Vol.1 – Chapter 069 – Ugly Slave

The ability to reveal the true form of the Jiao people in Tian Shui clan is the exclusive ability of the Dragon Turtle.

That little Dragon Turtle has the bloodline of a purebred Dragon Turtle.

Qiao Changlun’s eyes also flashed with excitement. After two months of contact, he vaguely sensed that Su He’s bloodline was different. There is probably a three percent chance that he will truly transform into a Dragon Turtle.

Now it seems that this chance is far more than thirty percent!

Someone looked at Old Taoist Ge with sharp eyes and asked, “How much True Blood has your precious disciple condensed?”

Old Taoist Ge smiled and said, “Last time I asked, it was fifty percent.”

Fifty percent, this is only the True Blood Realm. There is still a great opportunity to condense more True Blood. This Turtle is probably going to take off.

No wonder there were rumors some time ago that the Dragon Turtle had the talent of the Thunder Sound. I’m afraid Su Huanian and Old Taoist Ge already knew that its bloodline was pure, right?

“Give it to him!” an old woman suddenly spoke up.

“The Qingyuan Sect is of low status. It is a great opportunity to have a Dragon Turtle. Unless he doesn’t leave the Qingyuan Sect, we won’t be able to protect him for long. Praying to the heavens and the earth, blessings will come. With the protection of the Dragon Turtle, his journey will be much safer.”

Having a divine beast in the sect and having a true divine beast in the sect are two completely different concepts.

Qiao Changlun smiled and said, “Don’t forget, the idea of the Formation was originally proposed by the Dragon Turtle himself, and only he is qualified to pray to the heavens and the earth. The lifespan of a divine beast is endless. If it weren’t for our interference, the Dragon Turtle would be able to create the Formation on its own in a thousand years. At that time, it can pray to the heavens and the earth, and both blessings and rewards will belong to it alone… to the Turtle alone!”

If you count it, now that they are praying to the heavens and the earth, all the participants will receive some rewards. This can be considered as taking advantage of the Dragon Turtle.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

It’s really like this!

Finally, someone shook their head and said with some embarrassment, “Then let’s organize it and make a jade slip. We’ll choose a day for the Dragon Turtle to pray to the heavens and the earth!”

They are not reluctant to give the opportunity to pray to the heavens and the earth to the Dragon Turtle – this opportunity belongs to the Dragon Turtle, and no one can take it away. When the Dragon Turtle first proposed the Formation, the heavens and the earth responded. The prayers of others are useless.

It’s just that the product they worked so hard on for two months will always be inferior to the divine abilities of the Dragon Turtle. It feels a bit uncomfortable for a while.

It’s human nature!

Since the decision has been made, there is no more hesitation. Someone immediately brought the jade slip and recorded the principles and techniques of the Formation.

“Old man, have you decided when to hold the ceremony to pray to the heavens and the earth?” an old woman poked Old Taoist Ge and said with a sour tone.

What a lucky old man! He actually accepted such a disciple – aren’t you afraid of shortening your lifespan? Anyone can accept the Dragon Turtle?

Old Taoist Ge is still alive and kicking, which proves that the little Dragon Turtle truly recognizes him as his master. Otherwise, it would have struck him with lightning or choked on water.

This old lady is Elder An from Huayang Peak. Elder An from Beast-taming Valley is her nephew.

Old Taoist Ge smiled and said, “On the day of apprenticeship!” The identity of the disciple, the Dragon Turtle, can never be concealed. When it transforms into a divine beast, there will be a heavenly phenomenon.

So, while there are many people, let the disciple obtain the blessings of the heavens and the earth, and let everyone know that the Dragon Turtle has the blessings of the heavens and the earth. Those who want to provoke it should think twice.

I just don’t know how much blessings this kind of auxiliary technique can bring?

At Listening Sea Lake, five merfolk surrounded Su He, exploring the path, driving away fish, shrimp, and crabs, clearing the way for Su He.

Su He was not used to it for a while.

The old woman followed Su He and introduced herself, “Wang, I am Long Min, a servant of the Tian Shui clan in the Mysterious Wasteland. Our clan has 182 members in the Demon Subduing Realm, one person in the Transcend Mortality Realm, three people in the Gathering Essence Realm, and twelve people in the Enlightenment Realm. Our clan is blessed by the gods…”

At this point, she glanced at Su He discreetly. The god is naturally the ancestor of the Dragon Turtle, and the person in front of her should be the chosen one!

