Vol.1 – Chapter 074 – The first princess

“Hahaha!” A laughter echoed before the person arrived, “Old Taoist Ge, great joy, great joy indeed!”

A middle-aged man, dressed flamboyantly but with an ordinary face, walked in from outside with a joyful expression and a spring in his step.

This was Qiu Hu, one of the elders of the Xuantian Sect’s External Affairs Hall. Old Taoist Ge had interacted with him a few times, but they were not close, just acquaintances.

Old Taoist Ge greeted him, “Thank you, Elder Qiu, shared joy, shared joy!”

Qiu Hu laughed and scolded, “You old drunkard, you found a good disciple and didn’t even invite me. Do you think Qiu is not worthy in Old Taoist Ge’s eyes? I always think of you when something good happens.”

Old Taoist Ge laughed, “I wanted to invite you, but Elder Qiu is always busy. It’s hard to catch you!”

Qiu Hu pretended to be angry, “Don’t make excuses for your mistakes. You’ll be punished with three cups of wine later… No, you old man love wine so much, this would be a reward. You’ll be punished by drinking three cups less!”

Old Taoist Ge admitted his mistake, “I accept the punishment, I accept it! I will abstain from alcohol today!”

The two were not close, they just knew each other. They wouldn’t visit without a reason, so today, they would abstain from alcohol to avoid messing things up.

“That’s more like it!” Qiu Hu laughed, “Old Taoist Ge, the great joy I mentioned is not just about you accepting a disciple. Today, you have double happiness!”

Old Taoist Ge paid full attention, but on the surface, he looked like a child who had been tempted by candy, “Oh? What good news does Elder Qiu have for me? Please tell me quickly, don’t tease me!”

He might be casual and carefree in daily life, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know how to play along in social situations.

Three hundred years ago, when he was pretending to be the Sect Leader, what hadn’t he experienced?

He could be more serious than anyone else when he needed to be.

Qiu Hu laughed, “Old Taoist Ge, do you know Elder Wu of our Xuantian Sect’s Broken Sword Mountain?”

Old Taoist Ge thought for a moment and asked, “Is it the Elder Wu who likes to gamble in the mortal world?” The Xuantian Sect was too big, and there were too many elders who were not famous. It was hard to remember them all. Old Taoist Ge knew him because they had similar hobbies, one loved wine and the other loved gambling.

Neither of them were good influences.

Qiu Hu laughed, “Yes, it’s Elder Wu. He has an adopted daughter who is a demon transformed from a Golden Turtle. She is dignified, beautiful, gentle, and generous. A few days ago, she heard that you had accepted a Dragon Turtle as a disciple and asked me to play matchmaker. That’s why I came here uninvited.”

Old Taoist Ge’s face turned strange.

Was his disciple so popular in this aspect? Just a few days ago, a Turtle Demon with ill intentions was killed by Old Man Qiao, and now another one?

Didn’t you investigate before you spoke? My turtle is only three or four years old!

Qiu Hu glanced at the island and looked at Su He with a smile, “This must be your outstanding disciple, right? He is indeed strong, no wonder my niece admires him.”

“What do you think, Old Taoist Ge?”

“If this good thing happens, what you get today is not just a Dragon Turtle with Divine Beast bloodline, but also a son-in-law of the Xuantian Sect. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the relationship between the two families becomes closer?”

It sounded as if being the son-in-law of the Xuantian Sect was more noble than having the bloodline of a Divine Beast. I wonder if your Orient Loong God thinks the same way?

The First Seats of the Qingyuan Sect had different expressions, but none of them were good. Who proposes marriage in public? There were elders and sect leaders from various sects of the East Cloud around. If Senior Uncle Ge refused, wouldn’t it be like stepping on the face of the Xuantian Sect?

What should the Qingyuan Sect do?

This man looked kind and was always laughing, but he was using the power of the Xuantian Sect to pressure the Qingyuan Sect. Everyone looked at Feng Yiju, who was swirling his teacup, his thoughts unreadable.

Old Taoist Ge stroked his beard thoughtfully, and after a moment, he nodded, “It sounds good. They are both turtles and should be a good match. And with the guidance of the Xuantian Sect, the Turtle Demon should know the rules. I wonder when Elder Wu plans to marry his adopted daughter to us?”

Qiu Hu was pleased at first, but his face changed when he heard the latter part. He said seriously, “Old Taoist Ge, you’re joking. According to the rules of the Xuantian Sect, disciples are not allowed to marry outside. If they have a beloved, they can only bring in a son-in-law.”

