Vol.1 – Chapter 099 – Peeled

For a hundred years since the beginning of the universe, Mutong had never sacrificed and refined to enhance his own world.

He was communicating with the spirit beast. The spirit beast could advance with its master, especially the master’s world.

A ninth-grade spirit beast could open the mysterious realm. If the spirit beast could participate in the advancement of the monk’s own world before the ninth grade, it would be of great help to promote the ninth grade and open up the mysterious realm.

And if there is a spirit beast participating in the sacrifice and refining of the cave world, the cave world can also gain a bit of the spirit beast’s illusory and real Dao charm, with a stronger foundation and power.

It was just a waste of a mere hundred years, and it was a good deal to wait for the spirit beast to be subdued and then upgrade the cave world.

In these hundred years, Mutong had accumulated a lot of genius treasures to upgrade the cave world, just waiting for the spirit beast to recognize its master, and instantly make up for the hundred years of stagnation.

But today, he was forced to advance.

If he didn’t advance, he would be beaten to death by Feng Yiju.

Feng Yiju was blocked by the formation, a trace of urgency flashed in his eyes, he output his mana recklessly, and the big seal and the fairy sword rained down on the formation.

Crack! A formation disk couldn’t withstand the continuous and dense attacks, and a crack opened.

Mutong was in a hurry, he spat out a mouthful of blood on the genius treasure in front of him, igniting a raging fire. The refining speed of the genius treasure was three points faster.

This was his true blood, and this time he suffered a big loss. If he didn’t slaughter Qingyuan and collect all the resources, he wouldn’t be able to make up for it.

Feng Yiju’s face darkened, the fairy sword in his hand shot out automatically, he himself formed a seal and condensed the law, transforming into thunder and lightning, and a violent flood rushed towards the formation.

The sound of crackling came from the formation disk, the entire formation disk was already covered with cracks like a spider web, and another formation disk also began to crack.

Mutong was anxious, and another mouthful of true blood spurted out, burning his life, desperately refining the genius treasure, and at the same time mobilizing the power of the world.

Open! Open! Open!

Just as Feng Yiju broke through the two formations, the cave world suddenly opened. It expanded rapidly, instantly enveloping the surrounding land.

Feng Yiju broke through the formation and rushed out, only to see that the scene around him had changed.

It was no longer the appearance of the green pines and cypresses of Dongyun Mountain, but a barren and bare land.

Laughter came from all directions: “Hahaha, Feng Yiju! Enter my world, I am God, what can you do?!”

Mutong appeared in the sky, sitting on a golden throne, his injuries rapidly recovering.

He looked down at Feng Yiju, the expression of relief on his face had not yet dissipated, and his arrogance had already risen. The humiliation of three hundred years ago was not something that could be forgotten by just saying it.

Usually cultivating the heart, not thinking about it can be indifferent. Today, he was beaten by Feng Yiju all day, and this anger rose.

“How do you want to die?” He looked down at Feng Yiju.

He would never be like Feng Yiju three hundred years ago, considering this and that, not daring to kill. Today, Feng Yiju must die!

Who knows what kind of accident will happen once he is let go? The next time we meet, he might be killed on the spot by Feng Yiju?

Feng Yiju’s fairy sword was inserted into the ground, he looked up at Mutong, and there was a smile at the corner of his mouth: “Fellow Daoist Mu, I’m afraid you haven’t understood the meaning of ‘Wherever my Qingyuan formation flag is inserted, it is all Qingyuan territory!’”

Mutong had a bad premonition, and before he could throw Feng Yiju out of his world, the green flag had suddenly been inserted into the ground. The intertwined meridian-like patterns instantly surged in all directions.

In an instant, Mutong felt that his control over that area had disappeared.

His face changed instantly, and he wanted to cut off his arm and directly cut off that area. But he saw Feng Yiju take out a sword box from somewhere.

He looked up and laughed at him.

“Brother Mu, have you forgotten that I come from Qingyuan Sword Residence?”

