Vol.1 – Chapter 080 – Taoist temple

“No, wait!

Is this all the cultivation method has to offer? Isn’t there more?

How large a water mirror do we need to contain all these talismans and cultivation methods?

Don’t hold back!

You, This Turtle, have the blessings of heaven and earth, forming divine abilities, but we haven’t learned yet! How do we shrink the mirror? How do we hide it in our sea of consciousness or prevent others from seeing it?

Everyone has sensed the wonders of this cultivation method. It can objectively display one’s own attributes, which is a great aid to cultivation: Are you injured? Poisoned? Is there a mistake in the cultivation method?

Just like the name of the cultivation method, Bright Mirror!

It’s enough to make one as powerful as a tiger with wings.

But this little Dragon Turtle is not being fair, it didn’t finish explaining! They need to make improvements to truly use it.

Everyone complained, but they saw that the Dragon Turtle on the altar did not come down, but instead tilted its head to look at the heaven and earth.

Is there more to explain?

Everyone was delighted, but the Dragon Turtle did not move.

Su He saw the altar surrounded by colorful lights in his eyes, which was the manifestation of the rhythm of heaven and earth.

Can this thing be absorbed by the Negative Mountain?

Is this a real treasure?

Su He activated the Negative Mountain divine ability and began to absorb from all around.

The spectators below were puzzled, and suddenly Qiao Changlun’s face changed drastically: “He is absorbing the rhythm of heaven and earth!”

Everyone was stunned.

Old Taoist Ge jumped three feet high: “Has he gone mad? Is he stupid?! Is he tired of living? Bastard! Get down!” He cursed loudly, wishing he could fly up and kick Su He down.

Damn it! These days, busy entertaining guests, investigating the Sect Leader, neglecting the teaching of disciples, who would dare to steal the rhythm of heaven and earth at this time?

The heavenly punishment is deadly!

The Old Taoist was in a hurry, wanting to ride his sword up, but the suppression of heaven and earth made it impossible for him to fly, and he couldn’t get on the altar either. That was a place connected to heaven and earth, and at this moment, no one but the Dragon Turtle was allowed to step on it.

The audience below was shocked. Some couldn’t bear to watch the next scene and closed their eyes. Some were afraid of being affected by the heavenly punishment and immediately fled far away.

Su He used the Negative Mountain, took a deep breath, and the rhythm entered his body.

The rhythm is a wonderful thing, like a person’s temperament, elusive but real. Fortunately, the Negative Mountain can refine everything, both tangible and intangible. From merit to luck and fortune, nothing is impossible.

A cool and indescribable feeling spread from the turtle shell to his whole body, and Su He felt extremely comfortable. It was as if he had absorbed a clear and abundant stream into his body.

Old Taoist Ge below was cursing, but he couldn’t curse anymore, leaving only shock on his face.

They could see that Su He was absorbing the rhythm, and not only did the heaven and earth not bring down the heavenly punishment, but they seemed unusually happy, pouring the rhythm into Su He’s body as if they were afraid it wouldn’t be enough for him.

Is he the illegitimate child of the heavens?

Since the existence of praying to heaven and earth, there has never been a case of the rhythm being absorbed, right?

Or is it because of the Divine Beast?



With the rhythm entering his body, it felt as if he was one with heaven and earth. Su He’s mind roared, and the scene in front of him changed. He seemed to be standing at the highest point, and also seemed to be at the bottom of the Nine Nether Valley.

From top to bottom, from left to right, he could see the whole world.

Is this… the perspective of heaven and earth?

He could be a tree, a grass, a mountain, a river. It seemed that the whole turtle was integrated with the world.

Looking down, on the altar of Longevity Island in Listening Sea Lake, the body of the Dragon Turtle was wrapped in the rhythm, and below was the quiet crowd. There were two things similar to merit floating around Su He’s body.

Just now, he couldn’t see these two auras, but now they appeared with the perspective of heaven and earth.

This should be something similar to “Yin Virtue Blessing”. Su He has merit, so he will naturally bless his loved ones. But his turtle has no family left.

