Vol.1 – Chapter 094 – Sense Realm

The prison ghost is not a naturally existing Yin entity, but man-made.

Perhaps it originally contained two types of jade. The divine power annihilated the “spirit” of the prison ghost, and Feng Yaya dispersed the “body” of the prison ghost, resulting in each only obtaining half of the jade.

The method of annihilating the prison ghost is likely not the orthodox way of collecting soul jade and warm jade.

But it doesn’t matter, there are countless prison ghosts in this space, enough to squander!

All the soul jades were collected, and three of the dice that fell had added quality. Feng Yaya didn’t use soul jade, so Su He honestly and unceremoniously collected them, and also gave Feng Yaya a handful of warm jade, both ordinary and quality-added ones.

Feng Yaya happily swung her little feet.

Su He threw a soul jade into his mouth and swallowed it whole.

The effect of eating warm jade was good, his whole body was warm and very comfortable. The warm jade aura absorbed by the Turtle Longevity Breath would only nourish the meridians and acupoints, but the ones eaten would nourish the whole body.

When the soul jade entered the stomach, a cool feeling rushed to the skull in a short while, and the rumbling sound of true blood flowing in the mind became louder in an instant.

The two dragon horns protruding and the center point where the eyebrows crossed, throbbed with pain. The true blood in the body flowed more like a river. It roared past the forehead.

Suddenly, Su He could no longer hear the outside world, only the sound of the river rushing.

The Sense Realm was about to open.

“Yaya! Soul jade!” Su He shouted, swallowing all the soul jades in the external space in one go.

Feng Yaya blinked, her mind was simple and childish, but she had seen many cultivators break through, so she knew what Su He was doing.

She stomped hard on the turtle shell, using the rebound of the external mountain shadow, she turned into a fiery red cannonball and rushed into the group of prison ghosts.

“Shake the mountain!” Feng Yaya shouted in her tender voice, punching into the air. Centered on her small fist, a shock wave spread out, and the entire circle of prison ghosts was instantly shattered, and the soul jade fell down like hail.

The little red ball fell to the ground, scooped up a handful of mud and soil, pried open Su He’s big mouth and poured it in.

One by one, the dice hit Su He’s head, and the dragon’s mouth was stretched out.

Feng Yaya tilted her head and was stunned for a moment. Eh? Am I so powerful? Did I hit back so many soul jades?

Su He took two bites and swallowed it.

The cool breath turned from a trickle into a rushing river, wave after wave hitting the mind. His eyes lost focus, he could no longer see the outside world, and was forced to introspect.

In introspection, the true blood was like a great river, gushing out from the heart, rushing upwards, constantly bombarding a cliff at the center of the eyebrows. The essence and qi transformed by the soul jade permeated through the cliff, and kept bombarding from the inside out.

This is the Sense Realm at the center of the eyebrows, also known as the Niwan Palace in ancient times, located at the intersection of the Yintang acupoint and the Baihui acupoint. Su He also has two horns here, although the horns have only sprouted a little, but it can be distinguished that the roots of the two horns are connected here.

Cultivators who open the Sense Realm cannot actively control it, only when the power of true blood reaches and the strength of divine sense is enough, it will spontaneously break open.

Su He stuffed a warm jade into his mouth, and the Turtle Longevity Breath started to operate.

True blood was like a dragon, rushing upwards. Divine sense was like electricity, bombarding out. With a crackling sound of eggshell cracking, followed by a loud bell in the mind.

Su He introspected as the true blood suddenly flowed into a space.

The Sense Realm was open!

Unlike the dark red and mysterious yellow of the Mind’s Eye, the Sense Realm space was clear, and there was no blood vessel river in the Mind’s Eye space. There was a sun and a moon at the top, and upon careful discernment, they should be the two dragon horns that had not yet grown out.

The divine sense slowly converged towards the Sense Realm. Opening the Sense Realm to condense the divine sense is the symbol of this realm.

