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As the title suggests, the update will be delayed a bit, I’m taking a half-day off.

I apologize, I’ve already written three chapters, but I’m not satisfied. Even though I find it smooth when I read it myself, I’ve been setting up the plot for a long time, brewing it for a long time, but I always feel like I haven’t brought up the climax!

Let me scrap these three chapters, take a break to play some games to refresh my mind, and then get a good night’s sleep before I write again. The three chapters due on the 15th won’t be delayed, I’ll update them after my half-day off in the afternoon.

Newcomers don’t need to worry about me delaying or discontinuing updates. Readers who have been following along know that my writing does have its shortcomings, after all, I’m a newbie. I can’t possibly become a seasoned writer overnight, taking everything into account.

But I’ve never broken my promise about updates. Even when I occasionally adjust the timing, I always make up for it with extra updates. The same goes for this half-day off today, I’ll add an extra update as compensation.

Also, my current update time is in the middle of the night. My writing time is also quite nocturnal. Staying up late really takes a toll on my body. The stuff I write when I’m tired isn’t satisfactory. If possible, I’d like to take this opportunity to adjust all my future update times to 6-7 pm in the afternoon.

Is that okay?

This way, my writing time will be during the day, my mental state will be better, and I’ll be able to write the best articles within my ability.


Just now, the user “Everyone Keep Sending” generously tipped me fifty thousand. I’m very grateful! And very sorry, right after you tipped, I took a leave.

Don’t worry, it’s only half a day, I’ll keep my word. This afternoon, the update will definitely be delivered.

Several readers have tipped, it seems like others have rules for extra updates, let’s set up our own. Let’s not follow others, I’ll set one based on my own situation, okay?

For Sect Leader, 5 extra updates. Now it seems that most on Qidian are 3 extra updates for Sect Leader, newcomers should be aware, no matter what this book ends up like, all Sect Leaders will get 5 extra updates. The user “I am Mandated by Heaven to Enjoy Long-lasting Prosperity” tipped 240,000, which is two and a half Sect Leaders, so that’s 10 extra updates.

For Grandmaster, 4 extra updates

For Sect Leader, 3 extra updates

For Protector, 1 extra update

And for every three Helmsmen, 1 extra update.

Of course, this is the method for extra updates before becoming a VIP. After becoming a VIP, because of subscriptions, the extra updates for Helmsmen and Protectors will gradually be cancelled.

After all, according to the outline, this book is very long, and it should be no problem to reach Helmsman level just with subscriptions.

Using the new method for extra updates.

Sect Leader: “I am Mandated by Heaven to Enjoy Long-lasting Prosperity”, 11 extra updates (1 already delivered)

Sect Leader: “Everyone Keep Sending”, 2 extra updates

Helmsman: Book Friend 20230312091036253, Dubaiplus and the extra tips from Sect Leader, total 1 extra update.

Plus today’s half-day off, 1 extra update

I still owe 14 extra updates. I’ll try to deliver 7 extra updates in March.

The rules for extra updates and the account of owed updates, I’ll put in the related works section, everyone can supervise.

Well, that’s it, mainly I’m taking a half-day off, the latest update will be at 6 pm today, and all future updates will be at 6 pm, I’m sorry. orz

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