Vol.1 – Chapter 101 – Space

“Let’s go!” Yin Chan called out.

“Where to?”

“To deal with the trouble of Qingyuan Sect, we’re going to live through a hundred lifetimes!” She ran forward barefoot, her voice clear as a bell: “I want to be an actress for one lifetime, a courtesan for another.”

Chi Yang’s face changed drastically, and he chased after her like a madman.

The mountain bandit who came out with the roast meat was knocked over by them, watching in astonishment as the two figures ran off into the distance: “Boss, where are you going?”

“To flatten the brothels and theaters of the Mysterious Wasteland, I won’t allow this place to poison the people!” Chi Yang gritted his teeth.

The bandit’s face turned ashen, flattening brothels and theaters – why would the boss betray all men and do such a crazy thing?

“Boss, don’t!” A desperate shout echoed in the desert.

In the prison ghost space of Qingyuan Sect, Su He slowly opened his eyes, unable to absorb any more energy. The stone statue seemed to suddenly start resisting, and he couldn’t draw any energy from it at all.

At this moment, the external Turtle Mountain had completely solidified, and it no longer needed Su He to actively manifest it or passively protect it.

The shape was still like the original Turtle Mountain, except for an additional stone tablet. The tablet had been compressed a lot and no longer looked like a tombstone. It looked like a boundary marker or a nameplate for the external Turtle Mountain. If you looked closely, you could see the two characters “Ming Jian” on it.

The bird’s nest on Turtle Mountain was still there, which made Feng Yaya very happy for a long time. At this moment, she was sitting in the bird’s nest with her feet kicking, and the nest was filled with spiritual fruits.

Su He looked in the direction of the space entrance. About five or six hours ago, people had been coming in one after another. Feng Yiju, Old Taoist Ge, Qiao Changlun were among them, as well as five or six other elders.

Su He didn’t recognize them. On the day he was introduced to the seniors and fellow disciples of the sect, the No-Form Sword Sect attacked.

Su He wanted to go over, but Feng Yaya was very resistant.

Old Taoist Ge waved a chicken leg at him from tens of miles away, while Feng Yiju looked at the Turtle Mountain that had recondensed on his back with a strange expression.

At this moment, the group was divided into two teams, with two spherical objects floating above them. These were the pocket worlds of Mutong and Huorong, one was as desolate as death, and the other was full of flames, a world of fire.

They looked at the prison ghost space with golden towers above their heads. As elders of the sect, they naturally knew about this place, but in the past, there were no small golden towers. They had only cautiously come in to check it out before hurriedly leaving.

“Has the Sect Leader confirmed that Xuantian Gate can control this space?” Elder An asked with a frown. She didn’t know what method the Sect Leader had used to capture the two powerful beings of Xuantian Gate who were at the Traverse Heaven realm. Now, she wanted to use their pocket worlds to refine this prison ghost space.

Now they had only initially sacrificed and refined the two people’s pocket worlds. If they were willing to cede territory and pay compensation, the Sect Leader could personally go to Xuantian Gate to apologize, and this grudge could still be resolved – at least on the surface. But if they really integrated the two people’s worlds into the solidified prison ghost space, it would be an irreconcilable feud.

Feng Yiju glanced at her lightly: “The destruction of Taibai Temple three hundred years ago was related to this prison ghost space. The means Xuantian Gate used to monitor the prison ghost space is under the collapsed city ahead, trapped by my formation and set with an illusion. If Elder An is interested, she can go and check it out.”

Actually, without Feng Yiju emphasizing it, the wind-eroded and collapsed city here was all in the style of Taibai Temple. Presumably, Taibai Temple had tried everything to deal with this space back then?

Elder An was just repeatedly confirming because she was uneasy. After all, Elder An had just become a mother, and it was inevitable that she would have a woman’s worries.

“Wasn’t the destruction of Taibai Temple related to the Divine Beast?” Qiao Changlun asked.

They didn’t know the specifics. When Taibai Temple was destroyed, it was a turbulent time for Qingyuan Sect. At that time, they were the First Seats, guarding the sect, and the one exploring Taibai Temple was Feng Yiju, who was then the top senior brother of the sect.

Feng Yiju nodded: “If it were just the prison ghosts, they wouldn’t have been able to destroy Taibai Temple. The Divine Beast of Taibai Temple was also related to Xuantian Gate, as stated by Master Zhi Shang of Taibai Temple himself.”

