Vol.1 – Chapter 067 – The Tian Shui clan

Sword lights flew out from Changshou Island, with more than thirty of them rushing towards the five arenas on the islands.

The elders on Changshou Island laughed heartily.

That’s more like it. Young people should be lively. Spending their days drinking tea and playing the zither is too quiet for them. Isn’t that right?

“This arena is going to be exciting.”

“Indeed!” someone agreed.

The younger generation may lack skills, but their thoughts are imaginative. When they collide, it can be quite eye-opening.

Last time at the Fuxiang Sect’s arena, the refining techniques of two young cultivators in the Transcend Mortality Realm were astonishing. They directly crushed the materials into powder, mixed them in proportion, and condensed them into the shape of a magical instrument.

Compared to the normal process of refining, which involves flowing magma, arranging herbs, setting up formations, and infusing spiritual energy… their technique was dozens of times faster, although the quality still needed improvement. However, they first molded the skeletal structure of the magical instrument with branches, and then wrapped it with powder. The effect was not as good, but it was much faster.

But speed is important!

If it were a sect war, this kind of refining could be used as consumables.

This new technique of rapid refining has already caused a sensation, sweeping through the entire Jingzhou Prefecture and spreading to the Mysterious Wasteland. Even a group of old folks are studying its feasibility.

Those two youngsters are truly blessed.

Such geniuses are beyond ordinary comprehension. They don’t expect their disciples to produce such characters. As long as they mature and make progress through the arena, they will be satisfied.

As for the prizes, everyone present has lived for thousands of years and doesn’t care much about them.

Yuyu returned to the affairs hall of the Returning to Origin Island with a radiant face. He is a disciple of the Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion and currently serves in the Foreign Affairs Hall. This event is organized by the Foreign Affairs Hall.

With enough money, they can organize a splendid event. A well-organized event will bring more achievements to the sect.

Unfortunately, as the organizer, he cannot personally participate. Otherwise, he would also like to compete for the beast egg. I wonder if Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle still has any extras?

If the initiation event is well-organized, Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle might reward one or two eggs, which would be perfect.

Amidst the compliments of the crowd, Su He slowly submerged into the water.

Once the protagonist left, the people began to speak more freely. They had all seen the prizes and were eager to try them.

But someone couldn’t help but pour cold water on them, “What are you all thinking? Didn’t you see the sword lights flying out from Changshou Island just now? At least they are all in the Enlightenment Realm. They have already signed up. With them around, do you still expect to get the rewards?”

The crowd glared at him angrily.

“What are you looking at me for? Just because you’re not talented enough and your cultivation level is not high enough, do you think you can win a prize by glaring at me?” He snorted and flicked his finger, throwing out a handkerchief. He then leaped onto the handkerchief and flew away.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Damn it!

He may be effeminate, but he is at least in the Enlightenment Realm.

The Enlightenment Realm is rare. Riding a sword and flying through the sky is the true mark of an immortal cultivator. But the world is vast, and even rare things are not as precious as imagined.

The same goes for divine beast bloodlines.

If Su He has a divine beast bloodline, then his turtle brothers are likely to have divine beast bloodlines as well. They just haven’t awakened without the Demon Morphing Fruit.

In the entire Dongyun Mountain, it is likely that there are not many cultivators without divine beast bloodlines. They just haven’t awakened and haven’t been discovered. Especially those with a chance to become true divine beasts, they are extremely rare.

For the time being, Su He focused on cultivation.

During this period, he had opened 230 acupoints. He knew a total of 429 acupoints for turtles. But as he progressed, it became more difficult to merge acupoints. Su He estimated that he would be able to open all the acupoints before hibernation this year, which would be considered fast.

His true blood was increasing day by day.

He could feel progress every day, and this feeling was addictive.

Both of his major meridians had completed their cycles. A crane stopped on a lotus flower above Su He’s head and let out a cry.

Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, the Hall Master is calling for you.

Su He responded with a low hum as he swam towards Changshou Island.

This crane is the child by his master’s side, not a demon but a cultivator who has cultivated the Beast-taming Technique and transformed into a crane. Old Taoist Ge often found this child noisy and restricted its ability to speak, so it can only make crane-like cries.

The first time Su He saw it, he saw Old Taoist Ge lightly tapping the crane’s neck, and the crane could speak. He thought Old Taoist Ge had the ability to transform living beings.

