Vol.1 – Chapter 077 – Little crocodile

Qiu Fox’s mind was blown, but his conduct of the master-disciple ceremony was orderly and eloquent.

He was indeed a professional.

“Disciple kneels three times and bows nine times, offering tea!”

Su He didn’t kneel or bow, he nodded in response, and with his Water Manipulation Divine Ability, he formed a small hand to respectfully offer the tea.

Old Taoist Ge accepted the tea cup and downed it in one gulp, laughing heartily.

He knew this wasn’t a good look, he should have sipped it slowly, tasted it, put it down, and then lectured his disciple. But… he was so happy today!

He never liked restrictions or rules, otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone a thousand years without accepting a disciple.

He didn’t like others restricting him, nor did he like to restrict others.

“Good, good, good!” He repeated three times, unable to stop smiling.

The crowd didn’t mind, cultivators didn’t need to care about such things. After paying respects to the Ancestor and offering tea, they were officially master and disciple, the rest was just formalities.

On the high platform, Qiu Fox announced, “A high achiever has found a good disciple, a talented person has met a famous teacher. The disciple offers a gift!”

The crowd below buzzed and immediately looked up at the high platform.

The previous master-disciple ceremonies were nothing special, but the gift-giving stage was where everyone compared — the closer the friends, the more they compared.

“My disciple gave me a thousand-year-old ginseng when he became my disciple!”

“Eh, not bad! My disciple is useless, he only gave me a three-thousand-year-old red ginseng.”

“Ah! Mine is even worse, he only gave me a three-hundred-year-old spirit fruit, um, a red fruit.”

Old Taoist Ge, who only accepted a disciple every thousand years, had nothing to show off in the past. Would he hide or join the fun next time?

The rewards from the competition stage could be helped by the master, but the gifts to the master couldn’t be. That would be too embarrassing.

What good things did this Dragon Turtle have?

Just now, the host introduced that the Dragon Turtle was only three years old. At three years old, it couldn’t even save its shed shell. Old Taoist Ge was going to lose face next time.

A few friends had already started laughing.

Su He opened his external space, a stream of water wrapped around a fruit and sent it to Old Taoist Ge.

“Eh? Is this a Danyang fruit?”

The crowd exclaimed, followed by laughter.

Speaking of which, Danyang fruit was a legitimate spiritual object, useful for cultivators who subdue demons and Mysterious Moon Exotic Beasts. It was perfectly fine as a gift for the master-disciple ceremony. At the next gathering of the old guys, Old Taoist Ge might not be the best, but he wouldn’t be laughed at.

But before this, a Danyang fruit had already been used as a reward for the competition stage!

This proved that this thing was not unique in the hands of the Dragon Turtle. The gift for the master could be not expensive, but it must be thoughtful.

When Old Taoist Qinghe accepted a disciple, the disciple sincerely offered a gift, kneeling three times and bowing nine times, traveling a thousand miles to pick a wild flower from a thousand miles away. This has allowed Old Taoist Qinghe to show off for nearly a hundred years.

The gift from the Dragon Turtle was expensive, but it was… too casual!

Would Old Taoist dare to drink in front of everyone next time?

Old Taoist chuckled, but he didn’t look disappointed. The turtle was still too naive, not understanding the ways of the world. He was too young, it was not his fault.

Just then, the water wrapping the Danyang fruit opened like petals, and a refreshing fragrance wafted with the wind.

The laughter from the crowd gradually weakened.

The disciples were puzzled, but they saw their masters and seniors, looking at the Danyang fruit on the stage, their breathing became rapid.

This Danyang fruit was not right!

This was not an ordinary Danyang fruit from the competition rewards, the quality of this Danyang fruit was at least twice as high! Don’t underestimate this double quality, the level has not increased, but the quality has. This kind of thing is even rarer than high-quality treasures.

Danyang fruit was special, when it was not picked, its aura was connected to the Danyang fruit tree, and the quality could not be judged. Only after it was picked would the quality suddenly appear at some point.

Did the Dragon Turtle pick a lot of Danyang fruits, use the ordinary ones as rewards, and this high-quality one as a gift to the master?

Old Taoist Ge’s eyes twinkled with a smile. He didn’t want the best, he just wanted something special! This was the true intention.

“He does have filial piety.” Old Taoist Qinghe sneered, “But compared to my disciple’s wild flower…”

Just then, the Danyang fruit was lifted by the water flow, like lifting a lid, it was lifted from the middle. There was no pulp in the middle of the Danyang fruit, or rather, the pulp had been consumed.

Because a beast egg was quietly lying inside the Danyang fruit.

The beast egg had absorbed all the pulp of the Danyang fruit.

The crowd was silent, then sighed one after another. What a spendthrift! A spiritual fruit that could be used in the Demon Subduing Realm, and a high-quality one at that, was just absorbed by a beast egg?

There were sounds of regret everywhere, some people slapped their thighs and sighed.

Old Taoist Ge’s eyes lit up, he poked the beast egg, the beast egg moved, and with a crack, it hatched.

A small, pitch-black alligator came out of the shell, turned its head and crunched the eggshell and the skin of the Danyang fruit, then burped, and made a sound at Old Taoist Ge.

It was probably calling for its mother.

What the crowd cared about was not this, but the three stars shining brightly on the little alligator’s forehead.

They couldn’t help but gasp.

Born with three stars, when it grows up, it will have at least five stars or even six stars, stepping into the Mysterious Moon is a sure thing!

Did this Dragon Turtle cultivate an Exotic Beast with Mysterious Moon potential for its master?

The key point was not this, but how did the Dragon Turtle make the beast egg, which was still in the egg, absorb the Danyang fruit? And how did it ensure that it hatched at the master-disciple ceremony and saw Old Taoist Ge first?

Even if the Dragon Turtle was born from an egg, it couldn’t have such precise control, could it?

Everyone looked at the Dragon Turtle, but the Dragon Turtle remained silent.

It was not worth mentioning. To let the egg absorb the Danyang fruit, the Beast-taming Valley specialized in cultivating various Exotic Beasts, naturally, there was a way.

To make the egg hatch at the right time, it was the effect of the external space.

Ordinary storage spaces couldn’t store living things, and although it was difficult for the external space to break this limit, it was connected to Su He, not just a space, but also carried Su He’s life aura.

It was no problem to put an egg that was not yet a complete creature.

And the external space itself was specially made, once something was put in, it would be in a silent state, it would not spoil or grow.

All that was needed was to choose a good alligator egg, let it absorb the Danyang fruit, and then put it into the external space just before it hatched.

Someone next to Old Taoist Qinghe poked him, “Does this count as being thoughtful?”The corner of Old Taoist Qinghe’s mouth twitched. He had no less than thirty methods to ensure that the little crocodile would hatch at the time he needed, but those methods were infeasible and unachievable for a little Dragon Turtle.

On this crocodile egg, there were no formations, no spirit talismans, no scent of elixirs. It was not controlled to hatch at this moment, but the Dragon Turtle had predicted its hatching time and brought it out at this moment.

How many crocodile hatchings had to be observed to come to this conclusion?

It was said that the Dragon Turtle had two to three hundred crocodiles under him. Were they all specifically used to observe the hatching of little crocodiles?

If this wasn’t called dedication, what was?

Old Taoist Ge pinched the little crocodile and laughed heartily. He guessed that this might have something to do with his disciple’s magical space, but—others didn’t know!

Your ignorance won’t stop me from boasting!

Even if you knew, so what? Who among you has a disciple who has specifically cultivated a crocodile with the potential of the Mysterious Moon for their master?

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