Vol.1 – Chapter 064 – Danyang fruit

The emotional state of Xiangshui was influenced by the camel. The camel changed its mind and the sadness in Xiangshui’s heart disappeared instantly.

The sadness in his heart came and went quickly. He was about to cry out loud, but his emotions suddenly disappeared.

His voice got stuck in his throat, making him feel uncomfortable.

When he heard the camel’s challenge, Su He’s face went numb. “I’ll beat you, you son of a bitch. You’re one realm higher than me. If you have the guts, wait until I transform and then come and show off!”

He threw a water ball at the camel’s face and walked away.

The camel became excited.

It turned its head and let out a long howl deep in Qingyuan Mountain, then galloped away on the waves.

“Turtle, come fight with me!”

The direction the camel was heading was below Xiangshui, Wolf King Mountain. There was a blue wolf with a Mysterious Moon there.

Camels and wolves were mortal enemies. The camel’s only natural enemy was a pack of wolves. It was no exception in Qingyuan Mountain.

In the past half month, Su He had become familiar with the distribution of exotic beasts around Qingyuan Mountain. He knew which ones to provoke, which ones to avoid, and which ones were guarding treasures.

But this only applied to exotic beasts in the Demon Star realm. Su He had never even thought about the Mysterious Moon exotic beasts. He only knew their territory and could avoid them.


There must be treasures there, right? The blue wolf must have advanced to the Mysterious Moon realm, so it must have some extraordinary treasures.

The treasure-hunting rat, who had just woken up, was shocked. It looked at Su He in disbelief and said, “Are you crazy?! You’re a turtle! Shouldn’t you be cautious and avoid danger? There are Mysterious Moon exotic beasts there! Don’t think a camel can protect you…”


Turtle, help me fight!

The camel was hopping ahead, and Su He could hear the plea in its voice.

Su He murmured and caught up with it.

Turtles were supposed to be cowardly, but I’m a dragon turtle! Dragon turtles fear nothing. I can’t even hide my head in my shell. How could I be a coward when the camel has reached the Mysterious Moon realm? With it by my side, what do I have to fear?

The camel might not be reliable in other aspects, but it should be reliable in a fight. Master said that when it becomes a six-star exotic beast, it can retreat in front of a Mysterious Moon exotic beast.

And look, the camel just broke through. The other big shots in the Qingyuan Seven Meridians noticed it from thousands of miles away, but it hasn’t left the Qingyuan realm yet. How could there be any danger there?

I can even carry Feng Yaya on my back!

Feng Yaya seemed a bit off. She was still immersed in the camel’s sad emotions, curling up into a small ball on the turtle shell. She missed the bird’s nest on Turtle Mountain.

Su He chased after them with all his might, but in just a few breaths, the camel had disappeared without a trace, leaving only the sound of panting urging Su He to go forward.

Su He didn’t have many friends, and the camel was one of them. Even if it couldn’t help, it should at least stand by and cheer. Watching the battle between Mysterious Moon exotic beasts would be beneficial to him.

With the current momentum, Su He arrived at the foot of Wolf King Mountain in just an hour. The mountain was in ruins, half of it had turned to sand, and wild wolves were lying in the sand, silently shedding tears.

In the deep mountains in the distance, there were occasional loud roars.

The battlefield was there.

A faint sense of danger permeated Wolf King Mountain. There were still exotic beasts on the mountain, after all, wolves were social animals.

There was danger, but not too great.

The faint sense of danger awakened Feng Yaya. She knelt on the turtle shell and blinked her bright eyes, looking at the mountaintop.

“Huh? This is the territory of big dogs. There are fruits on the mountain, and I’ve eaten them before. But Big Turtle, I can’t beat big dogs.” Is Big Turtle here to steal the fruits from the big dogs?

Su He didn’t know what realm Feng Yaya was in. Her cultivation was different from ordinary people’s, and it couldn’t be measured by the “Three Realms and Seven Steps.” In terms of combat power, she was probably equivalent to the Transcend Mortality realm at the sixth level.

But Su He had seen her burst out before, knocking down a senior brother at the seventh level of Transcend Mortality with a single punch.


It’s fine, the big dogs aren’t here, let’s go!

The fruits that Feng Yaya had eaten must have been brought by Gu Lin or Su Huanian. The quality should be good.

They needed to be fast. If they were too slow, things could change. The camel was a mentally unstable guy. It might feel like fighting at first, but then lose interest or be attracted by something else and run away.

Su He carried Feng Yaya on his back and climbed up the mountain quickly. The golden-haired rat followed closely, trembling.

