Vol.1 – Chapter 105 – Return

Yin Chan said nonchalantly, “I know!” Ever since that scoundrel tricked her and stole her position as the bandit leader’s wife, she knew: “Isn’t this just revealing his true intentions?”

The Sect Leader of Xuantian shook his head, “No matter where the Mysterious Yellow Heaven is opened, Xuantian Sect will have a share. But this alone is not enough for me to give up Dongyun. The unification of Dongyun brings endless troubles.” He looked at his daughter with utmost seriousness.

“Ah!” Yin Chan pouted, “But you know the characteristics of Mysterious Yellow Heaven. I only control this generation, and the next time it’s me who opens the door.”

She looked troubled and sighed in disappointment, “Then forget it. After all, it’s quite safe in the Heavenly Star Palace. It’s not worth it to specifically run back to the Xuantian Immortal Domain and get caught and sold to you. If the Mysterious Yellow Heaven is opened in the Heavenly Star Palace, the palace master will definitely give a big reward.”

She jumped off the table, ready to leave. After all, Qingyuan Sect had nothing to do with her. She would help if she could, but if she couldn’t, would the king still dare to hit her?

The Sect Leader of Xuantian shook his head and chuckled, “She will give, but do you dare to accept?”

The Heavenly Star Palace and Xuantian Sect were not mortal enemies, but they were not far from it. Tens of thousands of years ago, when the Mysterious Wasteland still adhered to the principle of righteousness and evil not coexisting, the two sects were at loggerheads.

“Since the Mysterious Yellow Heaven will open after a cycle of sixty years, let’s set a deadline of sixty years. I will give Qingyuan Sect sixty years. After sixty years, they should move out of Dongyun and leave the Xuantian Immortal Domain, or the Xuantian Sect will march towards Dongyun!”

His calm tone was not a negotiation, but a notification.

Even if he gave Qingyuan Sect a cycle of sixty years, or even multiple cycles of sixty years, Xuantian Sect could easily annihilate them. His words had sealed the fate of Qingyuan Sect.

Yin Chan looked at him incredulously. His bargaining was too harsh.

The Sect Leader of Xuantian chuckled lightly, tapping his fingers on the table, “Junior Brother Luo, did you hear all that?”

A shadow gradually appeared under the study, and then solidified. It was the master of the Foreign Affairs Hall. He gave a bitter smile, “Niece is indeed powerful, even the Mysterious Yellow Heaven is in her hands. But Ruojin has already led people to annihilate Qingyuan. I’m afraid they are already challenging them. The Demon Suppression Hall is also preparing to take action. It’s not appropriate to call a halt now.”

The war had already started. If they suddenly withdrew, where would they put the face of Xuantian?

Yin Chan snorted, “Senior Uncle Luo, don’t talk nonsense. You must have forgotten that I am the deputy master of the Demon Suppression Hall.”

Did they really think that just because she was cute and cunning, she had no means? The Demon Suppression Hall was now obediently staying in its station, not moving at all.

The Sect Leader of Xuantian glanced at his daughter, “Even though you’re wanted, you can still control the Demon Suppression Hall remotely. It seems that you’re doing a great job as the deputy master. The bounty on the wanted order is doubled.”

Yin Chan was dumbfounded, looking at her father in disbelief. The current bounty was already making them overwhelmed. If it was doubled, even the proud children of the top ten immortal gates would be tempted.

The Sect Leader of Xuantian seemed to ignore his daughter’s expression, and said in a deep voice, “Since Ruojin has already challenged them, he will be the one to lead the destruction of Qingyuan this time. If Qingyuan can’t even withstand a small Western Peace Hall from the Foreign Affairs Hall, they should give up the idea of monopolizing Dongyun.”

How could he still raise the price?

Yin Chan pouted and snorted, turning into a bubble and disappearing.

The Sect Leader of Xuantian didn’t care about his daughter’s departure. This daughter was afraid that he would follow the illusion to find her real body, so she used seven methods to cut off the source! Forty years of wandering had indeed made her more capable.

“Junior Brother Luo, do you think the Western Peace Hall can achieve merit?”

Master Luo shook his head, “Feng Yiju is not a reckless person. I’m afraid that what Niece has here is just a spare move. Even without her, he must have other ways to stop Xuantian Sect.”

“Oh?” The Sect Leader of Xuantian looked at him, “I really can’t think of any way a mere Qingyuan Sect can stop us?”

Master Luo chuckled, “They can’t resist openly, of course. But he can completely change the method, for example, turning Dongyun into a cesspool, making himself stink so much that Xuantian Sect naturally won’t approach.”

He laughed, then regained his serious expression, “Brother, Feng Yiju is not to be underestimated. If he is given the chance, he will surely become a real dragon. If he is given sixty years, Qingyuan Sect will surely not decline – Qingyuan can stay, but Feng Yiju must be killed!”

