 million.


Its comprehensive strength is much stronger than that of the Nest of Ashes.


However, victory in battle is not determined by a single factor. The Rosen Kingdom still has other enemies and cannot concentrate its forces to deal with the Nest of Ashes. Moreover, because it is a war launched across the sea, there are also troublesome issues such as transporting troops and logistical supplies. And the Red Dragoness is incredibly powerful, and her subordinates are not to be underestimated.


In the end, the three campaigns concluded with three failures for the Rosen Kingdom.


This forged the reputation of the Crimson Flame Empress, the Red Dragoness.


Because of multiple failures and the hostile threat from the Alvo Kingdom, the Rosen Kingdom temporarily gave up the crusade against the Nest of Ashes.


However, giving up the crusade does not mean completely ignoring the Nest of Ashes.


Thorn Island being occupied by a Red Dragon and the helplessness of the Rosen Kingdom has made it a laughingstock for many countries. After the conflict with the Alvo Kingdom is resolved, the Rosen Kingdom will spare no effort to reclaim Thorn Island. After all, it is their ancestral land that has been passed down for over two thousand years, and it is of great importance.


In the meantime, the Rosen Kingdom has issued bounties through the Adventurer Association, hiring adventurer teams from various places, who continuously come to Thorn Island.


The purpose is to gather information about the Nest of Ashes for future attacks.


The number of adventurers who have died in the Nest of Ashes has already reached hundreds.


However, the Saiga Planet is never lacking in adventurous adventurers, and these annoying fellows die in batches and are replaced by new ones.




At this moment, another adventurer team has entered the territory of the Nest of Ashes.


This team is relatively well-equipped, consisting of six people in total.


There is a spellcaster as the core of the team, a ranger as a scout, a low-level priest who can use healing spells, two burly warriors, and a mechanical warlock, a profession that is not rare but also not common, with a unique mechanical weapon hanging from their waist.


Except for the mechanical warlock, who is a well-proportioned and agile female, the rest are all males.


These people form a standard adventurer team. Although their average strength is not high, they can deal with many troubles when working together.


The spellcaster is a young and rough-looking male, a spellcaster from the Shaya Empire.


For an adventurer team, having a spellcaster or not is completely different.


Even if it's just a spellcaster who only knows some low-level spells.


Rustle rustle… A gust of wind blows, and the branches and leaves gently rub against each other in the dense canopy, making a rustling sound.


The six-person team moves slowly and cautiously in the dense forest, heading towards the towering volcano in their field of vision.


Although it is called the Nest of Ashes, the area around the Red Dragoness's territory, extending from the Yakan Volcano, is actually a lush and deep forest, densely covered with low thorny shrubs, blood-sucking vines, man-eating flowers… Of course, there are also many valuable magic plants with special effects.


Even though there is snow everywhere now, covering everything in silver, these magic plants are still full of vitality.


In addition to gathering information about the Nest of Ashes, if these magic plants can be discovered and sold, it can also bring a considerable amount of wealth to the adventurer team.


After a few minutes, the moving adventurer team comes to a stop.


The spellcaster's face is filled with joy as he crouches down in a snow-covered thicket.


Thumb-sized bright red berries emit a faint glow, hanging from the branches of the thicket.


"Red Berry, a low-level magic material, can be used to make weak healing potions."


As the lower-level spellcaster doesn't have a spatial item, he puts the red berries in a simple cloth bag and carries it with him.


"Not bad, these red berries can probably be sold for two silver coins."


Calculating the quantity of the red berries, the spellcaster says with a smile.


Having a harvest right after entering the forest is mostly a good sign.


However…In the dangerous territory where the legendary True Dragon resides, it is normal for magic materials to grow abundantly and densely due to the influence of the True Dragon's aura. They are basically not afraid of severe cold, and they grow very well in the icy and snowy land.


In the deep forest, several adventurers walked slowly and lightly, stopping from time to time. They were vigilant about their surroundings while discerning and picking various rich magic materials within the territory of the Ashen Nest.


After a while.


In a place where the branches were dense, the canopy was thick, and the branches were full of frost and snow crystals.


Looking at clusters of grass swaying in the wind, glowing with a faint flame-like luster in the pure white snow world, and with strange dragon scale-like textures, the Caster showed a look of surprise and joy.


"We've found Dragon Blood Grass, that's great. If we can successfully make a Dragon Vein awakening potion, countless people will pay a lot for it."


Dragon Blood Grass, a magic material that only grows in the territory where the True Dragon resides, and the probability is not high.


The Caster's hands lit up with a faint elemental glow, and he began to carefully pick the Dragon Blood Grass, while his teammates were on guard around him.


Dragon Blood Grass must be intact to preserve that trace of dragon-like aura, and because of the permeation of the dragon-like aura, the Dragon Blood Grass is relatively fragile, requiring very gentle movements. If it is accidentally damaged, it will lose its value.




Above the treetops where the Ranger was located, among the dense and lush canopies.


Using the Twisting Light Stance to maintain an invisible state and lock down its scent, the Hatchling Dragon, whose scale color completely blended with the surrounding light and whose aura was so concealed that even the Ranger a few meters away didn't notice, swept its strange gaze over the people below.

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