The original imperceptible and uncontrollable divine sense, at this moment, clearly appeared – cultivators who have opened the Sense Realm can naturally perceive and “see” their own divine sense.

Divine sense is not exclusive to cultivators, any creature, even including plants, has divine sense. Some sensitive mortals can often sense the malicious gaze of others from behind. This is the unintentional use of divine sense. The more one cultivates one’s body and nature, the more broad-minded, experienced, and powerful the divine sense is.

Even some mortals who have been in high positions for a long time, their divine sense is often in the process of tempering, and ordinary people can’t stand even one of their glances.

Su He’s divine sense was originally disordered and scattered, spreading around from the mind, drifting at will. It was like a head of hair dancing in the wind. At this moment, they all retracted and settled in the Sense Realm. Under the Sense Realm, they slowly condensed into a crystal clear lake.

The Sea of Consciousness was initially formed!

With spiritual power and the Sea of Consciousness, all kinds of techniques and talismans can now be practiced and used.

In the cultivation sect, whether a disciple has combat power or not is distinguished by the Sense Realm. Before the Sense Realm, relying solely on the slight divine anomalies brought by the Mind’s Eye Divine Object, one is only considered a powerful warrior, and using the Mind’s Eye Divine Object to deal with one or two Yin entities and ghosts is the limit.

After opening the Sense Realm, one can practice techniques. The combat power suddenly soars.

Watching the Sea of Consciousness condense, Su He slowly opened his eyes, moved by his heart and mind, led by the divine and powered by the spirit, a stream of water formed a talisman in front of him, with lightning flashing on the talisman.

A common thunder talisman.


Moved by his heart and mind, the thunder talisman shot out, a flash of lightning appeared out of thin air, and struck the prison ghost in front.

The prison ghost was unharmed.

An angry milky voice roared out from the group of prison ghosts: “Who is hitting me with thunder again!” Feng Yaya, holding a handful of soul jades, rushed out angrily, following the smell of thunder and lightning, her gaze fell on Su He.

Su He shrank into the turtle shell.

“Big Turtle!” Feng Yaya was aggrieved, tears were already about to come out in her eyes. She hadn’t seen her mother for a long time, and she was already prone to crying, and Big Turtle always bullied her.

“I didn’t, I didn’t!” Su He shook his head: “You know, when I break through, there will be thunder and lightning. Last time when hibernation ended, I was struck by lightning nine times.”

Su He didn’t dare to make the little baby cry, it was really hard to coax when she started crying.Feng Yaya tilted her head, recalling that there was indeed such a thing, but she always felt something was off. She blinked, forcibly holding back her tears.

“I’ll watch Big Turtle’s next breakthrough. If you really get struck by lightning, then you didn’t lie to me.”

“Hmph!” She dumped the soul jade at Su He’s feet.

He needed these.

The initial opening of the Sense Realm and the condensation of Divine Sense was the best time to enhance Divine Sense. Su He took out some warm jade and gave various spirit fruits from the outer space to Feng Yaya.

After collecting the soul jade, he lay under the broken walls, his limbs retracted into the turtle shell, and began to absorb the soul jade, as if he was hibernating.

Feng Yaya, holding the fruit, happily jumped onto Su He’s turtle shell, nibbling on the fruit and swinging her little feet.

The soul jade was moistened, and the Sense Realm visibly expanded. This was accumulated by external objects and was still very weak. But it didn’t matter, he would ask his master for a method to condense Divine Sense later, and slowly compress and condense the Divine Sense.

For now, he would use the small tricks of Divine Sense in the Spirit Communication Chapter to slowly compress it.

The best way to condense Divine Sense is to use it. Learning, releasing various techniques, and Talismans, constantly honing in the process of use.

Su He could already learn quite a few techniques now, but in the state of entering the dream path, multitasking was too troublesome and inconvenient to learn.

Su He started learning from small tricks like the Water Mirror Technique and the Dust Cleaning Talisman.

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