Vol.1 – Chapter 081 – Landslide

With the sound, a middle-aged man in bright clothes came riding on a sword, followed by dozens of sword lights, all landing outside the Listening Sea Lake.

It was another Feng Yiju!

From the perspective of heaven and earth, he was identical to Feng Yiju.

But at this moment, he bore no resemblance to Feng Yiju, from appearance to temperament to aura and scent. Unlike Feng Yiju’s gentle and elegant demeanor, he was somewhat aggressive.

The faces of Old Taoist Ge and Qiao Changlun changed.

Feng Yiju was taken aback for a moment, then came out with a hearty laugh, cupping his hands and saying, “Brother Chi, it’s been a hundred years since we last met, and your cultivation level has become even more profound. I didn’t realize you all had arrived. Please forgive me for not welcoming you sooner!”

The man he called Brother Chi laughed heartily, “We are all brothers of the same sect, why make such a fuss?”

Su He quietly approached Old Taoist Ge and whispered, “Master, who is this?”

From the perspective of heaven and earth, it was clearly another Feng Yiju, but at this moment, they were two completely different people.

Old Taoist Ge’s eyes were cold, and he snorted, “His name is Chi Yang, the only disciple of the previous Sect Leader. Unfortunately, he is incompetent. After the old Sect Leader passed away, the First Seat of the Seven Meridians chose Feng Yiju as the Sect Leader. He then caused a ruckus in Qingyuan, left for Dongyun Xilu to establish his own sect, the No-Form Sword Sect, and became the leader of the sects resisting Qingyuan Sect…”

Before Old Taoist Ge could finish his sentence, he suddenly looked at Su He in surprise, “You can talk now?”

Can you still talk after the prayer to heaven and earth is over?

Has my disciple achieved the true form of the Dragon Turtle?

Being able to speak human language is a sign of the purification of the Divine Beast’s bloodline!

Qiao Changlun also looked at Su He in astonishment.

Su He shook his head, this was not important. After absorbing so much of the heavenly and earthly Dao charm, he was now so full that he could hardly walk, let alone talk.

Perhaps after this wave of Dao charm is digested, he won’t be able to talk again.

At this moment, his mind was full of question marks, unable to understand the situation between Chi Yang and Feng Yiju.

An external incarnation?

Definitely not, the process of sacrificing and refining an external incarnation would inevitably involve other materials, and the aura would change accordingly. It’s impossible for them to be identical from the perspective of heaven and earth.

From the perspective of heaven and earth, the two of them were completely the same person, indistinguishable from each other.

A clone? Cutting off the three corpses? The second body in the Beast Transformation Chapter?

None of these should be the case, as all of these have a difference in aura from the main body. Especially the Beast Transformation Chapter, not to mention that it can only condense a beast body, showing a beast body is completely a pure-blooded beast, even less likely.

But Su He knew there must be a big show here.

He followed Old Taoist Ge, ensuring his safety while quietly watching the show.

Feng Yiju nodded with a smile, “Brother Chi is right, we are all brothers of the same sect, why make such a fuss? Brother, you’ve come at the right time, why not take a seat first? Try today’s dishes? I specially asked Senior Uncle Ge to get a few bottles of Hundred Fruit Brew from Junior Brother Dragon Turtle, which I wouldn’t even give to others. It’s just right for us brothers to taste together.”

Chi Yang waved his hand with a smile, “How can I eat and drink before giving a gift when I come to pay my respects to my uncle’s disciple?” He bowed to Old Taoist Ge from a distance, his expression respectful, “Today, Senior Uncle Ge is accepting a disciple, which is a big event for our Qingyuan. I have come to give a big gift to congratulate. I wish Senior Uncle a prosperous Dao journey!”

Old Taoist Ge was on high alert, sneering, “What? You want to give your so-called No-Form Sword Sect to me? I can propose to the Sect Leader to open an eighth meridian outside the Qingyuan Seven Meridians. I think the Sect Leader won’t refuse.”

Feng Yiju laughed heartily, and there was actually a glimmer of hope in his eyes, “Don’t mention opening the eighth meridian, if Brother is willing to come back, the position of Sect Leader is yours for the taking!”

Chi Yang laughed even more happily, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. He wiped away his tears of laughter and waved his hand, “Let’s talk about that later, let’s see if you all can accept the gift I brought today.”

The expressions of the people of Qingyuan became solemn in an instant, and some of the First Seat elders had already reached for their Fairy Swords. Some even left to return to the Hall of Longevity to preside over the mountain protection formation.

