Vol.1 – Chapter 076 – Ceremony to pay respects to a master

The Elder of Xuantian Sect coming to officiate the initiation ceremony for the Dongyun Sect was a great honor indeed.

And they didn’t even offer me a reward, but they want a gift?

All eyes in the courtyard fell on him.

Qiu Fox gritted his teeth, I’ll give it!

With a beaming smile on his face, he reached into his Qiankun bag, touched a piece of thousand-year-old Xuan iron, and was about to take it out when he saw the princess’s maid smiling at him, and the curious eyes of the women behind him.

The hand he had stretched out just couldn’t be extended anymore.

The gift he was about to present was no longer just a piece of thousand-year-old Xuan iron, it was the face of Xuantian Sect.

Qiu Fox’s breath hitched, he put down the Xuan iron and touched another item. He took it out and gently tossed it towards Su He.

“This is a five-thousand-year-old blood ginseng, it’s extremely beneficial for the little Dragon Turtle to enhance its bloodline and expel impurities. I obtained it from the Qingming wasteland.”

His heart was bleeding.

He looked at the maid, who blinked without expression, but the little beast on her shoulder sneered, clearly showing disdain.

Qiu Fox was hopping mad, I didn’t even know this Dragon Turtle before today, do you want me to give away all my possessions?!

He was panting, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and touched his Qiankun bag again. A piece of water jade floated out, instantly lowering the temperature of the entire longevity island, even the flowers were frosted.

Qiu Fox stuttered, “This, this is an eight-thousand-year-old ice jade, it’s perfect, perfect for decorating the Dragon Turtle’s shell.”

What a treasure!

Su He’s eyes widened, as soon as the jade appeared, his whole body’s water element power surged. To ordinary people, this was just a good material for refining artifacts, but to Su He, this was a real treasure!

He let out a long chant and thanked him, immediately putting away the blood ginseng and ice jade, as if afraid that Qiu Fox would change his mind.

Qiu Fox turned around and saw the maid looking at him, a flash of surprise in her eyes: “I didn’t expect Daoist friend to be so generous. The blood ginseng alone had already stunned me, and there’s also a piece of ice jade, I’m tempted. Is it just for the position of the master of ceremonies, isn’t two or three thousand jin of Xuan iron enough, has the greeting gift of Xuantian Immortal Domain become so heavy?”

Qiu Fox’s face stiffened, and his lips twitched. Were you just stunned just now? Weren’t you laughing at me?

He was panting, letting out a few incoherent laughs: “Fairy is joking, it’s not that heavy, it’s just… I’m different from others, I’m familiar with Daoist Ge, how could, how could I use Xuan iron as a greeting gift?”

He exhaled, feeling as if his heart was being torn apart.

Old Taoist Ge laughed and hugged Qiu Fox’s shoulder, his garlic-scented hand patting his shoulder: “Fairy doesn’t know, Qiu brother and I are not ordinary friends, I even gave up drinking for a day to punish myself for Qiu brother! This kind of face, even our Sect Leader doesn’t have.”

“So that’s how it is.” The maid had an expression of ‘no wonder’ on her face. That explained it.

In just a moment, the guests had already arrived on the island one after another.

You Xu returned to Elder Ge and bowed: “Ancestor Uncle, it’s time, the initiation ceremony should begin.”

At this moment, the sun was already high in the sky, and the morning sun was like fire.

Old Taoist Ge laughed: “Then let’s begin!” He patted Qiu Fox’s shoulder: “Qiu brother, I’ll leave the master of ceremonies to you.”

I like this master of ceremonies, anyone who wants to replace him will have to deal with us, the master and disciple turtles!

Qiu Fox had already regained his rosy complexion, and laughed heartily: “Daoist Ge, rest assured! I’ve hosted quite a few initiation ceremonies.”

After saying that, he felt a pang in his heart.

When he went to other houses to host the initiation ceremony, he would receive gifts, but here he had lost out. That piece of ice jade was worth thirty years of his hosting fees.

And the five-thousand-year-old blood ginseng.

He was smiling on the surface, but every breath hurt.

A disciple respectfully handed over a jade slip, which contained the precautions and introductions for the ceremony.

Xia Dali waved his hand, and all the pavilions on Longevity Island disappeared, turning into left and right viewing platforms, with a square table and a grandmaster chair in front.

That was Old Taoist Ge’s seat.

Qiu Fox looked over the jade slip, the path of cultivation, the initiation ceremonies of each family were similar, he was very familiar with them.

He stepped onto the high platform, without needing to operate his spiritual power, the platform had already been set up with a formation, his voice could be heard clearly across Listening Sea Lake.

As a master of ceremonies, Qiu Fox was professional, he adjusted his appearance and said loudly: “All guests rise, disciples bow!”

Su He slightly bowed, at the same time looking around, he didn’t see Feng Yaya, he didn’t know where that little girl had run off to. Was she sneaking off to steal wine with the camel again?