Mutong’s face changed drastically!

Qingyuan Sword Residence, it is said to practice sword techniques, but it is better to say that they practice sword boxes. Everyone has countless fairy swords, each with different functions.

In the blink of an eye, Mutong had already counted on his fingers and drew a talisman, wanting to cut off Feng Yiju along with that realm. But he suddenly found that he couldn’t sense that realm at all.

It was as if it didn’t exist at all. How can you cut something that doesn’t exist?

Not only that, he found that his true essence and the power of the world, at this moment, were completely sealed as if, not a bit could be used!

The spirit talisman he drew instantly dissipated.

The Traverse Heaven realm opens the sky, and essentially the cultivator is this heaven and earth, and the heaven and earth is the cultivator. The formation flag is inserted into the world, just like it is inserted into his body, the whole person is out of control.

But at this moment, he saw Feng Yiju slap the sword box, and four fairy swords flew out.

“These four swords are named Universe, they cut spring, summer, autumn, and winter, from ancient times to the present!” He pointed with his halberd, and the four swords shot into the four directions of the world in an instant. Four sword holes suddenly appeared on Mutong’s body, and blood spurted out.

The cultivator and the heaven and earth are one, and cutting the heaven and earth also cuts the cultivator.

Mutong’s face became even paler, and there was a look of horror in his eyes. It didn’t matter if he was injured, he couldn’t feel the change of time in the cave world!

Feng Yiju slapped the sword box again, and four more fairy swords flew out.

“These four swords are named Universe, they cut the four directions, the four extremes of the realm!” The sword came out with a dragon chant, and four more blood holes appeared on Mutong’s body. His breathing became more and more rapid, and his eyes showed horror: “Spare me! Fellow Daoist Feng, spare me! I promise to never step into Dongyun again!”

He’s gone mad! He’s gone mad!

There were elders who had told him long ago not to easily take outsiders into his own world, why didn’t he listen? Why didn’t he listen!

And he even took in an enemy!

This Feng Yiju was not right, he was definitely not an ordinary demon limit, he knew too much about the cave world, cutting time, cutting space, the sword never missed, as if in his cave world, time and space were clearly marked!

Even the Traverse Heaven realm didn’t understand the cultivator’s cave world so much!

But he saw Feng Yiju ignoring his screams, slapping the sword box again, and still four fairy swords flew out.

“These four swords are named Pure Land, they cut earth, water, wind, and fire!”

The throne under Mutong collapsed instantly, his face was as gray as death, but there was a look of realization in his eyes, he looked at Feng Yiju: “You’re not here to kill me, you’re here to take my cave world?”

Feng Yiju didn’t answer, he pointed with his halberd, and the four swords of Pure Land shot out. The figure of Mutong in the cave world instantly shattered.

Feng Yiju took out the big seal, threw it into the air, and the big seal hung in the air. He jumped up and landed outside.

Mutong lay on the ground with a dull face, his breath was like a thread.

The cave world was forcibly stripped away, and his cultivation level was half wasted.

He looked at Feng Yiju with resentment: “No wonder you want to fight with me for half a day, you want to force me to refine the genius treasure and upgrade the cave world!”Ever since he had opened the heavens, he had not performed the Sacrifice and Refine on the pocket universe, waiting only for the soul beast to be in place to perform the ritual with him.

Feng Yiju held a crystal-clear sphere in one hand. The sphere was wriggling and squirming, like a peeled raw egg.

“Not bad!” He responded.

The world of Mutong was too fragile. If he didn’t force him to perform the Sacrifice and Refine to stabilize it, it would disperse as soon as it was separated.

“Who are you going to transplant my world to?” Mutong gritted his teeth.

Feng Yiju shook his head and laughed, “No one. A cultivator who can transplant others’ pocket universes already has enough foundation to open up their own world. Why bother transplanting? After transplantation, there will be no further progress. What use is such a useless world?”

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