Vol.1 – Chapter 082 – Shake

The roars over Listening Sea Lake were intermittent, with the most disciples from Beast-taming Valley arriving today. After all, Old Taoist Ge’s acceptance of disciples was a matter of the Beast-taming Valley.

Disciples who walked the path of beast transformation revealed their beast forms one after another, roaring as they charged towards the Formless Sword Sect.

Chi Yang, however, was not afraid at all. He laughed heartily as he blocked Old Taoist Ge’s attack, shouting loudly, “Fellow Daoists of Dongyun, if you do not show yourselves now, when will you?”

Outside Qingyuan Mountain, sword lights shot towards Qingyuan, and there were light boats flowing downstream on the water. Dongyun Mountain ran from north to south, with Qingyuan Sect at its easternmost point, downstream of the water.

This was not a sudden attack to cause destruction, but rather, it seemed to be an attempt to incite a war between the sects.

“Half of the disciples above the Sense Realm from all branches of Qingyuan, stay to activate the mountain protection formation, the rest of the disciples, meet the enemy at Listening Sea Lake!” Feng Yiju’s voice echoed in the Hall of Longevity.

“Disciples below the Sense Realm, hide in the Daoist Temples of the elders immediately!”

Every sect’s formation was not just one. Each branch had its own independent mountain protection formation, protecting their own branch. The Daoist Temples of the elders also had formations protecting their own temples. If one really attacked a sect, it would be no different from a street fight among mortals.

Roars of beasts rose, it was the other elders of Beast-taming Valley, like Old Taoist Ge, their beast forms occupied a Daoist Temple, commanding the beasts to meet the enemy like water.

Su He did not act rashly.

With his cultivation level and status, not causing trouble for everyone was the biggest help. Long Min and Chou Nu appeared beside him, guarding him on both sides.

On Longevity Island, the disciples of Qingyuan Sect had their Fairy Swords and magical instruments in the air, guarding against the guests who had come to watch the ceremony.

Among the guests, there was a naive little fellow who was not satisfied and hummed, “Hey! My ancestor and your Elder Ge are good friends. We just arrived, and you are dealing with the enemy, why are you targeting us?”

“Silence! Don’t talk nonsense!” The ancestor’s face changed as he scolded. At the same time, he explained to him, “The Formless Sword Sect could bring so many sects from Dongyun to approach us, and none of us sensed it. There must be a spy who has interfered with our external perception. That spy is likely hiding among us, and it is right for Qingyuan Sect to be on guard.”

His voice was not small, it was more like explaining to everyone on Longevity Island than to the child.

He and Old Taoist Ge were close friends. It was not convenient for him to help at this moment, but it was no problem to help calm the guests on Longevity Island.

While he was explaining, he was trying his best to search among the crowd.

The spy was likely from the Formless Sword Sect.

“Thank you, Daoist Qu, I will apologize in person after this.” Old Taoist Ge’s voice came.

At the same time, Su He heard Old Taoist Ge’s voice transmission: “Don’t participate in the battle, hide well!”

The friend with the surname Qu laughed and scolded, “What do I need your apology for? Just focus on dealing with the enemy.”

Old Taoist Ge stopped talking and roared as he charged towards Chi Yang.

He didn’t bother with the others from the Formless Sword Sect, he only targeted Chi Yang.

Qiao Changlun brought out his magical instrument, which was a ruler, floating around him and hitting anyone it met. The Fairy Sword in his hand was like a dragon entering the water.

From the direction of the Seven Meridians, disciples came riding on swords, forming a sword formation to kill the enemy in teams of three.

Originally caught off guard by Chi Yang and his men, Qingyuan Sect, which had fallen into a disadvantage, gradually regained its footing, and the two sides were evenly matched.

A pillar of light shot straight into the sky from the Hall of Longevity on Qingyuan Mountain, scattering in the high sky, turning into stars, covering the entire Qingyuan Mountain. Between the stars, a light curtain appeared, gradually connecting.

The mountain protection formation was recovering.


A middle-aged man was sent flying by a wild elephant’s trunk, crashing to the ground. Looking at the Qingyuan mountain protection formation appearing above his head, his eyes showed urgency.

“Sect Leader Chi! Is this the Qingyuan mountain protection formation you said you would handle?” He sneered, regretting in his heart. What was the Sect Leader thinking, agreeing to Chi Yang’s idea of attacking Qingyuan Sect?