When everyone had returned to their seats, Qiu Fox bowed to the northern sky: “Please, Ancestor’s sword!”

From the direction of Qingyuan Ancestral Hall, a sword cry sounded, a sword light flashed, and a phantom formed by sword qi descended from the sky, hovering over the initiation platform.

This was a sword qi slashed out by the founding ancestor of Qingyuan Sect.

Qiu Fox, who was hosting the ceremony, had a slight change in his expression. Qingyuan Sect was indeed not to be underestimated, it was said that their ancestors were extravagant. As long as the Sect Leader didn’t leave Qingyuan Sect, he would have the blessing of the rules and possess the combat power of the Traverse Heaven Realm.

It seemed that it was not an empty talk.

Just now that sword cry, it was clear that the Fairy Sword was sentient, and this sword qi alone was not something that an ordinary Demon Subduing Realm could resist.This was an autonomous strike from the Fairy Sword in a masterless state! Moreover, it was a ceremonial sword qi, indicating that in a real battle, it could unleash even more powerful sword qi.

On the spectator seats, the crowd had various expressions. Those who were respectful were mostly Old Taoist Ge’s friends and disciples. Those who felt honored were mostly from the affiliated sects of Qingyuan Sect, showing their loyalty. There were also those who had heavy hearts, they were from other sects in Dongyun Mountain, peeping at the depth of Qingyuan Sect and inevitably harboring some grudges.

Old Taoist Ge’s status was extraordinary. Although he had never been the First Seat, he had secretly served as the Sect Leader of Qingyuan. Other disciples didn’t know, but the First Seats and the previous generation of elders knew a little.

His disciple acceptance ceremony couldn’t be as casual as other elders. The rules of Qingyuan also didn’t allow it.

Moreover, the one being accepted as a disciple was the Dragon Turtle, so the ceremony couldn’t be too simple.

In the past, unless there were dozens or hundreds of people collectively becoming disciples, the Ancestor’s Fairy Sword would not be invited.

Qiu Fox loudly said, “The Qingyuan Dao, since Dragon Cultivator Ancestor subdued demons on Qingyuan Mountain and passed down the Dao lineage, later, after five thousand years, Lingquan Ancestor established the sect, which has a history of thirteen thousand years…”

The first step of the disciple acceptance ceremony naturally involved introducing the sect’s history and paying homage to the ancestors of past generations.

Qingyuan Sect had a traceable history of thirteen thousand years, which was nothing compared to Xuantian Sect. But on the high platform, Qiu Fox showed no arrogance and respectfully saluted the sword shadow.

The disciples of Qingyuan Sect bowed deeply, kneeling three times and kowtowing nine times.

Su He lay on the ground, bowing his head in salute.

After paying homage to the Ancestor, it was time to introduce today’s protagonists, Old Taoist Ge and Su He.

“Today we have Old Taoist Ge, whose cultivation level reaches the sky, who has wielded his sword in the sky for twelve hundred years, killed Yaoguang, fought Tianshou, exorcised demons in the North, and opened the sky in the South…”

As Qiu Fox announced this, he was shocked. He had only heard of Old Taoist Ge’s unkempt appearance, but he had never heard of these achievements. Yaoguang and Tianshou were both from the outer worlds, could it be that Old Taoist Ge had participated in the wars of these two worlds?

He didn’t know the specifics of exorcising demons in the North, but opening the sky in the South – did Old Taoist Ge have the achievement of opening the sky?

These achievements were no less than those of the elders of Xuantian Sect of the same age – they were even superior! The depth of Qingyuan Sect was not shallow! No wonder they were on guard.

“Today we have Dragon Turtle Su He, only three years old, respects his teacher and values the Dao, has a filial heart that can be seen, has good talent, prays to Old Taoist Ge to be his teacher, and informs the Ancestor!”

After Su He’s introduction was read, Qiu Fox’s face changed instantly.

Three years old! Three years old!

This Dragon Turtle was only three years old!!!

No wonder Yunmeng Lake sent a gift and promised a princess. A turtle that was only three years old already had the appearance of a Dragon Turtle, and even awakened the external appearance of a Dragon Turtle – the shadow when the Dragon Turtle took the ice jade and blood ginseng just now was clearly the external appearance of a Dragon Turtle.

This was a Dragon Turtle cub that had the chance to truly transform into a Divine Beast!

Did the guy in charge of intelligence in the sect have oil in his eyes? With such a Dragon Turtle, I could understand if you mobilized the sect to forcibly snatch it, I would even applaud.

You actually want someone to marry into Xuantian Sect.

Are you out of your mind?!

A mere turtle demon is worthy?!

It doesn’t even qualify to be a maid!

Deserves to be killed! Deserves to be killed!

Fortunately, I didn’t offend them to death, I just sent two big gifts, anyway, the relationship has been eased. When I go back, I will immediately report this to the higher-ups! Such information was not provided, it’s simply dereliction of duty!

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