Vol.1 – Chapter 065 – Prizes

Behind him, the green wolf howled, but no one dared to chase after him in the water.

The water is not the world of wolves. The greater the evolutionary gap, the more ordinary wild wolves can catch turtles in the water. Exotic beasts dare not compete with dragon turtles underwater.

The water is the domain of dragon turtles.

Su He carried Feng Yaya against the current and came all the way to Listening Sea Lake. Before reaching halfway, the camel caught up with him and bounced around him, extremely happy.

When the camel was brought into the Qingyuan Sect by Old Taoist Ge, it was only a six-star exotic beast. Several times, it almost died in the mouths of the green wolves.

No matter where they are, wolf packs are the natural enemies of camels. At that time, the Wolf King was a one-star exotic beast, suppressing the camel.

It wasn’t the means left by Old Taoist Ge, the camel would have died long ago.

The camel loves to drink and fight, which is a problem it developed recently. It can’t feel pain after drinking alcohol. Fighting can rapidly improve itself.

From six stars to seven stars, and then from seven stars to the camel advancing to the Mysterious Moon realm.

The camel has become a two-star Mysterious Moon, while the green wolves are still at one-star, and their realm is extremely stable.

This is the only time in many years that the green wolves have been completely suppressed, and they can be pressed against the ground.

In the past, even when advancing to the Mysterious Moon realm, the camel was still beaten by the green wolves and their pack.

Today, I also have a helper!

The camel neighed excitedly, panting and praising Su He.

Su He shook his head and threw a Dan Yang fruit to it. This thing is very beneficial for consolidating its realm.

The camel was stunned for a moment, bounced even more happily, and took a bite of the Dan Yang fruit, happily running back to Wolf King Mountain. It threw a flirtatious look at the Wolf King from afar, threw the Dan Yang fruit into the air, and caught it again in the air.

In front of it, it swallowed the Dan Yang fruit bite by bite.

A roar came from Wolf King Mountain, and the camel turned and ran. It had just advanced to a new ability and had not yet fully mastered it, so it was a bit difficult to fight the Wolf King.

After all, the Wolf King had long reached the edge of advancement and could only wait for the Dan Yang fruit to ripen.

But now, it has missed its chance!

The camel was excited.

Su He’s speed was extremely fast, and half a day later, he could already sense the surging water elemental power of Listening Sea Lake.

Listening Sea Lake is rich in spiritual energy, and the surrounding environment changes with it. The most intuitive change is that occasional one-star exotic beasts can be seen in Listening Sea Lake.

There was even a two-star Giant Salamander that once wanted to challenge Su He’s position and occupy Listening Sea Lake.

Su He didn’t kill it, he had a natural fondness for the Giant Salamander.

Now, the Giant Salamander submits to Su He every day.

The arrangements on Listening Sea Lake have been completed. Twenty-eight small islands have been occupied. This place is only an activity area, and Qingyuan Sect has made other arrangements for the residence of guests.

Cave mansions and courtyards have appeared in the mountains, but they do not appear abrupt. They blend in with the environment, as if there have always been courtyards here.

There is still a month and a half before apprenticeship, but some guests have already arrived early.

The shops of Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion, Jing’an Hall, and Evergreen Peak have also opened.

Every time Qingyuan Sect has an event, it is their time to show off.

The largest island on Listening Sea Lake is occupied by Old Taoist Ge to entertain guests, named Longevity Island. Longevity means both the master and disciple are turtles.

Old Taoist Ge’s second body is a grass turtle. In the cultivation world, several bodies are equally important, all representing the same person. There is no problem saying that Old Taoist Ge is a pure-blooded turtle.

Su He first went to Longevity Island to meet his master, leaving Feng Yaya to Gu Lin, and then slowly sank into the water.

Fish and shrimp swam around him, water plants swayed, and the sunlight flickered. It seems that Listening Sea Lake is becoming clearer day by day, and Su He is increasingly enjoying staying underwater.

Watching small fish searching for food, listening to crabs building nests. It’s another good spring.

Full of vitality.

Su He slowly closed his eyes, and the longevity breath of the turtle began to slowly circulate.

For cultivators, everything is illusory, only cultivation level is the most real.

