Vol.1 – Chapter 095 – Shave head

I don’t know how much time has passed.

My sea of consciousness has expanded to its current limit. The entire Sense Realm has become a world of water. But the sea of consciousness is not simply water, it lies somewhere between water and mercury.

The next step is to refine the Divine Sense, then continue to expand the sea of consciousness, while consolidating the Sense Realm. This is not a short-term task, but one that runs through the entire cultivation process. Even those who have reached the Traverse Heaven Realm are doing this.

Su He slowly opened his eyes, his Divine Sense spreading out. He “saw” Feng Yaya sleeping on his turtle shell. Feng Yaya was floating five feet away in the Suppression Prison, the shadow of the mountain did not appear. Feng Yaya was curled up on top of the turtle shell, with half of a warm jade in her left hand and half of a spirit fruit in her right hand.

She was so small, frowning slightly, which made people feel inexplicably heartbroken.

Has it been five or six days since I started refining my Divine Sense? Feng Yaya just woke up and fell asleep again, has she been lying on the turtle shell for these five or six days, awake all by herself?

Feeling down?

Su He’s heart inexplicably ached.

He moved slightly, and Feng Yaya on the turtle shell woke up. She blinked, seeing Su He stretching out his limbs.

“Ah, Big Turtle! You’re awake?”

It’s not the five or six days of deep sleep again, is it just a nap out of boredom? Su He inexplicably breathed a sigh of relief.

“Big Turtle, Big Turtle, have you evolved a new ability? Can you fly?” Feng Yaya asked excitedly.

I’m sorry, no!

This time, Su He did not evolve, his body did not grow, it was a realm upgrade. The use of Divine Sense he gained was not visible to others.

If you’re talking about the characteristics of the Dragon Turtle… there is one!

Su He’s gaze carried Divine Sense, he didn’t need to control it specifically through the Spirit Communication Chapter, but this was not a unique ability of the Dragon Turtle, all Divine Beasts were like this. His gaze carried Divine Sense, not only could he see, but he could also probe.

Su He crawled, controlling the waves under him more skillfully. He climbed a mound, his dragon eyes wide open, looking into the distance.

The gray fog in the Suppression Prison could no longer obscure his eyes. This was not just seeing, but also probing with Divine Sense.

“Yaya, have you been here before? Have you seen anyone else here?” Su He looked around, the space was not large, probably about forty or fifty miles in radius, not as large as Listening Sea Lake.

A rough check showed only him and Feng Yaya, those who had Yaya’s breath, indeed, had all left.

Feng Yaya shook her head: “I’ve been here twice, both times with my father, we just killed these ugly guys, I haven’t seen anyone else… huh?”

She seemed to have just discovered something, her big eyes full of curiosity: “Big Turtle, you can talk?”

Feng Yaya had no problem understanding beast language, it took her a long time to realize that Su He was speaking human language.

“I knew Big Turtle was better than Da Zhuang! Da Zhuang has been here for so long and still can’t talk, he’s hiding under the small tower, he doesn’t dare to come in. Stupid!”

Su He laughed heartily. It would be difficult for a camel to enter the Suppression Prison.

Su He observed the Suppression Prison space, a golden light in the direction of his left front paw attracted his turtle eyes, he focused on it, it was vaguely a palace.

He couldn’t see it clearly, but it was golden, it was just short of a sign saying “I have treasure”.

“Yaya, do you know what the palace ahead is?”

Feng Yaya tilted her head and thought for a long time before clapping her hands and exclaiming: “Ah! It’s a relic. Mother said that a relic was found under Qingyun Gate, right under the Suppression Prison. Let’s go, Big Turtle, let’s go take a look.”

Su He thought for a moment, carrying Feng Yaya towards the relic, there was a relic in the Suppression Prison space, Feng Yiju and Old Taoist Ge didn’t remind him, it should be safe. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look.