A sect with a formation and a sect without a formation were worlds apart!

Without a formation, they could launch a surprise attack on Qingyuan Sect, catching them off guard, and then flee immediately after succeeding. Winning a battle would naturally draw out those wavering sects from Dongyun Mountain.

At that time, with the momentum, Qingyuan Sect would not be able to hold on. Dividing the land, paying compensation, and sharing the resources of cultivation techniques, naturally Qingyuan would be defeated and the other sects would benefit.

Even if they could capture a few elders or First Seats this time, they could benefit greatly!

“The formation is useless!” Chi Yang laughed loudly, with a large seal floating beside him, blocking Old Taoist Ge’s attacks every time.

Old Taoist Ge was furious, how dare he use Brother Yunlu’s magical instrument to fight!

You deserve to die!

He roared, shaking his head and two rays of light flew out from his body, landing and transforming into two leopards, each with seven Mysterious Moons on their heads, attacking Chi Yang together.

Their fight was the calmest in the field, unlike the disciples around them, each attack seemed to want to shatter the heavens and the earth.

The mountains and rivers collapsed by the Listening Sea Lake, the rivers flowed backwards, and the Listening Sea Lake, visible to the naked eye, expanded rapidly. The sound of the water was deafening. But there was a man covered in fire, causing the fog to steam and the nearby lake water to boil.”Sect Leader Chi, the Formation is about to be repaired, what’s your next move?!” Someone shouted.

Chi Yang parried Old Taoist Ge’s attack with a single sword strike and laughed, “Don’t worry, it’s coming!”

A sense of foreboding suddenly rose in Old Taoist Ge’s heart.

A loud noise came from the direction of the Enforcement Hall’s Suppression Prison, and the entire mountain collapsed with a rumble.

Old Taoist Ge’s three leopard-like Angry Gods roared, each spewing a breath of energy, which combined and blasted towards Chi Yang.

For the first time, Old Taoist Ge’s attack caused damage to the environment. The breath swept across the land, leaving a trench more than ten yards deep extending into the distance.

At the end of the trench, Chi Yang, with a large seal above his head, spat out a mouthful of blood, but laughed brightly, “Senior Uncle, you haven’t mastered this move yet, you can’t even control the leakage of energy.”

“Bastard! You dare to tamper with the Suppression Prison!” Old Taoist Ge revealed his human form, his hair and beard standing on end.

As a member of the Qingyuan Sect, he knew that the Suppression Prison was used to suppress prison ghosts. Anyone who dared to tamper with it deserved to die!

Chi Yang wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his eyes revealing madness, “What am I afraid of? The one who will suffer if something happens to the Suppression Prison is Feng Yiju’s Qingyuan Sect. My Formless Sword Sect is hundreds of thousands of miles away, what do I have to fear?”

“You deserve to die! You deserve to die!” Old Taoist Ge gritted his teeth.

The people on Longevity Island looked in the direction of the Enforcement Hall. They didn’t know what had happened, but they were certain that the Qingyuan Sect had suffered a great loss. A sense of unease rose from their hearts.

It was as if they were being watched by a ferocious beast.

Sure enough, at that moment, a loud laugh came from the Suppression Prison, “Old man Yun Lu, I’m out!”

A man, dirty and ragged as a beggar, jumped into the air, shouting wildly. His matted hair covered his head, his expression was listless but his pride was sky-high.

Following him, a group of people in similar states of madness also jumped into the air.

Someone exclaimed, “That’s Peng Po from the Heaven Defying Sect! Rumor has it that he was killed by the Qingyuan Sect four hundred years ago, I didn’t expect him to be alive.”

“That’s Leng Miaozhen from the Red Moon Tower, who twenty years ago used Yin-Yang technique to drain the life force of a Qingyuan Sect disciple, and was chased a million miles and killed. I didn’t expect her to be alive either.”

“And there’s Zuo Su’er from the Fuyang Sect, Monk Longzhi from the Taibai Temple…”

They were all once great enemies of the Qingyuan Sect, and unexpectedly, they were all alive.

“Chi Yang is here to congratulate all the seniors on their escape!” Chi Yang bowed in the direction of the Suppression Prison, offering his congratulations.

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