Chi Yang looked around at everyone, a flash of disdain in his eyes, and finally his gaze fell on Feng Yiju again, “Junior Brother Feng, let me ask you, what do you think of our master, the previous Sect Leader Yunlu?”

Feng Yiju straightened his expression and bowed to the sky, “Uncle Master Yunlu has made great contributions to the creation, and has made indelible achievements for our Qingyuan. Allow me to be bold, we have made some progress in these three hundred years, but the foundation is all thanks to Uncle Master Yunlu’s efforts. Without the foundation laid by Uncle Master Yunlu, there would be no progress in Qingyuan in these three hundred years.”

Feng Yiju paused for a moment, then said seriously, “If someone else had been the Sect Leader of Qingyuan in these three hundred years, they might not have done as well as Brother, but the difference wouldn’t be too great!”

Chi Yang’s face softened slightly, “At least you know your place and dare not erase our master’s achievements. But now I have a question for you!”

He suddenly furrowed his brows.

Feng Yiju cupped his hands and listened.

Chi Yang rebuked, “When our master was alive, Qingyuan only had a territory of three thousand miles, but all the sects were as close as brothers to us. Today, Qingyuan has a territory of ten thousand miles, why do all the sects view Qingyuan as a tiger?”

His voice was like a bell, washing over Qingyuan, deafening.

There was a hum in the crowd.

Feng Yiju was momentarily speechless. Times have changed. When Yunlu was the Sect Leader, the dominant force in Dongyun Mountain was Taibai Temple. At that time, Qingyuan Sect and the other sects of Dongyun all resisted Taibai Temple together, so their relationship was naturally good—at least on the surface.

Now, Qingyuan Sect has become the dominant force, just like Taibai Temple back then.

If Qingyuan falls into decline one day, and there is another dominant force, Qingyuan will naturally have a harmonious relationship with the other sects again, resisting together. Hasn’t Dongyun Mountain been like this for tens of thousands of years?

But he couldn’t say this. Some things can be done but not said. Once the truth is spoken and the paper window is pierced, Qingyuan will truly become an open enemy with the other sects of Dongyun, and even Xuantian Gate will be dragged into it.

Everyone knew this, but everyone avoided talking about it.

Chi Yang looked around at the people on the lake and said loudly, “When my master was alive, the gate of Qingyuan was always open, and Daoist friends from all sects could visit at any time. Now, the Qingyuan mountain protection formation is always activated, and I have to use some tricks to come back. Isn’t it this formation that hinders the communication between Qingyuan and other sects?”

He chuckled, and his laughter grew louder, “Today, my senior uncle is taking in disciples, and I am giving Qingyuan a big gift, its name——Boundless!”

“I wish that there will be no barriers between Qingyuan and all sects!”

The faces of the Qingyuan disciples changed instantly, and Feng Yiju flew up, “Brother Chi, how dare you!”

At this moment, there was a loud noise in the Changsheng Hall of Qingyuan Sect. The large formation protecting the entire Qingyuan Sect suddenly shattered.


“Seeking death!”

Roars erupted, Old Taoist Ge and Qiao Changlun were the first to shoot towards Chi Yang. Old Taoist Ge had transformed into a white leopard in mid-air, with seven stars in his brow flashing with anger.

A claw suddenly slapped down, black thunder flashed on the claw, causing the earth to shake.

Qiao Changlun, along with the other First Seats and elders, instantly attacked the people from the Wu Xiang Sword Sect.

“Qingyuan disciples, listen to my command, form a formation, kill the enemy!”

“All Daoist friends, immediately put down your magical instruments, do not leave Changshui Island, otherwise, don’t blame Old Taoist for turning hostile!” Old Taoist Ge’s roaring voice came, “After this matter, Old Taoist will kowtow to apologize and accept any punishment, but anyone who dares to move now, will be killed without mercy!”

Feng Yiju had already leapt up, without fighting at all, he turned into a light and shot towards the Changsheng Hall.

The mountain protection formation must not fail.

“Da Zhuang! Yaya!” Su He roared, a drunken camel rushed out from behind Changshui Island, turned into a red flame and crashed into Guiyuan Island, dragging the still unconscious Feng Yaya into the water.

Below the Beast-taming Valley of Xiangshui is Old Taoist Ge’s second Daoist Temple, which is truly safe.

Su He looked towards the Changsheng Hall.

What kind of game was Feng Yiju playing?

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