Even the connection with his mother turtle was severed by Old Taoist Ge.

Old Taoist Ge already has a merit on him, and also a blessing from Su He’s merit.

These two auras seemed to be wasted.

I wonder if he could manipulate these auras to bless the people he wanted to bless? Su He’s mind moved slightly.

As if sensing his thoughts, the two auras slowly began to wriggle.

In this life, the person Su He wanted to bless was definitely Feng Yaya. Su He searched for Feng Yaya.

Dozens of Feng Yaya’s auras fell into his perception at the same time. One belonged to the real body, sleeping on the small island of Listening Sea Lake.

There were also dozens of auras coming from the direction of the Enforcement Hall’s Suppression Prison.

Su He looked over, but they were dozens of people who had nothing to do with Feng Yaya. For some reason, they all had an aura of Feng Yaya on them.

Su He was puzzled, and it seemed that something in the direction of the Suppression Prison was blocking his investigation, and he couldn’t see clearly.

The only thing that could block the investigation of heaven and earth was something outside of heaven and earth.

He noted this point, and with a slight movement of his mind, he guided the blessing aura towards the sleeping Feng Yaya.

The Little Girl frowned as if she was having a nightmare. When the blessing entered her body, her eyebrows slowly relaxed.

There was another one, for Su Huanian. Since entering Qingyuan, she has taken care of him a lot. Su He’s gaze fell on her Fairy Sword, and he sensed Su Huanian’s location through the aura of the Fairy Sword.

In the distant depths of the starry sky, they echoed each other.

Su Huanian was actually not in the Mysterious Wasteland!

Master said that she went to Qingcheng Mountain to snatch the soul beast, how could she be in the depths of the starry sky?

The vision of heaven and earth in the Mysterious Wasteland could not see the scene in the depths of the starry sky, but Su He just moved his mind, and this blessing power disappeared.

It went to find Su Huanian.

This thing is not mana, spiritual power, but more like a conceptual thing. It doesn’t make sense.

Su He could feel that the rhythm his body was absorbing was gradually decreasing.

The opportunity was rare, so he looked towards Qingyuan Mountain.

From the perspective of heaven and earth, looking at people is not about appearance, but about aura, soul, and the most essential things.

Everyone’s aura is unique, even if they are father and son. Even if they are brothers born from the same egg, they are completely different in the eyes of heaven and earth.

Old Taoist Ge’s aura was like a raging fire, but it was hard to catch. Feng Yaya’s aura was like a robust calf.

There are no two identical auras in this world, just like there are no two identical leaves…


As if to slap him in the face, Su He saw two identical auras.

One was Feng Yiju, standing quietly on the hall with his hands behind his back, looking at the Dragon Turtle on the altar absorbing the rhythm.Another aura identical to his was rapidly approaching Qingyuan Mountain with a group of people.

The man looked nothing like Feng Yiju, but strangely, they appeared identical in the eyes of heaven and earth, as if they were the same person!

It was as if one person had been split into two halves, each operating independently…

That was the only description Su He could think of.

The prayer to heaven and earth had ended, and the rhythm of heaven and earth slowly dissipated. Su He was pulled back from his heavenly perspective to his physical body, a feeling of fullness spreading from within.

He had made a big gain this time.

The Heaven Worship Formation was activated, and the altar slowly descended. Old Taoist Ge rushed up and kicked Su He down, his beard twitching on his face.

“Rebel! How dare you!”

You dare to absorb the rhythm of heaven and earth, how did you pass your classes at Leaving South Court?

Qiao Changlun walked over: “Brother Ge, hold on, perhaps the Dragon Turtle has a unique inheritance, and can naturally absorb the rhythm of heaven and earth.”

They had seen Divine Beasts before, but not a Divine Beast Dragon Turtle.

Each Divine Beast has its own divine abilities that span heaven and earth, who can say for sure?

Su He realized that it seemed he couldn’t absorb the rhythm of heaven and earth.

Just as he was about to ask, laughter came from outside Qingyuan Mountain: “Junior Brother Feng, Senior Uncle Ge, you’re being too polite. Why didn’t you inform me about such a big event?”

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