This is especially true for beasts.

Su He has never forgotten what is the foundation of his existence.

The bloodline of the dragon turtle, a promising future.

As time passed day by day, the day of apprenticeship was approaching.

During these days, Su He only left Listening Sea Lake twice. One time, he went to the mountains to collect honey. It was a place discovered by a little fairy from Qingping Mountain.

A nest of mysterious bees hid in the mountains and had built a honeycomb the size of a small building.

Only the queen bee of the mysterious bees is a three-star exotic beast, occasionally there are one-star worker bees, and most of them are strong bees that have not yet reached the exotic beast realm. But in the mountains, they are invincible.

A single mysterious bee can even fight an ordinary person. But once the mysterious bees gather in groups, unless they reach the Demon Subduing Realm, the only way is to flee.

If you want to collect honey, you must have an external shadow like Su He, so that any attack can be withstood without harm.

After going out, there were a few more honeycombs in the external space, and the honey was as abundant as oil.

There was another time when the harvest was even greater. Ten days ago, when he saw the treasure-seeking rat, Su He suddenly realized. This guy is not a demon of Qingyuan, but secretly infiltrated Qingyuan Sect. That shallow beach where crocodiles suddenly gathered, there must be treasures.

The rat demon was timid, Su He only glanced at it, and it obediently confessed.An exotic beast, a five-star crocodile, had been injured somewhere and died on the shallow beach. Its body had been eaten by other crocodiles. However, before it died, it laid a clutch of eggs on the beach.

At this moment, thirty-two crocodile eggs lay quietly in the external space. The eggs carried the aura of exotic beasts. Once these thirty little fellows hatched, they would be exotic beasts!

These were the real treasures.

As the days passed, one day after Su He finished his cultivation, a voice transmission drifted into his ears.

“Dragon Turtle Senior Uncle, could you come out for a moment?”

It was You Xu from Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion. He was in charge of all the activities outside during Su He’s apprenticeship.

Su He swished his tail and floated to the surface, his dragon head breaking through the water.

Immediately, there was an uproar.

“It’s really a Dragon Turtle!”

“What a strong aura of a Divine Beast.”

“Could it really transform into a Divine Beast?”

Listening Sea Lake was filled with guests. Small boats carrying guests swayed on the lake, shuttling between the twenty-eight islands.

The houses in the mountains and forests outside the lake were also full of people.

Calculating carefully, it turned out that there were only twenty days left until the Seventh of July.

The day of the apprenticeship was getting closer.

Hearing the exclamations of the people around him, You Xu felt proud and bowed to Su He, “Senior Uncle, the four major arenas will start their competitions tomorrow. Do you want to announce the prizes?”

The noisy voices suddenly fell silent.

Everyone turned their eyes to Su He.

The visitors were guests, mostly the younger generation brought by Old Taoist Ge’s friends. They were mostly familiar with each other. Even if they hadn’t met, they had heard of each other, or at least heard of each other’s elders.

The competition was supposed to be a form of exchange – at least in name. But the more familiar they were, the more they wanted to win. If there were generous prizes at this time, it would be even more perfect.

Many people looked at Su He with hopeful eyes, but there were also those who scrutinized him.

A turtle, even with the bloodline of a Divine Turtle, couldn’t possibly produce treasures out of thin air. What kind of prizes could it offer? If it had to ask the elders for treasures as rewards for the younger generation’s competition, then this Divine Turtle was nothing special.

Just as they were thinking this, they saw the Dragon Turtle take out a few medicinal herbs from its spatial treasure. Their grades were all around the third grade of Transcend Mortality.

Among cultivators, grades ranged from one to seven, with the higher the number, the higher the grade, which was the opposite of ordinary people. This was because the grades of cultivators were constantly updated. For example, for elixirs, the highest grade today might be seven, but someone might refine a higher grade tomorrow, which would be directly named as grade eight. If it were the other way around, with grade one being the highest, it would be difficult to determine the grades.

However, these were just herbs of the third grade of Transcend Mortality. The hopeful and scrutinizing eyes of the crowd instantly turned into disappointment. Even You Xu’s face couldn’t hide his embarrassment.

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