Vol.1 – Chapter 093 – Soul Jade


With a prolonged roar of the Dragon Turtle, the eight prison ghosts in front of him dissipated, and eight warm jades fell to the ground. Su He collected them, the dice fell, two of them increased in quality, and the remaining six turned into seventeen.

The prison ghosts were not raised by Feng Yiju.

Su He confirmed that there was someone else who raised the prison ghosts.

Following the cleaning of the prison ghosts that lasted a whole day, Feng Yiju and Old Taoist Ge appeared, relieving him of the need to deal with the outside prison ghosts. The captives he had bought had already been delivered.

At this moment, Su He was in the third layer of the Suppression Prison, in the lair of the prison ghosts.

This was where Feng Yiju supported him in hunting the strange turtles, but after killing them, there were still dice falling, and the master of the prison ghosts was someone else.

The aura here gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, and with a long chant, the eight prison ghosts around him dispersed.

These prison ghosts did not have levels, they were only distinguished by their size. The larger ones were as big as a small courtyard, while the ordinary ones were only the size of a water tank. The larger they were, the harder they were to kill. The prison ghost that was floating above Su He’s head and constantly colliding with the mountain shadow had already withstood five Divine Abilities.

Its size had only reduced by half.

However, regardless of the size of the prison ghosts, their attack power was the same. They would pounce like blood vessels, then drain the cultivator completely.

However, weak prison ghosts wrapped around powerful cultivators would be wiped out as soon as their True Blood was rubbed. Generally, the larger the prison ghost, the more it would seek out powerful cultivators.

Su He lay in front of a broken wall, taking a brief rest. At the same time, he took out two warm jades with increased quality and put them in his mouth. The Turtle Longevity Breath Technique was activated, like a long whale sucking water, the warm jade slowly melted, turning into a warm breath that flowed into Su He’s body.

Closing his eyes to introspect, the warm jade breath accompanied the spiritual power, wandering between his meridians. Every time it passed an acupoint that had been blasted open, it would seep in.

The acupoints nourished by the warm jade felt as if they were soaked in hot water, and the entire acupoint relaxed. True Blood flowed through the acupoints, moistening the bones.

With a thought from Su He, a line of text rose in front of his eyes:

Dragon Turtle True Blood: 89.3%

The Divine Ability of the Clear Mirror was very magical, the text and habits it displayed were all formed according to the habits of the master.

The huge Clear Mirror created by Senior Qingyuan displayed dragon and phoenix scripts. Su He’s Clear Mirror displayed simplified characters, even with a percentage sign.

Its database was also based on Su He’s own knowledge, and could not display anything beyond the master’s cognition.

For example, if Su He wanted to test what components his turtle shell contained, it would show how much calcium, how much fat, and how much unknown substance.

It’s not that it couldn’t be tested, but that even if it was tested, Su He wouldn’t recognize it.

Nearly ninety percent Dragon Turtle True Blood, with the warm jade, it had increased by three percent in just one day. Su He could faintly sense the rumbling waves in his mind as the True Blood flowed.

This was a sign that the Sense Realm was about to open.

Generally, cultivators with sixty to seventy percent True Blood could blast open the Sense Realm, but Su He was almost at ninety percent, and the Sense Realm had not yet opened.

After absorbing two warm jades, the spiritual power and True Blood circulated simultaneously. The two acupoints belonging to two different meridians opened at the same time. Two popping sounds came from Su He’s body. When they fell on the turtle shell, they sounded like a large bell. There were even echoes, as if the inside of Su He’s turtle shell was hollow.

With the warm jade, the speed of blasting open the acupoints suddenly increased, as if returning to the beginning. Su He lay still, consuming four warm jades in two hours and blasting open twelve acupoints.

There were less than a hundred acupoints left to be opened.

Originally, he estimated that this would happen around the time of hibernation this year, but with the help of the warm jade, Su He felt that this time could be shortened to within ten days.


He let out a long chant to expel the stale air in his chest.

