Vol.1 – Chapter 104 – A period of sixty years

Feng Yaya was completely curled up on Su He’s shell, and in a moment, Su He arrived at the cave entrance with the waves rolling under his feet.

Old Taoist Ge was leaning against the bright red stone wall, taking a big gulp from his wine gourd, rubbing his face, and looking at him with a smile.

“Let’s go!”

The Old Taoist patted Su He’s shell and laughed as he walked out first.

The golden tower above their heads was releasing dazzling golden light, pushing away all the prison ghosts.

The master and disciple walked silently. Old Taoist Ge hung his wine gourd on his back, hesitated to speak, and finally said after a long time, “Little Turtle, you’re unlucky. As soon as you joined the Qingyuan Sect, you have to face the sect’s desperate situation.”

“I don’t know what the Sect Leader’s plan is. I can’t figure out what he’s relying on to resist the Xuantian Sect. If…” He looked at Su He, “If something happens to Qingyuan, you should leave as soon as possible. Go to the mountains, go to the sea, you can always find a place to settle down. Don’t come out until you’ve truly transformed into a Dragon Turtle.”

Su He: “……”

“I’ve arranged for the Tianshui clan to prepare in advance, but I don’t know what they’ve done. However, the Tianshui clan is devout to the Dragon Turtle, they will not betray you, you can trust them.”

This was arranging for the aftermath!

Su He looked at Old Taoist Ge, “What about you, Master?”

“Me?” Old Taoist Ge laughed, his eyes filled with longing, “I was born in Qingyuan Sect, grew up in Qingyuan Sect, stole chickens in Jing’an Hall at the age of three, touched dogs on Evergreen Peak at the age of four. Every grass, tree, mountain, and stone here has seen me tumble. I don’t like to lie – if Qingyuan falls, I will die before it.”

His eyes flashed, looking at Su He, “But you’re different. You’ve been in Qingyuan for less than a year, and you’ve been plotted against many times. If you’re to be buried with Qingyuan, it’s not fair.”

“I was also born in Qingyuan.” Su He’s shell got stuck on a corner stone, he backed up a few steps and caught up with Old Taoist Ge.

Old Taoist Ge laughed and scolded, “Bullshit, you were born in Qingyuan. You just happened to be born in Listening Sea Lake. If that mother turtle had been a bit more ambitious and followed the water downstream, you might have been born in Xuantian Sect. Where did all these absurd things come from?”

The man and the turtle chatted casually as they ascended the tunnel. The tunnel became smaller as they went up, and Su He barely managed to get out of the cave entrance. This was only possible because the Peacock Hurricane had cut off half of Turtle Mountain, otherwise, he would have been stuck here.

The first and second levels of the Suppression Prison had long disappeared. The small golden towers above their heads were emitting brilliant golden light. However, at this moment, each golden tower was embedded with a copper coin. The Qingyuan Sect must have prepared for the golden towers’ loss of control when the peacock cried out.

The voice of Feng Yiju echoed in the sky, “It seems that you all are determined to be enemies with Qingyuan, and participate in the war between Qingyuan Sect and Xuantian.”

Su He didn’t understand and looked at Old Taoist Ge.

“A day ago, the Sect Leader sent a message to the various sects of Dongyun, asking them to immediately evacuate Dongyun Mountain. They can return only after the war between Qingyuan and Xuantian Sect is over.”

Su He exclaimed, “How domineering!”

Old Taoist Ge smiled bitterly, “It’s just a desperate struggle. With the Xuantian tiger to the east, we can’t afford to be dragged down by the sects of Dongyun to the west. Any sect willing to leave will be generously rewarded by Qingyuan. The resources given are enough for them to find a new treasure land and reopen their sect.”

A voice responded in the sky, “Feng Yiju, isn’t Qingyuan Sect being too domineering?”

Feng Yiju nodded, “Qingyuan is indeed domineering, but Qingyuan has no choice. Or would Sect Leader Tian allow Qingyuan to seal off your sect?”

The voice laughed, “No need for Sect Leader Feng, our sect’s mountain protection formation is already open, and we will sit here and watch Qingyuan’s destruction!”

Why leave? Three hundred years ago, the overnight destruction of Taibai Temple allowed Qingyuan Sect to eat and drink to their fill, and they became the top sect in Dongyun in just a hundred years. Isn’t today another feast?

