Vol.1 – Chapter 068 – Pray to the heavens and the earth

“The heavens…” the old woman murmured.


Su He whispered, in a world of immortals and cultivation, this word cannot bear the burden of causality. It is not something he can handle.

The old woman bowed, “Master!”

The young master still doesn’t know how pure his bloodline is. If he is not a dragon turtle, his singing will not reveal the true form of the sea clan.

If he can achieve this without being a dragon turtle, it proves that the master in front of him will become a purebred dragon turtle in time. The true blood he condensed is definitely not a fake with the aura of a dragon turtle, but the real blood of a dragon turtle.

Old Taoist Ge angrily took a big bite of chicken leg.

This group of people from the sea clan has followed him for five hundred years, calling him master and lord, but never using words like god or king.

Am I really so inferior compared to my disciple?

“Get lost! Hurry up and leave with your family. I still have a lot of things to deal with. I don’t have time to play with you here.” Old Taoist Ge spat out a chicken bone and waved his hand to drive them away.

Su He heard a transmission in his ear, “Trustworthy.”

It was Old Taoist Ge’s voice.

The sea clan can be trusted. They have been loyal to the master for hundreds of years and their loyalty should have been tested long ago.

The old woman knelt down towards Old Taoist Ge, “Thank you, Master, for your protection for hundreds of years. In the future, if there is any command, the sea clan will not dare to refuse. Even if it means death and extinction, the sea clan will not hesitate.”

Old Taoist Ge was taken aback. This old lady’s words were good, but why did they sound a bit awkward? Did you forget something? Your king is my disciple. Does he dare to disobey my orders? I’ll kill him.

He waved his hand and drove them away.

Su He and the five others followed him down to Listening Sea Lake with a bewildered expression.

The sea clan is indeed the sea clan. When they enter the water, they reveal their true form as sea people.

Su He really wanted to ask: What happens to the pants when the sea people reveal their true form as humans?

He opened his mouth but couldn’t ask. It would be impolite to ask when they were not yet familiar with each other.

Old Taoist Ge was not using an excuse to drive them away, he really had something to do. This was just taking some time to deal with it.

If it weren’t for the old lady looking at him pitifully and giving such a large property to his disciple, it should have been done during the ceremony of apprenticeship.

I have face!

Who said I’m stingy?

Old Taoist Ge leaped and landed on the top of a small mountain on Longevity Island. A small courtyard here was covered by a formation, making it difficult for outsiders to investigate. A group of old people were arguing in the courtyard.

They were all elders of the Qingyuan Sect.

In front of them, there was a water curtain the size of a wall, displaying various attribute information.

“Elders, Junior Brother Dragon Turtle’s idea is too imaginative. It cannot be solved by a spell or a spirit talisman. This ‘panel’ must be sacrificed and refined into a magic treasure, and it must be a life-bound magic treasure.” said Hall Master Luoqiu.

Since the day Yu Lin brought back Su He’s idea, he had been sleepless and restless for two months. He was studying it at a critical moment when he was forcibly brought to Longevity Island by a senior uncle. Only then did he know that the senior uncles here had also been studying it for over a month.

With his participation, the progress of both sides converged, and the speed increased countless times.

Now, the panel has been made. But its practicality is too low.

Normally, a person can self-check in many ways: eye techniques, inner vision techniques, self-checking techniques, and so on. Although they require individual cultivation or certain talents, they are not complicated.

Now, the panel integrates these abilities, allowing objective operation and manifestation. However… the wall-sized panel is already the smallest and most refined.

It contains thousands of spirit talismans, dozens of formations, and various soul and physical detection techniques.

Just condensing the panel alone takes seven to eight days. And to operate the panel, it would require the energy of a demon refining stage cultivator.

With this effort, he could have performed several sets of self-checking techniques.

“Elders, it is better to refine it into a magic treasure. In this way, it can be powered by spirit stones or elemental crystals, and can be checked anytime and anywhere. It is much better than just relying on ‘techniques’.” Luoqiu reiterated his point.

This panel that has been made should be considered a kind of technique, right? It just involves a wide range of aspects.

