Vol.1 – Chapter 063 – Sadness

On a quiet hill, a foul wind blew, followed by a sudden tiger roar.

Savage and brutal.


Then a long chant suppressed the tiger roar: “Ang~”

Majestic and distant, it sounded righteous and purified all evil. This was a unique characteristic of divine beasts, their roars cleansed the world.

A golden-haired mouse trembled at Su He’s feet, while a huge black tiger on the opposite hill bared its teeth and roared.

Four stars twinkled on the black tiger’s forehead.

A four-star exotic beast, one realm higher than Su He. Yet, it was being bullied and forced to retreat step by step, while Su He pressed on.

The black tiger roared, and two thick python-like evil ghosts sprang out, coiling around Su He.

It seemed that evil ghosts were a necessary skill for all tiger-like exotic beasts.

If it were half a year ago, Su He would have turned and left. But now, these two python-like evil ghosts couldn’t even cause him any trouble.

Su He raised his head and roared: “Roar!”

His divine might swept out, and the treasure-seeking mouse beside him fainted at the first glance. Then, the sound wave swept over, shattering the two python-like evil ghosts like porcelain, blowing them away piece by piece, disappearing into thin air.

Divine might directly struck the soul, it was most effective against evil ghosts and spirits.

The black tiger became even more timid and quietly retreated.

This turtle suddenly appeared out of nowhere and intruded into its territory, giving it a beating.

This thing wasn’t here to claim territory, the turtle’s territory was in the water, why was it running around on the mountain? It wasn’t here to steal a mate either, it didn’t even have one.

Just then, Feng Yaya’s voice came: “Got it, Big Turtle, let’s go!” She carried a small package and leaped from the mountain, landing on Su He’s turtle shell.

A refreshing fruit fragrance emanated from the package.

Feng Yaya chuckled, extending three fingers and pressing down one: “There are three lantern fruit trees near its nest, I picked two.”

The black tiger had been guarding these three lantern fruit trees for who knows how many years, but Feng Yaya couldn’t bring herself to take all of them.

In the past half month, with the treasure-seeking mouse, Su He had explored the lairs of various exotic beasts in the vicinity, and the harvest was quite abundant!

The black tiger, with its keen sense of smell, had already caught the scent of the lantern fruit and roared, charging towards them without hesitation.

It had been guarding these fruits for ten years, waiting for the moment to advance.

Su He roared, spitting out a water ball from his mouth, like a cannon, blasting the black tiger away.

The black tiger roared and howled, and Feng Yaya waved at it: “Big cat, no need to see us off, go guard your fruits, or they’ll be stolen by bad guys.”

There was still one left, enough for the big cat to advance.

The black tiger, which had charged up again, suddenly stopped and roared angrily, slapping a locust tree in half before turning and running towards its den.

This black tiger understood Feng Yaya’s words.

“Big Turtle, Big Turtle, put it away quickly.” Feng Yaya opened the small package and poured out more than twenty dripping red lantern fruits.

The fruits were brimming with spiritual energy.

These fruits had to be eaten immediately after picking or stored in a storage treasure, otherwise, their spiritual power would dissipate, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

After all, they were not naturally born treasures, just ordinary lantern fruits that grew in places with abundant spiritual energy, becoming slightly more extraordinary after many years.

The fruits were stored in an external space, and the dice appeared directly in the space.

In the past half month, with the help of the dice, Su He had obtained many treasures from the surrounding exotic beasts, and it had already consumed a lot of them.

The fruits had been turned into a hundred-fruit brew by the elixir lecturer in Leaving South Court, so there was no need to worry about being discovered by others when duplicating with the dice. Several medicinal herbs that had been scavenged were also refined into several elixirs.

If he could obtain two or three more top-quality treasures as the champion prize for the apprenticeship ceremony, it would be even more perfect.

If that wasn’t possible, he could only make up for it in quantity.

However, Su He was a bit reluctant to part with the hundred-fruit brew. Most of the fruits guarded by exotic beasts had extraordinary effects on advancement. In the past half month, Su He had consumed the hundred-fruit brew with excellent results, opening up more than a hundred and twenty acupoints.

The fusion of acupoints became more difficult as he progressed. For each acupoint opened, he needed to nurture one more, dispersing his spiritual power and enhancing his physical body, making it more difficult to open up the meridians.

However, these more than one hundred acupoints were all on the meridians where the turtle’s longevity and spiritual power circulated. Opening each acupoint made the circulation of spiritual power smoother. The true blood of the dragon turtle that could be condensed would also increase slightly.

With the treasure-seeking mouse in the sailor’s hand and Feng Yaya on the turtle shell, Su He went against the current and rushed towards Listening Sea Lake. Just after passing Beast-taming Valley, the water beneath him suddenly changed.

The originally rolling water suddenly became viscous, like mercury.

A sense of sadness emanated from the water.

Tears unconsciously flowed from Su He’s eyes, feeling as if the whole world had let him down, inexplicably filled with sorrow.

Feng Yaya, on his back, curled up, hugging her knees and murmuring something.

Even the unconscious treasure-seeking mouse struggled, trembling.

The cries of the beast pets in Beast-taming Valley resounded one after another.

People from all over Qingyuan Mountain cast their gazes in this direction. Someone’s envious voice sounded: “Senior Brother Ge is so lucky, is that his camel?”

“To use the power of emotions to condense the second Mysterious Moon. Can exotic beasts also have such delicate emotions?”

“Senior Uncle An, you’re joking. The emotions of beasts are purer than those of humans.” It was Xia Dali who spoke: “It’s just that Senior Brother Ge’s camel has experienced something. The second Mysterious Moon has actually been condensed with sorrow.”

On Longevity Island in Listening Sea Lake, Old Taoist Ge opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything, he just cursed his mother. This thing was heartless, eating and drinking every day, focusing only on stealing wine, and now it had sorrow?

Where was the reason in this?

“Damn it!”

As soon as the curse fell, the elephant water beneath Su He suddenly surged, and the sound of water turned into weeping. A camel burst out of the water, standing in mid-air, with two Mysterious Moons shining on its forehead.

The camel, which used to be carefree, now gave off a melancholic and sorrowful beauty.

It lowered its head and looked at Su He and Feng Yaya beneath it, emitting a low and long panting sound.Translated, it roughly means: You two heartless and unfaithful people, why did you come here to fetch me from my seclusion? Wouldn’t it be better to let me die here quietly, forgotten by the world, abandoned by everyone…

The camel’s voice carried the power of the Spirit Communication Chapter, and all cultivators could understand.

The gazes towards the water became strange. What terrifying story had occurred between this turtle, this camel, and this young girl?

Even Old Taoist Ge was dumbfounded.

The camel looked at the silently weeping Dragon Turtle and the girl, and fell silent for a moment: “Panting? Panting!”

Do you realize your mistakes? Regret leaving me behind that day? Seeing your sincere repentance… I forgive you!

Suddenly, it started hopping in the air, instantly becoming playful.

“Panting, panting!”

Turtle lad! Girl! Look, I’ve produced a new Mysterious Moon, isn’t it beautiful?

It can glow~

Panting, panting!

Come on, turtle lad, let’s fight!

I’ve leveled up, let’s fight!

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