“Our clan is blessed by the gods. When our people reach adulthood, they are in the True Blood Realm after three steps of Transcend Mortality.”

The Tian Shui clan is naturally gifted and can cultivate from birth. When they reach adulthood, they are in the True Blood Realm. However, the reproduction of the clan is difficult, and advancement is extremely difficult. Most of the Tian Shui people are stuck in the Sacrificial Bone Realm of the fifth step of Transcend Mortality. Only those with exceptional talent have the opportunity to go further.

But now, things have changed. With the appearance of the king, the Dragon Turtle, the Tian Shui clan is naturally the vassal of the Dragon Turtle. They can live and reproduce within the divine power of the Dragon Turtle, and their advancement speed will be greatly increased.

“Our clan resides in Yunmeng Marsh, which is located to the west of Dongyun Mountain. We have a water territory of three hundred miles. If the king needs it, our entire clan can move to this place. Just follow the water downstream, and we will arrive in ten days!”

Compared to the Dragon Turtle, what’s the loss of a mere three hundred miles of water territory?

However, the relationship between their clan and the Dragon Turtle, if seen by someone with ill intentions, might bring unwarranted disasters to the king. It’s better to endure it until the king reaches adulthood.

One Turtle, five people… fish… merfolk… they quickly returned to Su He’s lair in just a moment.

This is the central area of Listening Sea Lake, where the water elemental spiritual energy is the most abundant, and there is abundant aquatic vegetation and numerous fish.

Long Min swam to a high place and looked around at the Formation, shaking her head slightly. “This Formation was created by everyone, but they don’t really understand the king’s characteristics. The king is indeed good with water, but it also has the divine ability of carrying mountains. It needs to absorb various types of spiritual energy. It’s better to have a mountain outside the negative Formation so that it can advance without any weaknesses.”

“King, would you like us to help you modify this Formation?”

The merfolk have just joined and are already wholeheartedly devoted.

Su He felt that what she said made a lot of sense.Su He didn’t understand formations, but he understood his own feelings. The burden of the mountain indeed required the absorption of various types of treasures and spiritual power.

He nodded, and Dragon Turtle immediately said to the three male merfolk, “You three, follow me to modify the formation.” He then turned to the young girl.

“King, this is Ugly Slave. She is quick-witted and diligent. Would it be alright for her to serve at your side?”

The Tianshui Clan had priests and chiefs, and Ugly Slave was the current chief’s daughter, chosen by Dragon Turtle to be the next priest.

The one being worshipped was Dragon Turtle.

Ugly Slave, pinching her pinkish-red webbed fingers, swished her tail to show her inner nervousness and excitement.

Ugly Slave was not ugly, she was very beautiful!

Her lower body was like a mermaid, red like a koi fish. Her upper body had a slim waist with glowing scales on both sides, which didn’t look weird but rather beautiful.

Her slender waist, delicate hips, and pointed fingers, along with her stunning face, were all extremely attractive. Two shells were attached to her chest, covering yet not covering, which was thought-provoking.


Su He hummed lightly.

He didn’t mind. Although he didn’t need to be served, having a beautiful little mermaid by his side would be pleasing to the eye.

Ugly Slave’s eyes were filled with surprise and joy as she bowed to Su He.

Dragon Turtle was even happier than her, dancing with joy for a while before leading the others to modify the formation with a smile.

Su He sank back to the bottom of the water and slowly closed his eyes. The Turtle Longevity Breath Technique started to operate, and at the same time, the Dream Dao Technique also reached its peak.

Old Taoist Ge said that the Tianshui Clan could be trusted.

Su He trusted Old Taoist Ge’s judgment, but to Old Taoist Ge, they were loyal subordinates for hundreds of years. To Su He, they were all strangers.

Even before today, Su He didn’t even know of their existence. He had only heard of the merfolk legends in the classes at Leaving South Court.

In his nearly one year at Qingyuan Sect, the biggest lesson Su He learned was: trust your friends, but always stay vigilant!

He didn’t want to fall into Lu Ming’s calculations again, and then rely solely on his luck to fight against others’ schemes.

The path of Dao was long, and schemes were inevitable. Su He hoped that when he was calculated against again, he wouldn’t see it at first glance, but he should see it after the second or third glance. He could escape from the scheme unharmed, or even turn the tables.

Master said that the Tianshui Clan could be trusted, and Su He would certainly treat them with goodwill. But if they wanted Su He to trust them completely, it would take time. Su He needed to see and observe with his own eyes.

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