Vol.1 – Chapter 103 – Essence blood

“Take advantage of my lucidity and leave. Once I fall into confusion, you won’t be able to escape.” The peacock spoke in a melancholic tone.

It had been enslaved.

“How can I help you?” Su He asked.

The peacock shook its head, its crest swaying with the motion: “My original body is long dead, this drop of essence blood has been refined by someone. To help me, you would have to snatch the Peacock’s True Blood from a powerful being. How can you, a naive child, help me?”

Who could enslave a living Divine Beast?

There was self-mockery in its voice: “If your respected parent were here, they could help me. Even if you take the Peacock’s True Blood now, you won’t be able to suppress it. You’re just a child. If you grow a bit more and gather some human luck and merit…”

It suddenly saw the small merit stele on Su He’s Turtle Mountain and opened its mouth wide in surprise, letting out a cry of “Ah!”

Could it be that this little turtle’s parents had done great deeds in this world, allowing him to be born with merit?

After the shock, it was overjoyed.

“Young friend, a powerful human has invaded my tomb, harvested my essence blood, and made a puppet. Today, stimulated by your Dragon Turtle aura, my soul consciousness has temporarily awakened. I have a method to escape this predicament, would you be willing to lend me a hand?”

Su He stepped back. It was not good to be busy with the affairs of the powerful, especially when it involved snatching something from another powerful being.

“Don’t be afraid, young friend. My essence blood has been refined, but I can burn this fragment of soul consciousness, erasing the imprint of that person in the essence blood. However, that person has been refining for too long, and if I go out, he will sense it in an instant. Can you suppress this drop of my essence blood under the merit stele?”

The merit stele had infinite uses, it was like the legendary panacea. Being suppressed under the merit would be equivalent to being protected by merit, and it would not be discovered by others.

Without the merit stele, after burning the soul consciousness, this drop of essence blood would become extremely pure and could be used by anyone at any time. The peacock was unwilling to let this happen.

“Is that all?” Su He asked.

The peacock was silent for a moment: “If there is a chance, help me find a suitable peacock and implant the True Blood into its body, to continue my lineage.”

Su He was confused, was there such a method?

Seeing his confusion, the peacock curiously asked: “Doesn’t your inheritance include a method of reproduction?” The chance of a Divine Beast giving birth to offspring was too small. The ability to pass on essence blood to offspring was essential.

I haven’t received the inheritance yet, I’m sorry to disappoint you…

The peacock paused. It was sorry that it only had a drop of essence blood, and the gathered soul consciousness was limited, so it didn’t have enough brain power. How could such a young creature have an inheritance?

The peacock was silent for a moment: “The inheritance of a Divine Beast is different from human cultivation methods. I can’t share my inheritance with you. You can suppress the essence blood. Once you receive the Dragon Turtle inheritance, you will naturally know how to operate.”

After thinking for a while, it added: “My original body was born in the Nanmu Forest of the Suyu Great World. There are spiritual treasures there, you can take them as a reward.”

It wouldn’t let people work for nothing.

As the peacock spoke, a red flame suddenly ignited on its body. Then, runes appeared on each feather. The flame burned the runes, emitting a sharp cry.

“Who dares to steal my peacock essence blood?” A thunderous voice echoed from the feathers.

Su He felt a sense of dread, as if a great crisis was about to descend.

With a cry, the peacock suppressed the voice. In an instant, the whole peacock shrank into a drop of pure golden blood, which fell into the external Turtle Mountain and landed under the merit stele.

A dice spun and landed on four.

The amount of essence blood didn’t increase, but its quality had greatly improved.

Su He moved the peacock’s essence blood to the external space. The merit stele was on the external Turtle Mountain. It had already merged with the entire external appearance. Placing it in the external space, it was still under the suppression of the merit stele, and even safer.

With the disappearance of the peacock, the hurricane in the prison ghost space became rootless. Although it didn’t dissipate instantly, it couldn’t stir up any waves. Su He rose with the waves, carrying Feng Yaya towards the cave entrance.

