Vol.1 – Chapter 102 – Peacock

The Prison Ghost space was expanding.

Pieces of shattered spatial impurities were peeled off, floating like shards of glass, and then drawn towards the cyan seal at the center of the space.

Three spaces overlapped, twisted, and merged. At the same time, the golden palace space around Su He disappeared. Probably due to the changes in the Prison Ghost space, the two spaces no longer intersected.

After an unknown amount of time, the space fusion gradually completed. The surrounding barriers were no longer the gray stone walls made of underworld stones, but rather like reddish jade.

The elders did not get up. Among them, two figures suddenly appeared. One had fiery red hair, as if the whole person was about to burn, and the other had a decadent aura, and one glance was enough to tell that this person was ruined.

It was Huorong and Mutong.

One formation after another was cast, and various materials were refined into their bodies from time to time. The two gradually petrified and grew inch by inch. Three meters, six meters… thirty-three meters, suddenly they stood tall, like two giant terracotta warriors.

The more they looked, the more familiar they became.

They were almost identical to the towering stone statues in the golden palace space, except for their different appearances.

One of the stone statues held up the sky with both hands, and the other knelt on the ground. The entire space was connected to them. The stone statues struggled to move, Feng Yiju waved his hand, and forty-nine formation flags were inserted in all directions.

The power of suppression came.

The stone statues could no longer move, only curses were heard from the statues. The space gradually stabilized and there was no more sense of distortion and dizziness.

Su He and Feng Yaya immediately closed their eyes and collapsed on the ground. Su He only felt his mind buzzing and the world spinning, while Feng Yaya covered her eyes in pain and stomped her feet.

The fusion of space was beyond their current understanding.

The elders got up, Elder An sighed: “Are we going to face the thunderstorm of Xuantian Gate next? Does the Sect Leader have any countermeasures?”

“I have some.” Feng Yiju looked at the space.

He hoped that Brother Chi could make a contribution, otherwise, they would have to go to the extreme.

He pointed in the air, and several inconspicuous stones covered by the formation in the center of the space exploded.

This was the trump card left by Xuantian Gate in the Prison Ghost space. It could monitor and control the Prison Ghost space. At this moment, the Prison Ghost space was being re-sacrificed and refined, Xuantian Gate must have noticed, there was no need to hide anymore.

“Let’s go!” Feng Yiju said in a deep voice. There was a tough battle to fight next.

Several people left with heavy hearts. As soon as they left the cave, they heard a clear and loud cry from the Prison Ghost space: “Aow~~”

It was a bird’s call, the sound was not pleasant, but rather high and mighty.

“Peacock?” Old Taoist Ge’s face changed. As an elder of the Beast-taming Valley, he instantly identified the source of the call.

Feng Yiju squinted his eyes. He had been to the Prison Ghost space countless times, when had there ever been a peacock here? Just now when he was sacrificing and refining the space, he had observed every inch of it clearly.

When things go against the norm, there must be demons. Demons are not to be feared, it’s the abnormality that makes people uneasy.

“Go back!” Feng Yiju made a decisive decision.

Old Taoist Ge was heading towards the Prison Ghost space before he shouted, but at this moment, the golden tower above his head, as if encountering a nemesis, a peacock’s cry came, and the true yuan light curtain emitted by the golden tower shattered instantly.

If it weren’t for Feng Yiju’s quick response, pulling him out, Old Taoist Ge would have crashed into the Prison Ghost that rushed out.

The Prison Ghosts were rioting, driven out of the Prison Ghost space by the peacock’s cry, spewing out like a machine gun.

Old Taoist Ge’s face was as cold as ice water.

Su He and Feng Yaya were still inside.

Feng Yiju pushed out a golden tower and shot it towards the Prison Ghost space. As soon as it entered the cave, it encountered the peacock’s cry, and the true yuan light curtain immediately collapsed.

Xuantian Gate still had a trump card that he hadn’t noticed!

Feng Yiju’s breath was rarely chaotic, he took a deep look at the Prison Ghost space, turned around and left.

He couldn’t save them!

Without the true yuan golden tower, even he couldn’t enter the Prison Ghost space – even if he took an elixir, there was nowhere to hide under such a dense stream of Prison Ghosts.

