Chapter 11 – Two and a half years

As the leader of the Five-Color Evil Dragons, the Red Dragon prefers to build its nest in high places, enjoying a broad view and the feeling of looking down on everything.


The Red Dragoness is no exception.


The Red Dragoness's dragon's nest is located on a dormant volcano.


At the foot of this volcano, there are many core followers of the Red Dragoness, such as the Dragon Vein Rampaging Bear that Saga had seen before. In addition, there are also many subdragons of the fire attribute, like the Red-Winged Bipedal Flying Dragon, as well as powerful magical creatures such as the Lava Python, Steelback Tiger, and Flame Feather Giant Eagle.


As for the foothills, they are inhabited by ordinary Gnolls, Jackalmen, Lizardmen, and Ogres.


The title of Crimson Flame Empress was not given by the Red Dragoness herself, but was earned through countless cruel wars that made enemies tremble in fear. The Red Dragoness is now 281 years old, a nearly 300-year-old adult Red Dragon. However, she has already stepped into the realm of legends, possessing the strength and size comparable to that of an ordinary elderly Red Dragon, and is also exceptionally talented among all Red Dragons.


Legendary creatures are beings that 99% of living creatures look up to, and they are lords in any world.


The adult Red Dragoness is already a legendary creature.


The volcano where the dragon's nest is located is called Yakan Volcano, which is over 3,000 meters high and has a total area of about 1,000 square kilometers.


Yakan Volcano is located in the southern part of Thorn Isle, close to the eastern part of Clair Continent.


It is the largest volcano on this 200,000 square kilometer island.


The entire Thorn Isle is the territory of the Red Dragoness, and the terror of the Crimson Flame Empress is known to everyone on the island. It is often used to scare human children to sleep, and even in the eastern empire of Clair Continent, there are legends of the Crimson Flame Empress.


From all this, one can see how outstanding the Red Dragoness is among the Five-Color Dragons.


Saga and Yekaterina have both inherited the excellent bloodline of the Crimson Flame Empress.


Moreover, these two little hatchling dragons have undergone positive mutations, and their growth rate is also much faster than that of ordinary Red Dragon hatchlings.


Two years later, after a large-scale cold air swept through, the climate in the northern hemisphere of Saiga Planet quietly changed from scorching summer to freezing winter. Some sapient beings living in the frigid regions began to pray to the goddess of cold, offering sacrifices or their own beliefs to please her and avoid the disasters of the cold.


Thorn Isle, located in the northern hemisphere of Saiga, has already experienced several heavy snowfalls.


In the dense forest around Yakan Volcano, translucent ice crystals hang from the treetops, and thin or thick frost covers the branches. Looking down from high above, everything is covered in silver, with snow everywhere.


The Mil River winding around Thorn Isle has also frozen into a thick layer of ice crystals. The originally calm flowing water has become stagnant, and the surface of the surrounding land is also covered with layers of accumulated snow, faintly revealing the fragmented footprints of many creatures.


The whirlpool sea outside the island remains the same.


Unless it is a polar glacier, the turbulent blue sea is not so easy to freeze.


However, at this time, the seawater has become icy cold. If ordinary land creatures accidentally fall in, they will soon die from hypothermia and sink into the deep sea.




Inside the dragon's nest.


At the same time.


Inside Yakan Volcano.


The hatchling dragon, covered in diamond-like shining scales, wakes up from its slumber.


A pair of dragon pupils, as if made of gold, slowly open.


The hatchling dragon with special scales spreads its wings, and its dragon might scatters the dust on the ground, forming a clean circular area.


"I slept so comfortably… meow…"


The little hatchling dragon let out a rather lazy groan.


Its dragon claws gripped the ground, and its sharp claw tips sank into it like a knife.


Saga lowered his upper body and raised his hindquarters, stretching his spine with a series of cracking sounds.


After stretching his somewhat stiff body due to sleep, Saga focused his attention on himself.


He examined his own body.


The gradually growing dragon horns, the bulging muscles under the scales, the slender and powerful dragon tail, the diamond-like golden scales that shine brightly, and the wings that unfold to be longer than his body… After two and a half years of development, the small hatchling dragon, which was only a little over one meter long at birth, has grown to about four meters, much faster than most hatchling dragons. It looks like a little monster.


"Little monster" looked at Yekaterina.


This little dragoness is still asleep.


The golden threads on her body seem to be denser and deeper, and her size is almost the same as his. She is also growing rapidly.


However, after just a few glances, Saga withdrew his gaze.


He and Yekaterina have never had a conflict.


Although Yekaterina has provoked him several times, Saga has ignored her. However, when Yekaterina wakes up, Saga feels that it is time to settle the score with her and let her know who is the boss. At this point, Saga's size has caught up with Yekaterina, and the difference is almost imperceptible.


The sound of a massive creature moving could be heard from within the dragon's nest.


The little Hatchling Dragon turned its head, and the legendary Red Dragon, with its immense oppressive aura, appeared in Saga's field of vision.


The Red Dragoness carefully examined Saga, who had just awakened from his growth slumber.


Then, she extended her massive dragon claw and patted Saga's head.


"Worthy of being my child, possessing my excellent bloodline."


The Red Dragoness smiled at Saga and said, "Saga, my child, one day you will become a legendary True Dragon as excellent and powerful as me, ruling over thousands of creatures."


Receiving the Red Dragoness's approval, Saga's face showed joy.


However, before he could express his gratitude to his mother, Saga suddenly felt a surge of energy erupting within him. The Power Essence he had absorbed during his slumber had accumulated and precipitated, causing a strange change within Saga's body, transforming into this surge of energy.


The energy inside his body was running wild, eager to break out.


The suddenness of this energy surge caught Saga off guard, changing his complexion.


The Red Dragoness quickly noticed the change in the Hatchling Dragon's face.


"What's wrong?"


She asked.


Hearing the Red Dragoness's question, Saga subconsciously opened his mouth.


However, as soon as Saga opened his mouth, revealing his white dragon teeth, the energy running wild within him seemed to have found an outlet. It rushed towards Saga's dragon mouth, moving at an extremely fast speed.


And so.


Under the surprised gaze of the Red Dragoness, the little Hatchling Dragon spat out an invisible force.


Caught off guard, the strong recoil from the spitting caused Saga to lift his head.


Since he was facing the Red Dragoness, this force went straight towards the fiery red dragon claw of the Red Dragoness above Saga's head.


This was an invisible but substantial conical shock wave. The moment it burst from Saga's mouth and appeared in the air, it caused a violent disturbance in the surrounding airflow. The air seemed to be pierced and torn, leaving a trail of empty marks.




"Dragon Breath?"


The Red Dragoness instantly recognized the nature of this force.


It was a kind of Dragon Breath, but it was a new Dragon Breath that was completely different from the Red Dragon's flame breath.


As for the Dragon Breath spat out by the little Hatchling Dragon, the Red Dragoness obviously didn't care much and didn't use any defensive spells.


Of course, a mature dragon, especially a mature dragon that has become a legendary creature, naturally possesses high elemental resistance and physical resistance due to its massive physique. The Red Dragoness didn't think that the Hatchling Dragon's Dragon Breath could leave any marks on her dragon scales. The gap was too big.



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