Even if it had morphed into a demon, it couldn’t escape the category of beasts in a short time.

After crossing a hill, a group of wolves blocked their path. The leader was a six-star exotic beast, and there were several three-star exotic beasts behind it.

Su He was in the third step of the Realm, but he had already crossed the fourth step and directly entered the fifth step.

He could suppress and fight against four-star exotic beasts, and even wear down five-star exotic beasts with endurance. He couldn’t defeat six-star exotic beasts, but in general, they couldn’t do anything to him.

For Su He, as long as he couldn’t break through their defense, the number of stars didn’t matter.


The leader, a six-star blue wolf, howled at Su He and exuded a strong killing intent.

Those familiar killing intent emanating from the wolf made Su He feel like he was back in the days when he was surrounded by wild wolves near a small pond.

But this year, the roles of attacker and defender had changed. Su He was the aggressor.

That’s how beasts were. Cause and effect didn’t matter, right and wrong didn’t matter, only strength mattered.


He tilted his head back and launched a water ball. The blue wolf dodged it and pounced, opening its bloodthirsty mouth and biting at Su He’s neck. At the same time, two five-star blue wolves attacked Su He’s hind legs from both sides.

The shadow of the mountain appeared, and the attacks were all instantaneous.

More than half of the True Blood had condensed, and the external shadow of the mountain became more solid.

Su He turned around and bit the six-star blue wolf, then cracked his tail like a whip, sending another blue wolf flying.

The treasure-hunting rat had already dug a hole and escaped, but it shouldn’t have had a chance to escape. Old Taoist Ge had placed a restriction on it. As long as there was a beginning and an end to the Suppression Prison incident, it would be released immediately.

A water ball from Su He exploded in the mouth of the six-star blue wolf, but it only broke its lips and tongue, not causing any real damage.

The defense of a six-star exotic beast was astonishing.

Unfortunately, he had only used the seventy-two silver needles once, and they were absorbed by the external shadow of the mountain during hibernation. Otherwise, he could have achieved a great feat.


A blue wolf roared, stood up like a human, and swiped its claw down. A sword-like energy slashed through the air and headed towards Su He.With a swoosh, a mark was slashed onto the shadow of the mountain, leaving a clear crack.

A wind blade?

One wolf made a successful attack, and the other green wolves immediately retreated, surrounding Su He from six meters away. One after another, wind blades were hurled towards him.

The shadow of the mountain was instantly riddled with holes, its recovery speed unable to keep up with the rate of damage.

Su He raised his head and let out a roar.

His divine might swept over, causing two three-star green wolves to collapse on the spot, their pupils dilating. The other green wolves also swayed, unable to stand steadily.

The attack paused.

In this instant, a sword aura burst out from the shadow of Su He’s mountain, heading straight for the three green wolves in front of him. Two four-star green wolves didn’t have time to dodge and were instantly cut in half at the waist.

The only remaining six-star green wolf in front of him roared furiously, slashing out a wind blade in retaliation. It too was swept by the sword aura, a slash mark extending from its neck to its abdomen.

The two five-star green wolves behind him turned and ran.

Deep in the mountains, the Wolf King sensed the changes on Wolf King Mountain and let out a roar, struggling to break free from the camel and rush over.

A voice came from the top of the mountain, “Big Turtle, run! The big dog is coming!”

Just now, facing the green wolves, Su He was met with a water ball, inside which was Feng Yaya. This was the tacit understanding between the turtle and the girl. If the green wolves shattered the water ball, Feng Yaya would seize the opportunity to give them a hard blow.

If not, this shot could send Feng Yaya to the top of the mountain. After picking the fruit, she would immediately run.

There were too many wolves on the mountain, not even a third of them were blocking Su He. The Wolf King roared, and immediately, green wolves from all directions rushed over.

“Big Turtle, let’s go!” Feng Yaya jumped over, shook out the treasure-seeking rat that had fainted underground, grabbed its tail, and jumped onto the turtle shell.

Su He turned around and ran, charging straight into the elephant water. The pack of wolves on the mountain chased him to the water’s edge, barking impotently.

Su He wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t.

He had already seen the fruit in Feng Yaya’s small bundle. It looked like a dragon fruit but was more vibrant. The petals on the outer skin seemed like dancing flames.

This was a Danyang fruit.

A real treasure. It was of great use to the Mysterious Moon Exotic Beast.

Especially when six of these fruits entered the external space, the dice fell, and four of them instantly turned into sixteen. The other two, one with two points and the other with three, had their quality improved.

He had his gift for his master!

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