The Sect Leader of Xuantian shook his head and chuckled. How could Feng Yiju be underestimated? Which of those who could become a sect leader was a fool? Let’s see how Feng Yiju plays this game.

In the mid-air of Qingyuan Mountain, Feng Yiju, who was closing his eyes and concentrating, suddenly opened his eyes.

“They’re here!”

In the east, three flying boats broke out of the River of Light at the foot of Dongyun Mountain and headed straight for Qingyuan. On the main ship, Luo Ruojin’s face was icy cold. He had just received the sect’s notice that the Demon Suppression Hall would not come, and he was in charge of all matters in Dongyun.

What petty trick did Feng Yiju use? Luo Ruojin had a bad feeling. He looked at the nine Traverse Heaven realm cultivators on the three flying boats, and his heart was slightly relieved.

Don’t be rash, don’t be greedy for merit, all Traverse Heaven cultivators must not separate, break the mountain if there’s a mountain in the way, evaporate the water if there’s water in the way, push forward all the way, let him have thousands of strategies, I will remain unmoved!

Especially since the Demon Suppression Hall didn’t come, his grandfather temporarily transferred Zhong Bo into the Western Peace Hall. Zhong Bo had been a steward for his grandfather for two thousand years and had already entered the third step of the Traverse Heaven realm. He was a top expert in all the heavens and worlds.

Looking at Feng Yiju standing in the air, Luo Ruojin’s face was cold, “Feng Yiju, does your Qingyuan Sect know its crime?”

His voice was like a rolling bell, echoing in the sky above Dongyun.

Not only did they want to destroy Qingyuan, but they also wanted to do it beautifully, to kill a chicken to scare the monkeys, to let the sects of Dongyun know what Xuantian Sect was!

Feng Yiju looked up and smiled, “Because we are alive?”

In some people’s eyes, your existence is a crime.

“How dare you!” Luo Ruojin shouted coldly, “You released the prison ghosts from the Suppression Prison, disturbed Dongyun, slaughtered living beings, don’t you know your crime?”Feng Yiju chuckled lightly, “Brother Luo, it’s just you and me here, why put on such a show? The Xuantian Sect has been stirring up trouble in Dongyun for thousands of years, do you really think the various sects of Dongyun are unaware? Nine hundred years ago, the Xuan Yang Palace was broken due to the rampage of prison ghosts, and three hundred years ago, the same happened to the Tai Bai Temple. Do you really think everyone is blind?”

True or not, the blame was already placed.

Luo Rujin’s face changed, “Impudent! You’re spouting nonsense. The Xuantian army is already here, yet you remain stubborn and refuse to repent.”


He growled, “Let me see what tricks you have up your sleeve to dare to trap three Traverse Heaven experts from my Xuantian Sect!”

The various sects of Dongyun who were keeping a close eye on Qingyuan Sect all changed their expressions.

The Qingyuan Sect had already clashed with the Xuantian Sect and even trapped three Traverse Heaven experts from the Xuantian Sect?

How did they manage that?

With just Su Huanian alone?

Inside the Fuyang Sect, the Sect Leader’s wife was breathing heavily. She cast a deep glance in the direction of the Qingyuan Sect and ordered, “Go! Leave Dongyun immediately.”

The disciples looked at her with a mix of confusion and understanding. After more than ten days of continuous battles, they were sick and tired of living on the edge of death.

Not only the Fuyang Sect, Luo Rujin’s words made many sects who were hoping for the best, or even trying to profit from the chaos, instantly realize the situation.

The Qingyuan Sect might be destroyed, but it was not as defenseless as they had imagined. The aftermath of the war might even crush them!

That’s more like it!

Feng Yiju chuckled lightly, “If Brother Luo wishes to duel with me alone, I would be more than happy to oblige. But I’m afraid Brother Luo wouldn’t dare!”

Only a fool would dare!

From behind Luo Rujin, a one-armed middle-aged man stepped out and laughed at Feng Yiju, “Sect Leader Feng, as the leader of a sect, why bully a youngster? How about I spar with you?”

Luo Rujin’s face turned ashen. He was only three or four decades younger than Feng Yiju. In the mortal world, this would naturally be a gap of one or even two generations, but among cultivators, he was hardly a youngster, right?

Feng Yiju smiled faintly.

From deep within the Dongyun Mountains, a soft voice echoed, “King against king, general against general, how about we play with you?”

A charming man appeared from the depths of Dongyun, crossing hundreds of miles in a single step. The sonic booms from his steps echoed one after another.

Normally, when cultivators fly, they ride their swords and their magical power smooths the air, so there would be no sonic booms. This man, Zuo Su’er, was crossing the distance purely with his physical body, without using any magical power.

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