Qiao Changlun shook his head, “If it becomes a magic treasure, there will be traces. Once it is taken away, there will be no more secrecy. Even the panel, I want to make it private and visible only to oneself.”

The eyes of the crowd lit up, then shook their heads again.

Difficult! Too difficult!

Perhaps those powerful experts in the Traverse Heaven realm can do it, but the Qingyuan Sect only has two Traverse Heaven experts. Feng Yiju relies on his position as the sect leader and only has battle power in the Qingyuan Sect’s territory. Su Huanian is extremely skilled in swordsmanship, with formidable battle power, but she is not proficient in this aspect.

But they couldn’t bear to give such a good technique to the Ten Great Immortal Sects. Otherwise, the Ten Great Immortal Sects would definitely be able to create a simplified panel.Qiao Changlun pondered for a moment and said, “Let’s pray to the heavens! Let the Dragon Turtle pray to the heavens and the earth with this method. Although this panel is not the strongest technique, it will greatly assist cultivators in their cultivation. As the first person, the Dragon Turtle prays to the heavens and the earth, and the heavens and the earth will surely form it into a divine ability. We can then study and learn from the Dragon Turtle’s divine ability, which will simplify many things.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

The heavens and earth have spirits. If a cultivator does something that greatly contributes to the heavens and earth, the heavens and earth will naturally reward them. Just like a few years ago, the two youngsters from the Floating Xiang Sect came up with a new type of refining method. After praying to the heavens and earth, they formed a divine ability.

The heavens and earth also bestow merit, protecting their safety.

But after praying to the heavens and earth, this panel will become the Dragon Turtle’s divine ability. Even if others deduce it, they can’t compare to the Dragon Turtle’s divine ability.

Even if they innovate and research a higher-level panel, the heavens and earth will naturally bestow opportunities, allowing the Dragon Turtle’s divine ability to advance.

His divine ability is the root of this panel.

Just like the techniques of the founding ancestors of the Ten Immortal Sects, no one can surpass them because they are their divine abilities. The more people practice, the greater the advancement of the technique, and the greater the power of their divine abilities.

However, ordinary techniques cannot pray to the heavens and earth. Only those that can influence the trend of the Mysterious Wasteland and enhance the foundation of the Mysterious Wasteland can do so.

The simpler the thing, the easier it is to promote, the more it can pray to the heavens and earth.

Should they let the Dragon Turtle pray to the heavens and earth for the panel that everyone worked together to create?

After all, not everyone is Old Taoist Ge, and it’s inevitable to feel a bit reluctant.

Old Taoist Ge smiled and said in his usual tone, “I just gave the Tian Shui clan to my useless disciple.”

Everyone looked at him puzzled. They were talking about the panel, why did he bring this up?

Old Taoist looked around, “With a low chant, the five members of the Tian Shui clan all revealed their true forms as merfolk.”

Everyone suddenly looked up, staring straight at Old Taoist Ge.

“Brother Ge, is this true?!”

Old Taoist Ge pointed with his finger, and a scene played out in the small courtyard. It was the scene where the Tian Shui clan was singing lightly, Su He was chanting lowly, and the five members of the Tian Shui clan slowly transformed from humans into merfolk.

Everyone’s breathing became rapid.

The Tian Shui clan is very peculiar. They are merfolk, with true merfolk forms. But they can’t show it freely. They can only reveal their true merfolk forms when they dive into the water or under the influence of the Dragon Turtle’s Taoist charm.

In the past, everyone just thought that Su He had some Taoist connections, and there might be a slight possibility of transforming into a Dragon Turtle – in fact, what everyone hoped for was just that Su He was now striving to enhance the Dragon Turtle’s bloodline, and in the future, he would have greater potential and more enhancement in the second realm. He could have a brighter future than the demons, and protect the Dao for Qing Yuan.

This was the limit of their imagination.

There are too few real pure-blooded divine beasts. So few that only Old Taoist Ge and Qiao Changlun have seen them with their own eyes. The so-called mountain-protecting divine beasts of the ordinary sects are all fake divine beasts.

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