Vol.1 – Chapter 098 – Opening the heavens

Every sect, regardless of its size, would always attribute itself to a legendary ancestor, striving for a resounding reputation.

Mutan sneered disdainfully, but deep down, he was on high alert.

Feng Yiju was not one to boast without reason. Rumor had it that an ancestor of the Qingyuan Sect was once held in high regard by the Orient Loong God. Even if it was self-aggrandizement, there had to be some basis, right?

The formation flag fell to the ground, its pole rooting itself as if meridians spread out from it. Mutan felt his own world power obstructed.

The path of cultivation had three major realms: Transcend Mortality, Subdue Demons, and Traverse Heaven, each realm consisting of seven steps.

Seven steps to Traverse Heaven, the first step was to open up a world of one’s own, making the cultivator the ruler of that world. Every move, every action, every technique carried the power of the world, each strike was like an attack from a world.

Some small worlds couldn’t withstand the aura of the Traverse Heaven realm, and would expel or drive out the cultivators who had stepped into this realm. Those who had stepped into the Traverse Heaven realm could only wander in the starry sky or enter various major worlds.

This was referred to as Ascension!

The Qingyuan formation flag was planted, the wind blew the flag, making a rustling sound. Mutan’s divine sense, magical power, and world power were all difficult to operate, as if he was about to drown.

However, Feng Yiju was bathed in a brilliant light, receiving a blessing.

Looking at the radiant Feng Yiju, a very unpleasant memory surged into Mutan’s mind. He was the first to pull out a Zen staff and swung it at Feng Yiju.

Feng Yiju parried the Zen staff with a sword and laughed lightly, “Daoist Mutan, you’re still using the Zen staff that was plundered from Taibai Temple three hundred years ago. It seems that you’re not highly regarded in the Xuantian Sect! Why not come to my Qingyuan Sect? We will honor you as the Mountain Guardian Elder.”

Mutan was choked with anger. He had heard of Mountain Guardian Beasts, but Mountain Guardian Elders? This was too much!

However, he didn’t rush forward again. After one collision, he had already sensed that the Qingyuan formation flag was definitely a treasure! It restricted him by forty percent, but it made Feng Yiju even more powerful.

This fight wouldn’t be easy.

He took a deep breath and slowly swung his Zen staff, squinting at Feng Yiju.

Feng Yiju smiled and met his gaze. Daoist Mutan wanted to delay time and wait for Huorong to come to his aid, but Feng Yiju couldn’t let him have his way. The fairy sword in his hand turned into a green snake and pounced at Mutan with a hiss.

Meanwhile, far to the south, a petite man stood quietly in a forest. A jellyfish-like soul beast on his shoulder slowly shook its head.

He couldn’t enter the Xuan realm anymore, there were formations specifically targeting soul beasts sealing the surroundings.

Longkui took out his long spear and stood with it horizontally.

“Come out! You all surely didn’t just want to trap me here, did you?” He took a different route from Mutan and Huorong to Dongyun, intending to sneak in and observe the situation of the various sects in Dongyun. But as soon as he entered Dongyun, he fell into a formation.

Even the connection between the soul beast and the outside world was forbidden. This was targeted at him.

In the distance, an old Taoist riding a donkey and beating a shabby fishing drum appeared.

Longkui frowned, “Xuanqing View, Old Xiao, does your Xuanqing View also want to participate in the Dongyun dispute?”

Xuanqing View was a unique sect in Dongyun Mountain – or it couldn’t even be called a sect. The entire view occupied only twenty acres and had only over twenty Taoists. But half of these Taoists had reached the Demon Subduing Realm, and the rest were disciples with extraordinary talents.

Although there were few people, the sect was extremely prosperous. Last year, the only green Demon Morphing Fruit in Dongyun Mountain was swallowed by the old mastiff of Xuanqing View.

Before coming, Longkui had naturally investigated. Old Taoist Ge and Qinghe Daoist of Xuanqing View were close friends, but this was not enough to drag Xuanqing View into the water.