“Big Turtle!” A joyful voice like a silver bell came. Feng Yaya, dressed in red, ran over shouting. She was about thirty to forty feet away, she stomped on the ground, shot over, and slid onto Su He’s neck after hitting the mountain shadow.

But she bumped into a stele with a smack.

The mountain shadow outside the body that had absorbed the merit now had a stele, blocking her slide.

Feng Yaya covered her head, her eyes filled with tears.

She stomped on the turtle shell angrily and jumped down.

Every time she was happy to find Big Turtle, he would bully her. Last time she was struck by lightning, this time he used a stele to hit her.

The prison ghost that kept hitting Su He’s mountain shadow cleared out the moment Feng Yaya shot over. It formed a ball and circled around five feet away.

“It’s you annoying guys again!” Feng Yaya was in a bad mood, and seeing the prison ghosts made her feel even more depressed. She leaped up, caught a prison ghost, and smashed it with a punch.


It was like a balloon bursting. The prison ghost was directly shattered, and a light blue jade fell down.

It wasn’t warm jade.

Su He was puzzled. He had killed prison ghosts for a whole day, and only warm jade had fallen. As soon as Feng Yaya came, she casually shattered one, and what fell was a special treasure. Was her luck that good?

Su He had long suspected that Feng Yaya could attack the prison ghosts.

He saw Feng Yaya jumping up and down, her small body rampaging through the prison ghosts. The prison ghosts only had room to escape – actually, it wasn’t escaping, the prison ghosts didn’t have Spiritual Intelligence, it looked more like Feng Yaya and their magnetic fields repelled each other, like a magnet pushing away other magnets, it was a natural phenomenon.

It was quite difficult for Feng Yaya to hit them, she needed to burst out quickly, surpassing the speed at which the prison ghosts were pushed away, and kill them with one punch.

Every prison ghost killed by Feng Yaya dropped a light blue treasure jade.

This was no longer simply a matter of luck.

Su He opened his mouth towards where Feng Yaya was, and let out a roar of Divine Ability.

Feng Yaya covered her ears, turned her head towards Su He, and stomped her foot in annoyance as Big Turtle roared again, causing her head to spin.

As the divine power swept over, the four prison ghosts in front of Feng Yaya turned into ashes, and four amber-colored warm jades dropped.

It was not luck. The prison ghosts killed by Feng Yaya dropped blue gemstones, while those killed by him dropped amber-colored warm jades.

There was a difference in treatment.

Su He crawled towards a blue gemstone. This thing also gave him a strong attraction, he still wanted to eat it.

“Huh?” Feng Yaya exclaimed in surprise: “Big Turtle, why is the thing dropped by the ugly creature you killed different from mine?”

She picked up a warm jade, looked at it with confusion, then opened her mouth and bit off a small piece to chew. Her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked very pleased. She swallowed a warm jade in two or three bites.

Su He was dumbfounded.

Can this thing be eaten?

He took out a warm jade and put it in his mouth, swallowing it whole – Dragon Turtle had sharp teeth all over his mouth, no molars for chewing, even when eating meat, he would tear it open and swallow it directly.

He didn’t taste anything, but his stomach felt warm and comfortable.

Feng Yaya chewed two more warm jades with satisfaction, then reluctantly held the last one in her hand, jumped onto the turtle shell, and nibbled it.

“Big Turtle, what kind of jade is this?”

“Warm jade.”

Feng Yaya stomped her foot: “The one I got is a soul jade. Mother said it’s good for divine sense, sense realm, and soul, but I haven’t opened my sense realm yet.”

Feng Yaya’s cultivation method was special, she only cultivated her physical body, not magic.

Su He took out a pile of warm jades and dropped them on Feng Yaya’s head. Feng Yaya’s eyes widened, full of surprise.

Su He, the little sailor, picked up the soul jade on the ground.

A doubt rose in his heart.

Why did Feng Yaya kill and get soul jade, while he killed and got warm jade?


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