Old Taoist Ge silently laughed. Who are you trying to fool? Who is the second wife of Tianyue Mountain Villa who didn’t marry outside? Where did those wives of the Xuantian Sect in the Hundred Immortals Palace come from? Your sect leader’s daughter eloped with a bandit, and you’re telling me you don’t marry outside?

I, the old Taoist, have lived for 1,200 years. I know what you’re going to do before you even bend over!

Old Taoist Ge shook his head, “My turtle is stubborn and might not be able to bear the grievances of being a son-in-law. If he causes trouble, it might harm the harmony between the two families.”

Qiu Hu laughed loudly, “Old Taoist Ge, you’re joking. What kind of trouble can a little turtle cause? There are countless unruly disciples in my Xuantian Sect, which one of them has really caused trouble? Even if they do cause trouble, the sect will cover for them. What’s there to be afraid of?”

He looked at Su He and tried to persuade him, “Little Dragon Turtle, if you marry into the Xuantian Sect, you will have countless opportunities, and you will have the chance to witness the power of a real Divine Beast. Maybe you will even get a glimpse of the Divine Beast’s opportunity. Are you willing to come with me?”

Su He snorted in his heart and murmured.

Don’t know, don’t understand, won’t marry, won’t get married, won’t form a kinship!

Where did this grandson come from? He ruined my good mood for the day.

Qiu Hu was taken aback, he didn’t expect to be retorted by the Dragon Turtle. He then remembered that this was just a turtle, and probably didn’t understand human affairs at all.The Qingyuan Sect was most concerned about his identity as a member of the Xuantian Sect, which was worthless in the eyes of beasts.

He forced a smile, his face twitching slightly: “Marriage is a matter for parents to decide. If the parents are not present, the teacher will decide. I ask you, this Little Turtle is also considered.”

He then looked at Old Taoist Ge, the smile at the corner of his mouth becoming more profound: “Could it be that Daoist Ge is afraid that my Xuantian Sect will look down on Little Dragon Turtle?”

“You’re overthinking, Daoist Ge. As the elder of the Xuantian Sect’s Foreign Affairs Hall, isn’t my personal visit to propose marriage enough to show my sincerity? I can even preside over the ceremony of accepting disciples and paying respects to the teacher as an elder of the Xuantian Sect. How about that?”

He was an elder of the Xuantian Sect, the Xuantian Sect! He personally came to propose marriage, a treatment that even the children of other sect leaders did not receive.

He even put aside his dignity to preside over your disciple acceptance ceremony, which was enough to show his attitude.

Old Taoist Ge did not answer.

Qiu Fox looked at Old Taoist Ge, his smile fading slightly: “Daoist Ge, you’re not thinking that my Xuantian Sect is trying to steal the Dragon Turtle, are you? A mere turtle with Dragon Turtle blood is not enough to make my Xuantian Sect stoop so low. You are still the Dragon Turtle’s master, and the Qingyuan Sect is still the Dragon Turtle’s sect. He will just be living in the Xuantian Sect.”

Seeing Old Taoist Ge frown, he decided to add fuel to the fire: “As the master of the Dragon Turtle, you wouldn’t stand in his way, would you?”

Wouldn’t being a son-in-law in the Xuantian Sect be more promising than being a guardian divine beast in the Qingyuan Sect?

Old Taoist Ge’s shoulders sagged, and he returned to his carefree and unkempt appearance. However, his aura was steadily rising. He looked at Qiu Fox with a smile, thinking that if it weren’t for his status as an elder of the Xuantian Sect, he could crush three of him with one finger.

With the superior inheritance of the Xuantian Sect and abundant resources, he was hundreds of years old, yet he didn’t even have the cultivation of thirty years. What kind of thing was he? He dared to stir up trouble in front of him.

However, Qiu Fox seemed oblivious to Old Taoist Ge’s rising aura, his smile fading and his brows furrowing: “Or does Daoist Ge think that my disciple from the Xuantian Sect is not good enough for your Dragon Turtle?”

A turtle demon was naturally nothing in the Xuantian Sect, and didn’t even have a proper name. But as long as it was labeled as a “disciple of the Xuantian Sect”, only others were not good enough for her, let alone a mere Dragon Turtle…

Just then, a voice rang out from outside the island: “The Princess of Yunmeng Ze sends her congratulations!”

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