Old Xiao wasn’t a derogatory term, his Taoist name was Old Xiao and his surname was Xiao.

Old Xiao laughed, “When has Xuanqing View ever been left out of the Dongyun dispute? Not nine hundred years ago, not three hundred years ago!”

Longkui looked at him.

Old Xiao stopped laughing, gently stroking the fishing drum, “This was passed down by my master, the real person of Xuanyang Palace, Taizu.”

Longkui suddenly looked up.

Now, the leader of Dongyun Gate is the Qingyuan Sect, three hundred years ago it was Taibai Temple, and nine hundred years ago it was Xuanyang Palace. Taizu was the last sect leader of Xuanyang Palace.

“The Dongyun dispute has never been about Dongyun, but about Xuantian.” Old Xiao shook his head and sighed lightly. If it weren’t for Xuantian Gate, any leader would have the means to unify Dongyun Mountain.

“Daoist Old Xiao makes a good point.”

A voice came from behind him, and Longkui was startled. This shock was no small matter. With his current cultivation level, even a cultivator two or three realms higher than him could not possibly appear silently beside him. Otherwise, if someone wanted to assassinate him, how could he avoid it?

His divine sense probed, but there was nothing unusual behind him. Guarding against Old Xiao, he slowly turned around and saw a monk leaning on a Zen staff with one hand in front of him. But his figure was ethereal and semi-transparent, like a ghost. His divine sense couldn’t detect it, and only when his gaze met it did he sense the surging Buddhist power on him.

“Zhi Shang of Taibai Temple has met the benefactor.”

The last abbot of Taibai Temple.

Both of them exuded the aura of the Demon Subduing Realm, but Longkui felt a great sense of crisis!

He came to Dongyun Mountain without anyone knowing, and his route was randomly determined, even he couldn’t predict it in advance. But these two had set up a formation here waiting for him.Otherwise, such Formations are as common as hair on a cow, and he would bump into them wherever he went. Or perhaps they had been following him all along, and this place was simply convenient for them to lay their bones, so they had set up the Formation.

Either way, it filled him with extreme terror.

“Do you two wish to kill me?” Long Kui held his spear, the small jellyfish on his shoulder retreating into his Sense Realm.

Monk Zhi Shang shook his head: “How could a lone ghost like me have such a murderous intent? I just want to borrow your world for a while, to provide a place for the monks in the temple…”

Long Kui’s eyes suddenly hardened.


Mu Tong was smashed to the ground by a large seal, vomiting a mouthful of blood. Opposite him, Feng Yiju stood with his Fairy Sword: “After three hundred years, you, Mu Tong, have made no progress! Could it be that you have never Sacrificed and Refined your world after opening the heavens? Or have you never practiced the laws of the Traverse Heaven realm?”

Mu Tong gasped for breath, a sinister light flashing in his eyes. You have collected the Formation flag, why don’t you release my world and then boast! The laws of the Traverse Heaven realm all require the power of the world to be displayed. If you have the ability to boast, then release my world!

Feng Yiju stepped forward with his Fairy Sword.

A madness flashed in Mu Tong’s eyes. He slapped his Qiankun bag, and all kinds of heavenly treasures flew out. He glared hatefully at the Formation flag on the ground.

He had tried everything, flying, burrowing, walking on water, but the Formation flag seemed to be blood-refined on his body, always calmly within ten miles of him.

He couldn’t open his world, and couldn’t even exert half of his Cultivation Level.

“Refine for me!” Mu Tong threw out two Formation disks, forming a protective Formation that isolated Feng Yiju. At the same time, he operated the magic formula and instantly refined the heavenly treasures into his body.

His world was sealed, but his opening of the heavens was real and no one could erase it. These heavenly treasures that could enhance his world, once refined into his body, naturally enhanced his world.

Once enhanced, he could open his world, and Feng Yiju could be destroyed with a counterattack!

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