Vol.1 – Chapter 100 – Bandits

“You!” Mutong’s face changed again, turning as red as a pig’s liver. He gritted his teeth, spitting out words through his clenched teeth, “Chiyang is your man, isn’t he? You won against me with a single formation flag, but Chiyang is doomed. With Brother Huorong hunting him down, I’d like to see how you save him! If you’re capable, use your formation flag to hunt down Brother Huorong!”

Feng Yiju dared not. The Qingyuan formation flag was still suppressing his cave world. As long as the Qingyuan formation flag left, he had plenty of ways to reclaim his cave world. Even if he couldn’t kill Feng Yiju, he could retreat at any time!

Feng Yiju looked at him with a smile, “Who told you there’s only one Qingyuan formation flag?”

A formation flag is used to set up a formation, how can a formation be set up with only one flag?

Mutong’s sneer froze on his face.

In the southwest of Qingyuan Sect, three hundred thousand miles away, in the deep mountains and old forests outside Fengming Mansion, a space twisted and writhed, as if the air was scorched by flames.

This was caused by a Traverse Heaven realm powerhouse opening up a cave world here.

Inside the cave world, twenty-four Qingyuan formation flags were panting and creating wind. There were a total of forty-nine Qingyuan formation flags, among which two main flags represented the sun and the moon. The sun flag controlled twenty-four Yin flags, and the moon flag led twenty-three Yang flags.

This place was led by the moon flag.

Twenty-four large flags suppressed the four directions, and Huorong lay in the cave world, watching a man in white slowly peel away his world.

“You’re not Chiyang, you’re Feng Yiju!”

A cultivator in his own cave world is like a true god, with divine abilities to discern truth from falsehood. Especially Huorong’s cave world was not as fragile as Mutong’s, which had never been advanced. It took half a set of formation flags to completely suppress it.

Chiyang’s hands didn’t stop moving, he grinned and laughed, “That’s right, it’s me!”

Huorong didn’t have the same deathly pale face as Mutong. Feng Yiju dared not kill him. If he killed him, the life lamp of Xuantian Sect would immediately reveal itself and mark the enemy.

Since he wouldn’t die, what was there to fear? At worst, his cultivation level would be completely ruined, and he would start over.

“Where is the real Chiyang?”

Feng Yiju shook his head, “Naturally, he’s where he should be.”

Xiyeguo, Hanhai Oasis.

The oasis was not large, but its reputation had risen in the past two years, even Xiyeguo avoided it like a tiger or a wolf. Because a group of bandits had come to the oasis.

The bandit leader was a cultivator with a cultivation level.

This news, after being confirmed by the court of Xiyeguo, made everyone fear this oasis and shattered their fantasies about seeking immortality.

So immortals also become bandits – what are bandits? Are they the same as desert robbers?

But the bandit king’s wife is really beautiful, just like a fairy.

The bandit king sat under a dead tree, playing the danbur. The sound of the qin was slightly sad. There were two dried corpses hanging on the dead tree, and the bark was carved with words: Do not touch.

One word was ugly and rough, the other was delicate and lovely.

These two dried corpses had been hanging for twenty years. They were a couple with a huge difference in status who died for love here. They left words to preserve their embrace, hoping that the wind and sun would weather them, and that their initial intentions would remain the same over time.

A woman like a fairy, came over with a graceful and charming walk.

The bandit king looked at her and smiled lightly.

The fairy gently stroked her hair, her red lips slightly opened, “What’s been bothering you these days?”

The bandit king opened his mouth but didn’t know how to start.

“Don’t hide it from me.” The fairy said softly.

The bandit king was silent for a while, “Do you remember, I once told you, I approached you with a purpose?”

The fairy sat next to him, her voice soft, “I know!”

As the only princess of Xuantian Sect, one of the top ten immortal sects in the Mysterious Wasteland, anyone who approached her had their own purpose. Even when her father saw her, there must be a reason, otherwise she wouldn’t see her father for decades or even hundreds of years.

There were countless people with unspeakable purposes. But the only one who could be honest was the man in front of her.

She was Yin Chan, the unique princess of Xuantian Sect.

The bandit king held her hand, his expression a bit downcast, “I’m not Andang, my real name is Chiyang, I’m the personal disciple of the old Sect Leader of Qingyuan Sect.”

Yin Chan tilted her head and thought, “Chiyang of the No-Form Sword Sect?”

Chiyang shook his head with a bitter smile, “I don’t even know which way the gate of the No-Form Sword Sect opens. You know me, I can’t even manage a bandit camp, how could I establish a sect?”

Yin Chan’s eyes sparkled with curiosity, “Then who is Chiyang of the No-Form Sword Sect?”

“It should be Brother Feng, right? Only he has the ability to construct such a sect in a short period of time.”

Yin Chan blinked, “You approached me to protect Qingyuan Sect? Now Feng Yiju is looking for you?”

She had been away from Xuantian Sect for thirty years and didn’t know the recent situation in the cultivation world – normally, nothing big would happen in thirty years.

Thirty years ago, Qingyuan Sect was already showing signs of decline, but judging from what her husband said today, Feng Yiju must be a significant figure. The decline was probably a ruse to deceive Xuantian Sect, but what was the crisis?

Chiyang thought for a moment and said truthfully, “Brother Feng is about to unify Dongyun, right? He wants you to help hold back Xuantian Sect, to give him a chance to breathe.”

Yin Chan’s eyes widened, that Feng Sect Leader was too imaginative. The Sect Leader of Xuantian Sect, placed in the middle world, was enough to be the master of a world. Was this a person that a daughter could influence?

If Qingyuan Sect wanted to leave Dongyun Mountain and seek a territory in Xuantian Immortal Domain, or ask for money, resources, or even cultivation methods, her status as the Sect Leader’s daughter could be useful.

Her father would probably laugh, even pinch her nose, and give her double what she asked for.

But to usurp Dongyun, this was against the interests of Xuantian Sect, it was absolutely impossible. Not to mention him, even if all his brothers went to beg, it would be impossible.

Especially after she eloped with a bandit.

Two camels trotted out on the sand dunes, snorting defiantly in their direction.

Yin Chan asked the man beside her in a soft voice, “Do you want to go help them?”Chi Yang gazed at the camel on the sand dune, its forehead shimmering with four Mysterious Moons as if challenging him. Chi Yang chuckled lightly, twirling a strand of Yin Chan’s hair, “I want to tame that camel, and wander the world with you on its back.”

Yin Chan giggled.

Looking into her eyes, Chi Yang said earnestly, “Compared to these things in the cultivation world, I’d rather be a pancake seller in the mortal world for a hundred years, growing old with you.”

He stood up, looking in the direction of the Western Night Kingdom, “Or be a scholar for a hundred years, rise to power and wealth to make you a noble lady, with a house full of children and grandchildren, disciplining our sons and doting on our grandsons.”

“Or be a chivalrous swordsman for a hundred years, wandering the world, making you worry every day by the lonely lamp, fearing that I might die in a vendetta. Or be a monk for a hundred years, causing you a lifetime of sorrow.”

Yin Chan burst into laughter, “So you want to make me a noble lady, huh? Then, do you want to take a few concubines?”

Chi Yang’s eyes widened, his face full of surprise, “Can… can I?”

“Get lost!” Yin Chan kicked him and turned to run. After running about thirty feet, she didn’t hear any sound behind her. Turning her head, she saw Chi Yang looking at her figure, grinning like a fool.


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