Vol.1 – Chapter 075 – Ceremony host

The island fell into a sudden silence.

Everyone looked shocked.

Yunmengze was a force not inferior to the top ten immortal sects, but because it was not a sect, it was not included in the list of the top ten immortal sects. If it were a sect, one of the top ten immortal sects would have been squeezed out by now.

The Dragon Palace of Yunmengze was the supreme power of Yunmengze. There were nearly ten princesses in Yunmengze, but there was only one eldest princess.

When did Old Taoist Ge become acquainted with the eldest princess of Yunmengze?

Even if it was just a gift arriving, Feng Yiju and the other First Seats had to personally greet it. But before they could step out, several women had already carried in a square stone.

The stone was wrapped in red flowers, and it didn’t seem special.

The leading woman was dressed as a maid, with a bright smile and a few divine looks. A small creature resembling a fire dragon fruit floated on her shoulder. The creature had grass growing on its head, a big head and a small body, and it was making noises as if it was learning to speak.

After greeting the people on the island, the woman turned to Su He in the middle of the island, her lips curled up slightly, and she laughed, “Little Dragon Turtle, the eldest princess has a message for you.”

A question mark popped up over Su He’s head.

He had never heard of the title of the eldest princess before today!

“The eldest princess said: Practice well, don’t waste your bloodline, don’t be distracted by external things and have your heart hooked by various women. Wait until the day when she grants you a princess of the Dragon Palace.”

Su He was puzzled.

The entire Changshou Island was in an uproar. Even Old Taoist Ge was stunned.

Elder Qiu’s face suddenly became very interesting.

He found it absurd. If it weren’t for the fact that he had seen the maid who delivered the message before, he would have thought this was a trick by the Qingyuan Sect.

He had seen this maid before, so it couldn’t be fake. She was high above the clouds with the eldest princess of Yunmengze, chatting with the Sect Leader of Xuantian Sect, while he was crawling on the ground looking up at them.

But would the princess of Yunmengze’s Dragon Palace, who was equivalent to the daughter of the Sect Leader of Xuantian Sect, promise to give a turtle?

Even if this turtle had the bloodline of the Dragon Turtle!

He suddenly froze, he seemed to know where the problem was. The bloodline of this Dragon Turtle… No wonder! No wonder the Foreign Affairs Hall issued a death order, insisting that This Turtle must marry into their sect as a son-in-law!

But what should he do now? The Xuantian Sect, which was suppressing the Qingyuan Sect, wanted to use a turtle demon without a title as a righteous daughter to snatch Yunmengze’s groom-to-be – a real groom-to-be who would ride a dragon!

Even the Sect Leader wouldn’t dare to think like this, right?

Su He looked confused, and then he saw the sacrificial old woman from the Tianshui tribe who was following the group of palace maids, Long Min.

Was this her masterpiece?

The only one present who could have a connection with Yunmengze was the Tianshui tribe, as their tribal land was in Yunmengze.

But Long Min, who was old and frail, was also looking at the maid who delivered the message in surprise.

Su He signaled with his eyes, and Long Min apologized to the maid and walked over to Su He. She shook her head and whispered, “My king, this is my doing, but it has completely exceeded my expectations.”

The eldest princess of Yunmengze once owed a favor to the ancestors of the Tianshui tribe, which was also the capital for the Tianshui tribe to settle in Yunmengze.

When there was a turtle demon causing trouble that day, she knew that the king’s bloodline could not be hidden. Even a wild turtle had the means to investigate it, let alone others.

What if a major force took notice?

She used the favor owed by her ancestors and went to the eldest princess, not asking for anything else but for the eldest princess to send a maid to deliver a gift, and all the pressure would be resolved!

The gift didn’t even have to be from the eldest princess. That piece of green stone was the sacred stone of the Tianshui tribe. It looked ordinary to outsiders, but it was a treasure to the Dragon Turtle!

She only asked the eldest princess to send the green stone in her name, and Long Min didn’t dare to have any other extravagant hopes.

The words of the eldest princess were completely beyond her imagination.

How could the princess promise? The princesses of Yunmengze and the Dragon Turtle were not of the same race! One was a turtle and the other was a dragon.