Taibai Temple was very strong, stronger than Qingyuan Sect today by a notch. When Taibai Temple was destroyed, there were three beings at the Traverse Heaven realm in the temple! Moreover, although Taibai Temple never expanded outward, it always spread Buddhism, and many sects in Dongyun Mountain sincerely submitted to it, showing a trend of cultural dominance in Dongyun.

How could Xuantian Gate sit still?

The Divine Beast was related to Xuantian Gate, Old Taoist Ge sneered: “So when the Dragon Turtle appeared, the first thing you thought of was to set up a prohibition?”

Feng Yiju nodded and gave a bitter smile. The No-Form Sword Sect had been built from nothing, and he had put a lot of thought into it, especially in the past sixty years. When his mind was occupied there, he inevitably had moments of confusion here. This was not controlling a separate body, not an external incarnation, not something that could be done simply by multitasking. The existence of Chi·Feng Yiju·Yang was more profound.

Old Taoist Ge snorted.

“Senior Uncles, let’s begin!” Feng Yiju didn’t want to continue this topic and said in a deep voice.

The elders were divided into two groups, four in each group, surrounding a pocket world. They simultaneously cast talismans and spells, and the two worlds suddenly opened up, filling the entire prison ghost space in an instant.

The world of fire, the desolate world, and the prison ghost space overlapped, reflecting each other.

The voice of Old Taoist Ge sounded beside Su He and Feng Yaya: “Don’t blink, observe for yourself. This is the pocket world of the Traverse Heaven realm. Even if you don’t understand, look carefully. Even if you can’t bear the aura and laws inside, even if your eyes go blind, keep looking!”

These two, one turtle and one human, were both extraordinary. Watching now, they wouldn’t gain anything, but in the future when they step into the Traverse Heaven realm and seek to open up the heavens, recalling today’s events, they will surely gain something.Not only the two of them, but all seven elders were at the limit of subduing demons, desperately pursuing breakthroughs and opening up their own Cave Mansion worlds. This time of sacrifice and refining, there must be gains. Afterward, they would retreat to absorb, and when they break through, they might even step into Traverse Heaven.

Forty-nine Qingyuan Sect flags fluttered in the air, with the Sect Leader’s seal suppressing the center. The three worlds shattered, condensed, shattered again, and re-condensed.

The seven elders stared at the space without blinking.

Su He didn’t understand, he just felt dizzy and saw stars. He looked at Feng Yaya, the little girl watched until her eyes turned red with pain, she covered her eyes and shed tears for a while, then returned to normal and continued to watch.

Feng Yaya had the spiritual intelligence of a three-year-old, but she couldn’t be simply treated as a three-year-old child.

Inside the Xuantian Gate, a sword light shot towards the palace master’s small mountain.

The palace master frowned slightly, his mountain forbade divine abilities, even if other palace masters or the First Seat came, they would have to walk up from the foot of the mountain. The only ones who dared to rush in so blatantly were his own grandsons – even his sons wouldn’t dare.

Luo Rujin landed nervously from the sword light, and before the palace master could scold him, he shouted, “Grandfather, the prison ghost space of the Qingyuan Sect has lost control!”

The palace master’s gaze slightly condensed, “Tell me more.”

“The True Yuan Gold Tower of the Qingyuan Sect, although broken, the Foreign Affairs Hall has always been able to control it. But just now, all the Gold Towers lost their senses at the same time. The traces left by the Xuantian Gate in it were erased. As soon as my grandson knew, he immediately went to the Palm Mountain Hall to check the prison ghost space, and sure enough, the prison ghost space under Qingyuan had shattered. The control orb here also shattered at the same time.”

The palace master rocked his recliner, his four fingers flicking on the armrest, “Contact Long Kui.”

The butler appeared behind him, “Master, I have already contacted him. Long Kui has not entered the Xuan Realm, but I have contacted his soul beast. Long Kui said there was an anomaly, but it is still under control.”

Luo Rujin blinked, had his grandfather also sent Uncle Kui to Dongyun Mountain? He secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he heard the palace master say, “It seems to be out of control, even Long Kui has had an accident. Is the prohibition on checking the prison ghost space still there? If it is, release all the prison ghosts immediately.”

“Send the Demon Subduing Hall to Dongyun, destroy Qingyuan!”

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