Dongyun Mountain is not safe, there are always elders in the sect advising to leave, but they also want to take a bite of meat before leaving, otherwise, what’s the point of starting from the bottom again in a new place?

It’s more comfortable to stay in Dongyun Mountain.

There have been no rules here for tens of thousands of years, chaos is everything, it’s a well-known lawless area from all directions. In a different environment, where else could you kill people and destroy sects as you wish like in Dongyun Mountain?

Only those sects that are in danger and can’t survive are thinking of retreating now.

Like the Fuyang Sect.

“Left, Left Senior Uncle… are we leaving?” The Fuyang Sect had only half of its disciples left.

At first, they were just fighting chaotically with the Changfeng Sect, but then the Zhaoyao Sect joined in. When the Fuyang Sect was about to be unable to resist, the Sect Leader’s wife finally agreed to let Zuo Su’er bring back the brothers from the original mountain stronghold.

As expected, they were unstoppable and killed the two rows without any resistance. But later, for some reason, the more they killed, the more enemies they had, and the more opposing sects there were. As they killed, the Fuyang Sect was left with only half of its disciples.

This also included the more than a hundred mountain stronghold brothers that Zuo Su’er brought back.

Yesterday, when Feng Yiju announced to Dongyun, the disputes gradually stopped. Their mortal enemies, the Zhaoyao Sect and Changfeng Sect, left Dongyun Mountain last night and went west.

There were too few people in the sect, and the experts were killed one after another. Even if Dongyun Mountain returned to calm, the sect couldn’t hold up. They were likely to be oppressed and enslaved by other sects.

The two sects simply took the treasures they had dug up during this period, took the subsidy from Qingyuan Sect, and entered Yunmeng Marsh overnight. Although Yunmeng Marsh is a demon domain, humans and demons have been equal since ancient times. With the suppression of Yunmeng Dragon Palace, it’s much safer than the chaotic Dongyun Mountain.

Zuo Su’er covered his mouth and laughed, “Look at the Sect Leader’s wife, she clearly wants to take advantage of the war between Qingyuan Sect and Xuantian Sect to get her lover back – this muddy water, we men don’t want to wade into it, if you don’t leave, we will!”

“Let’s go, kids!” He shouted, jumped onto the Flying Boat. The more than a hundred brothers from the mountain stronghold jumped onto the Flying Boat one after another, and the Flying Boat immediately took off.

Without even a moment’s hesitation, the disciples of the Fuyang Sect were dumbfounded.

Suddenly, there were more than a hundred fewer people, and the sect seemed even more empty.

The Sect Leader’s wife suddenly thought of something, her face turned pale instantly, she looked in the direction where Zuo Su’er was flying away, gritted her teeth and said, “Qing—Yuan—Sect!”

Xuantian Sect, Ruyu Palace.

Yin Chan was sitting on the desk, her two small legs dangling under the table, kicking casually. The copper bells on her ankles jingled. The crisp sound echoed in the study.

Ruyu Palace was the Sect Leader’s study.Behind the desk, the leader of Xuantian sect rested his hands under his chin, a smile on his face. “So, my daughter, whom I haven’t seen for forty years, suddenly sends back an illusion, not to admit her mistake or ask me to withdraw the bounty, but to threaten me?”

Yin Chan had an expression of being wronged. “Eh~ Father, don’t make wild guesses. This is a trade! You spare Qing Yuan, and after sixty years, I will open Xuanhuang Cave in Xuantian Immortal Realm. You will make a big profit!”

The leader of Xuantian sect chuckled. “Trading the treasure in my left hand for the one in my right? You are my daughter, you control Xuanhuang Cave, it should naturally be opened in Xuantian Immortal Realm.”

Yin Chan blinked, incredulously saying, “Hey, hey! Father, be reasonable. You’ve issued a bounty for me in all the heavens and worlds, how could I possibly still care about Xuantian Gate? The fact that I haven’t hunted down the disciples of Xuantian Gate shows my kindness.”

The sect leader snorted coldly. “If you bring back the head of that mountain bandit, not only will I withdraw the bounty, but I will also reward you handsomely.”

Yin Chan stuck out her tongue and made a face. “I don’t want to.”

“He is getting close to you with a purpose!” The sect leader said solemnly.

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