Su He crawled, the waves under him rolling, sounding like thunder in the open space, Feng Yaya occasionally jumped up, attacking the prison ghosts to harvest soul jade, Su He occasionally made her cover her ears, using his divine power to obtain warm jade.

Divine power is an attack on the soul, theoretically it has little to do with sound, but Feng Yaya was unaffected when she covered her ears, it was truly strange.

Su He always felt that this little girl was a humanoid Divine Beast.

Walking and stopping, hunting and progressing, I don’t know how long it took for the relic to be right in front of them.

But they still couldn’t see it clearly, as if there was a layer of frosted glass outside the relic.

“Space?” Su He was puzzled. This was a layer of space membrane, Su He himself had an external space, so he knew more about space.

The relic and the Suppression Prison space were not in the same space. At this moment, the two spaces were just overlapping. Like a mirage, it was elusive. Su He and Feng Yaya passed through without feeling anything.

Feng Yaya jumped up and threw a punch, the air around her shattered, but the relic palace remained the same.

Su He squinted his eyes and probed carefully, he could vaguely see a number of towering stone statues in that space. But the direction of that space was different from the Suppression Prison space, so the relic palace and the stone statues all seemed to be lying flat.

You can see it, but you can’t get in, it’s of no use.

No wonder Master and the others didn’t mention it. Su He increased his Divine Sense, trying hard to look into the golden palace space. It had no effect.

But vaguely, a peacock flew by with its wings spread.

The peacock was not a real existence, it was half illusory, as if it was a projection from the relic.

The peacock flew over Feng Yaya, but Feng Yaya didn’t notice anything.

It’s not a living thing!

The peacock’s eyes were lifeless, its wings flapped too regularly, it looked like a puppet or a residual image.After flying a short distance, it disappeared.

Not sensing any danger or discomfort, it must be a normal occurrence in the ruins. I asked Feng Yaya, but the little girl knew nothing. However, her eyes were filled with excitement, she wanted to ride the peacock again.

This made me even more curious about the ruins.

The ruins were isolated by space, and neither I nor the turtle could touch them despite our best efforts. Su He unfolded the external space and tried to cover the ruins with it.

Since the ruins were appearing here, it meant that the spatial barrier was weak at this moment. I wondered if the external space could sense it?

Once the external space was applied, Su He’s eyes instantly became focused. He could feel it!

What was pushed into the external space was the bun of the statue?

Even in the external space, the statue’s bun was still elusive and didn’t take a physical form, but Su He could sense it.

The statue gave Su He an extremely powerful feeling, exuding dominance and a touch of madness. If it weren’t for the space in between, Su He would have turned and run.

The material of the statue was extraordinary, but it was a pity that he couldn’t get in.

Could the Negative Mountain absorb it through space?

In theory, it should be possible, after all, the Negative Mountain could even absorb space.

Su He activated the Negative Mountain. A majestic aura surged from the Negative Mountain into the external mountain shadow. The external space was instantly revealed.

It worked!

Su He was overjoyed.


At the Fuyang Sect of Dongyun Mountain, sorrow and excitement intertwined, making the atmosphere indescribably awkward.

Today, the Changfeng Sect and the Zhaoyao Sect jointly attacked the Fuyang Sect, dozens of disciples were killed or captured, plunging the entire Fuyang Sect into grief. They wanted to blame Zuo Su for digging for treasures and making enemies, but the treasures he brought back were too tempting.

Zuo Su casually sat on the Sect Leader’s throne, “So what if a few brats died? I’ll go find my brothers from the old mountain stronghold later, and I’ll replenish the numbers in a day. I guarantee that the Fuyang Sect will only have more people, not less!”

The Sect Leader’s wife closed her eyes, not wanting to deal with him.

Could it be the same? If your bandits come, is the Fuyang Sect a den of thieves or a sect? Is it yours or your husband’s?

She wanted to scold him, but then she saw Zuo Su put down the suckling pig, his greasy hands rubbing his head back and forth.

“Hiss! Who’s shaving my head?”

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