The peacock must be Xuantian Gate’s trump card. It was impossible to save people by forcibly breaking into the space. He could only hurt Xuantian Gate, force them to compromise, and force them to remove their trump card.

He could only hope that the person and the turtle inside could wait until then.

Inside the Prison Ghost space.

Su He turned his head and saw a peacock that covered the sky and sun slowly forming in the distant sky.

It was the peacock phantom he had seen, but now it was almost completely solidified, and its size had increased countless times, with its wings spread out to be about one hundred and sixty-five to two hundred meters.

It just floated in the air, flapping its wings.

A terrifying aura emanated from it. The peacock cried, and visible sound waves spread around.

Feng Yaya curled up, covering her ears.

Su He’s entire turtle shell was trembling, as if he had encountered a great fear, he was terrified. He felt an extremely strong pressure from the peacock. It was a pressure from a higher bloodline.

Su He only felt his hair standing on end, the only thing that could suppress him in terms of bloodline was a real Divine Beast!

This peacock was a Divine Beast!

Could a peacock also be a Divine Beast?

The Prison Ghosts in the entire space seemed to have met their nemesis and fled in all directions in panic.

The peacock fanned out whirlwinds with its wings, which swept the entire Prison Ghost space in an instant, driving the Prison Ghosts towards the entrance.The prison ghost, which was originally terrified of Feng Yaya, now seemed to encounter a greater fear. It darted past her, even attempting to pounce on Feng Yaya.

But it was smashed into pieces by a punch from Feng Yaya.

The hurricane fanned out by the peacock’s wings was like a dense knife, causing the mountains and rocks to collapse wherever it blew. It landed on Turtle Mountain and instantly shaved off a section of the peak.

It was fortunate that the external appearance had completely solidified in the past few days, otherwise, it would have been breached instantly.


Su He bit onto Feng Yaya, and the waves under him rolled, rushing towards the entrance.

Behind him, the peacock fully materialized, and a hurricane emerged with a flap of its wings. The waves under Su He were instantly sucked up into the high sky, unable to make waves and move, and the speed suddenly slowed down.

Su He roared, and once again condensed the waves, but the waves were sucked up into the high sky again like they were weightless.

The entrance was tens of miles away, and relying on the turtle’s speed to crawl, it was indefinitely far.

They couldn’t escape.

“Ang~” The peacock behind them cried out.

The cry was unpleasant, but it was domineering and supreme.

Inside the Mind’s Eye, the shadow of the Dragon Turtle roared.

Su He made a huffing sound from his mouth, like a bristling tiger.


“Ang!” Su He suddenly turned around, and let out a long Dragon Turtle chant towards the peacock. His divine power spread out, resisting the peacock’s cry and sweeping upwards. His whole body’s Dragon Turtle True Blood Qi uncontrollably burst out, resisting the peacock while also being domineering.

The Dragon Turtle was not inferior!

“Ang!” The cry was long and robust, as if it came from the wilderness.

In the high sky, the peacock lowered its head. A struggle appeared in its hollow eyes.

A pleasant voice entered Su He’s ears: “Divine Beast? Dragon Turtle? Are you also learning from those humans to enslave me?”

Its voice turned from pleasant to cold.

Su He was stunned for a moment, then stomped his foot: “Don’t wrong me, do you think I can do it? You’re the one hitting me, I can’t even escape, okay?”

Feng Yaya nodded on the side.

“I’m sorry.” The peacock looked at Su He again, and there was a hint of surprise in its eyes: “Whose child are you?”

Divine Beasts were rare, and most of them knew each other.

Su He shook his head, he didn’t know where his Dragon Turtle bloodline came from—it couldn’t be entirely due to the Demon Morphing Fruit. The Demon Morphing Fruit might have enhanced his bloodline, but there should at least be a catalyst.

He had found his biological mother, who was just an ordinary grass turtle, now being raised in Old Taoist Ge’s small courtyard, and Su He was feeding her well.

His biological father—when found, only an undried turtle shell was left. He had already died in the mouth of a hawk, and he didn’t have the Dragon Turtle bloodline.

Su He guessed that he probably had a throwback. Perhaps countless generations ago, he had some kinship with the Dragon Turtle?

“Poor child.” The peacock sighed with pity. That was the downside of the Dragon Turtle, they were overly lustful.

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