She was in a mess, feeling that she might have brought bigger trouble to the king.

After delivering the message, the maid put down the gift and stepped aside. But a group of beautiful women, with their high status, wherever they stood, they became the focus of the whole scene.

The maid was used to such scenes and didn’t mind. Instead, she looked at Elder Qiu, who had an ordinary appearance but was dressed flamboyantly. The attire of the Xuantian Sect was adorned by him, making him stand out among a group of normal people.

“Did the Daoist friend from Xuantian Sect also come to congratulate the Dragon Turtle on his apprenticeship?”

When did the Xuantian Sect and the Qingyuan Sect become so close? Hasn’t the Xuantian Sect been suppressing and guarding against the Qingyuan Sect for the past two hundred years?

Perhaps because there was no one in the sect who could become the supreme, they were always suppressed by an Orient Loong God, which gave rise to a petty mentality. They were afraid that a sect under their jurisdiction would rise up alone and surpass the Xuantian Sect. Any sect in various regions that showed signs of rising was suppressed by them.

Therefore, even though the Xuantian Sect had a Divine Beast to suppress it, it was still ranked towards the end among the top ten immortal realms.

However, this was a good thing for Yunmengze. The two families were close to each other, separated only by a piece of Dongyun Mountain. Although they were both Daoists of the Mysterious Wasteland, there was no deep hatred between them.

But a weaker neighbor is a good neighbor.

Elder Qiu’s face suddenly turned into a dye vat, and he opened his mouth but didn’t know how to respond.

I plan to use a turtle demon without a title to snatch your groom-to-be from Yunmengze, but I don’t have the face to say it.

Just then, Feng Yiju smiled and said, “This Elder Qiu is here to preside over the apprenticeship ceremony of the Dragon Turtle, isn’t he stealing my job? I was just about to take him out for a discussion.”

It would be unwise to lose face in front of Yunmengze and offend the Xuantian Sect in public.

Elder Qiu breathed a sigh of relief and gratefully glanced at Feng Yiju.

He had two tasks for coming to the Qingyuan Sect today. One was to take the Dragon Turtle back, which now seemed very difficult to achieve. The other was to observe and investigate this Sect Leader Feng.

The abnormality of a Jiazi was not only noticed by the Qingyuan Sect.

Feng Yiju was also a notable figure in the Dongyun region. It was a pity that he was not born well. If he could worship under the Xuantian Sect, he would surely shine brightly.Judging from his current behavior, this Sect Leader Feng, who once aspired to achieve something, still has self-awareness. He knows to consider the reputation of the Xuantian Sect. He probably won’t have any other intentions.

Let’s observe a bit more.

The maid shook her head and laughed, “To vie for the role of the Dragon Turtle’s initiation ceremony, you sure know how to build good karma.”

Qiu Fox laughed heartily, “The Fairy is right, so, I’ve decided to take the role of the ceremony host today. I can’t win in a fight, but if you don’t let me, I’ll just lie here and throw a tantrum.”

Everyone laughed heartily, the atmosphere was harmonious, and there was no sign of embarrassment.

Su He took a deep breath, feeling a bit uncomfortable. The initiation ceremony, which should have been a solemn event, was like a crystal-clear apple with a worm on it.

But he couldn’t say anything. His master also looked displeased, but he still took a sip of his wine and endured it.

This was why Old Taoist Ge didn’t like to interact with people and preferred to live alone. Where there were people, there were compromises, and he preferred the intelligent and pure beasts.

Like that silly camel, it didn’t care who was initiating or accepting disciples, as long as there was good wine today, it had already sneaked into the kitchen and drank most of the jar.

They didn’t even know to give him some.

The little creature on the maid’s shoulder, resembling a fire dragon fruit, covered its belly and pretended to roll around in laughter.

The maid flicked it with her finger and laughed, “If you’re going to take someone’s role, you should at least show some sincerity. I wonder what gift you’ve brought for the Dragon Turtle?”

Since you’re acting as an elder and hosting the ceremony, you can’t come empty-handed, can you?

The smile on Qiu Fox’s face froze.

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