Su He splashed through the water and approached Changshou Island.

As soon as he got close, Old Taoist Ge’s voice came over, “Come to the back of the island.”

Changshou Island is a large island with a radius of five li. There are mountains on the island, and a reception yard has been built in the south. Old Taoist Ge often resides behind the mountain in peace.

After arranging everything at Listening Sea Lake, Old Taoist Ge rarely returns to the small courtyard of the Beast-taming Valley.

Su He circled around and landed on the island from the back.

As soon as he arrived, he saw an old woman standing respectfully beside Old Taoist Ge. Behind the old woman were four people, three adult men, and a young girl. When they saw Su He landing, their eyes filled with surprise, and tears even fell from the old woman’s eyes.The old woman dropped her cane and knelt tremblingly before Su He, followed closely by the four people behind her, all bowing deeply in respect.

Su He was startled and quickly tried to dodge. In the cultivation world, one couldn’t just accept such grand gestures of respect. Accepting them improperly could damage one’s luck.

There were even some cultivation methods that involved summoning divine and demonic external forms, specifically to receive such grand gestures. After three bows, one’s luck would be damaged, making it difficult to avoid death.

Old Taoist Ge curled his lips, looking somewhat displeased.

“Don’t bother trying to dodge, you can’t!”

Su He: ??

“This is the Tian Shui clan, a tribe I brought back when I accompanied King Jing to attack the Tian Shui Great World.”

The Mysterious Wasteland was the world beneath Su He’s feet, but there were other great worlds in the stars. It was said that the Mysterious Wasteland was warlike and had conquered many great worlds.

“The Tian Shui clan worships turtles. When they saw my second body, they thought it was a god and moved their entire clan to follow me to the Mysterious Wasteland. For hundreds of years, they have been diligent and hardworking, managing my water fields, which is a major source of income for me.”

He looked disdainfully at the old woman trembling on the ground.

“In a few days, you will officially become my disciple. As a master, I have to provide for my disciple. I will hand the Tian Shui clan over to you.”

Old Taoist Ge gritted his teeth. As vassals, the Tian Shui clan naturally had to come and congratulate their master on accepting a new disciple. But once these people saw the Dragon Turtle’s appearance…

Old Taoist Ge knew he wouldn’t be able to keep them.

Even if they remained loyal, the words of their future young master would certainly carry more weight than his.

The god worshipped by the Tian Shui clan was the Dragon Turtle.

Hearing that Old Taoist Ge was going to hand them over to Su He, the old woman lying on the ground could no longer hold back her tears. Like pearls with broken strings, they fell, plop, plop.

Su He shook his head. It wasn’t an illusion, they really were pearls! The tears flowed from her eyes as water, but once they hit the ground, they solidified into pearls.

He looked at Old Taoist Ge in astonishment.

Old Taoist Ge curled his lips: “Ever heard of merfolk? That’s them!”

The “Bestiary of Mountains and Seas” records: In the South Sea, there are merfolk who live in water like fish. They do not abandon weaving and spinning, and their tears can produce pearls.

This was just a legend casually mentioned by an instructor in Leaving South Court. He didn’t expect it to be real.

Su He was surprised, but also doubtful. Weren’t merfolk half-human, half-fish? And weren’t they from the South Sea, not the Tian Shui Great World?

The Tian Shui Great World was too far away, so far that when you looked up at the stars, you couldn’t see it at all. In fact, all the great worlds were far away, and it was difficult to see other great worlds with the naked eye.

The old woman knelt and bowed nine times, her hands clasped together as she sang softly to Su He.

It wasn’t a language, but a melodious song, or perhaps a call. As the song began, Su He felt as if he were in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by rolling waves. His water elemental power increased exponentially in an instant.

In this song, Su He felt like a fish in water.

This song actually bestowed blessings upon him!

Su He felt incredibly comfortable and let out a long chant. His voice blended with the merfolk’s song, complementing each other.

It was as if they were born to be together.

Merfolk were naturally the followers of the Dragon Turtle.

When Su He opened his eyes, he realized that while he was immersed in the song, the five Tian Shui clan members in front of him had somehow transformed into half-human, half-merfolk forms.

The women had full and round upper bodies, with curves in all the right places, and their lower bodies were like those of fish, slender and powerful. They had fins on their elbows, backs, and behind their ears, and horns on their foreheads.

The men were handsome, and the women were rugged.

Wild, yet elegant.

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