After checking the space fusion and being shaken by the peacock’s cry, Feng Yaya was drowsy and almost asleep.

Su He was not slow. When he reached the center of the space, a voice came from the half-kneeling statue: “Hey, Turtle!”

This person was not dead!

Su He didn’t even look back, he accelerated and left. Leaving South Court taught: If you find something that shouldn’t have a spirit, has independent thought. Quickly get away!

A statue should just be a statue, it’s not right if it starts talking.

“Turtle! I am a powerful being from the Xuantian Gate! Come back, I have good advice for you.”

Su He stopped, not to listen to his babbling, but because the wind in front was like a knife and he couldn’t move forward.

Seeing him stop, Muto immediately breathed a sigh of relief: “There’s a hurricane all around, did you see the peacock just now? This is a method of my Xuantian Gate. The Xuantian Gate is manipulating the prison ghost space, and it’s necessary to take action against the Qingyuan Sect. I see that you, this little turtle, have a deep connection with the Qingyuan Sect. What will you do when the Qingyuan Sect is broken?”

I’ll go and become a mountain king.

“If you pull out the formation flag and save us, it will be a great merit to Xuantian. Even for Xuantian Gate, the Traverse Heaven Realm is of great importance. Saving two at once would be a great achievement.”

Su He turned back: “Are you in the Traverse Heaven Realm? Are you very powerful?”

Muto’s statue remained motionless, the voice directly came from the statue: “Of course! I open a world, with me as the supreme, I am a god, omnipotent, doing whatever I want!”

Su He thought for a while and said: “But you were caught by Feng Yiju.”

Muto: …

The words he hadn’t finished were all choked in his chest.

“Kid, even a horse can stumble! What does one failure count for? My realm is higher than Feng Yiju’s, my cultivation level is higher than Feng Yiju’s, my background is better than Feng Yiju’s, I…”

“You were caught by Feng Yiju.”

Muto: …

After a long silence, a grinding sound came from the statue: “That’s because Feng Yiju is despicable! He plotted and schemed, his sword was clearly aimed at my cave world!”

Su He laughed: “So you’re stupid? You dare to rush forward without knowing your enemy’s methods? Don’t you investigate your opponent before a fight?”

The statue exploded: “What do I need to investigate? I’m in the Traverse Heaven Realm, he’s just a demon! I can crush him directly, just like crushing a rabbit!”

Su He tilted his head: “But you were caught, not only were you caught, even your cave world was refined.”

Muto was instantly speechless.The hurricane blew away, and Su He didn’t linger, he slapped the waves and left. The stone statue was wailing behind him, from arrogance to negotiation, then to pleading and finally to cursing.

Su He returned.

The stone statue, which had just finished cursing, was slightly embarrassed and hummed twice, “I have a treasure hidden in Fu Ling Mountain. As long as you save me, you will be generously rewarded!”

Su He ignored him. Ever since he became a turtle, he had never lacked anything.

The external space unfolded and enveloped the hand of the stone statue on the ground. He tried to absorb it with the power of Mount Fu, but found it immovable. Was it because it was still alive? Like the statues in the Golden Palace space, they had to die before they could be absorbed?

Su He suddenly thought, could it be that the statues in the Golden Palace space were like peacocks, with awakened souls, so they couldn’t be absorbed?

Were those statues once in the Traverse Heaven realm?

Looking at the stone statue with contempt, Su He crawled towards the exit of the cave. To him, if it couldn’t be absorbed, it was just waste.

Mu Tong was in a hurry, “Come back! Help me pull out the array flags, and I will teach you all my Dao techniques!”

Su He ignored him and left even faster. In a moment, he disappeared into the fog.

Mu Tong cursed, but at this moment, forty-nine array flags on the ground flew out simultaneously, heading towards the exit of the cave.

The hypocritical turtle, as expected, was still coveting my Dao techniques.

The suppression on his body loosened. Mu Tong was overjoyed, but before the smile on his face could fully unfold, a large seal fell from the sky and thumped onto the ground.

The suppression was even stronger than the array flags, he couldn’t even speak.

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