Vol.1 – Chapter 062 – Grand finale

It took only two hours to come here against the current, but it took nearly a day to return with the current. It was already dark when Su He arrived at Listening Sea Lake and left the crocodile in the lake. He glanced at the still sleeping Feng Yaya and hurriedly headed towards Beast-taming Valley.


Old Taoist Ge's small courtyard was outside Beast-taming Valley, adjacent to Xiangshui. It was convenient for him to reveal his turtle body and manage the territory of Xiangshui.


Su He rushed into the courtyard and searched inside and outside but did not see Old Taoist Ge's figure.


He didn't know where Old Taoist Ge went, and the child was not at home either.


Just as he was thinking about whether to collide with Old Taoist Ge's divine sense at the second formation, a voice came from above his head, "Disciple, are you looking for me?"


Su He looked up and saw a strange beast sitting on top of a pillar in the courtyard. It looked like a wild leopard with a white body.


This was Master's third body, Meng Ji!


As a cultivator in the Demon Morphing Realm, each realm had a corresponding body. The Transcend Mortality Realm could condense the second body, and the Demon Subduing Realm could condense the third body.


Old Taoist Ge's third body was a common wild leopard, gradually advancing step by step and transforming into Meng Ji.


Meng Ji was good at hiding and always made people subconsciously ignore him. Unless someone had been marked by Old Taoist Ge, it was difficult to associate him with anything related to Old Taoist Ge, even if they encountered something related to Old Taoist Ge.


Even people with a vague impression of him would forget his existence.


This was an excellent beast body for lurking and ambushing. It was the foundation of Old Taoist Ge's standing.


The leopard leaped down from the pillar and transformed into a sloppy old Taoist.


"Where did you find a treasure-seeking rat? Judging from its appearance, it's about to advance to an exotic beast," Old Taoist Ge looked at the golden-haired rat in Su He's hand.




Speak! Su He tightened his grip, and the golden-haired rat squeaked.


"Ouch, ouch, ouch, I'm here, please be gentle, my small body can't withstand such a grip."


"A demon?" Old Taoist Ge was surprised.


Treasure-seeking rats were already rare, and this species had a bit of divinity. They could always find various treasures. The name "rat" was well-deserved.


It was even rarer for a treasure-seeking rat to become a demon.


Treasure-seeking rats themselves had the nature of "exotic beasts" and naturally disliked Demon Morphing Fruits. Under normal circumstances, they would not eat Demon Morphing Fruits unless they were forcibly fed.


Who had the audacity to participate in the competition for Demon Morphing Fruits? Could they bear the consequences?


Even Old Taoist Ge's third body, which was easy to ignore, did not dare to participate casually.


Su He said, and explained today's events.


The old Taoist laughed and took a sip of wine, "I already know about this. We old guys will handle it. You just focus on your cultivation."


Old man Qiao sent a message in the morning. Old Taoist Ge had been thinking about it all day and quietly investigated, gaining some insights but feeling that it was unlikely.


Yu Yue and Ge Hong had both passed away a century ago, so it was normal for them to die, especially Ge Hong, who was his only blood relative left by his younger brother. How could he not investigate it thoroughly?


There was no problem with death.


But Shui Jing happened to see them in the Suppression Prison. Qiao Changlun quietly checked his memory, and Shui Jing did not lie.


Old Taoist Ge suddenly felt that the Qingyuan Sect had become unfamiliar.


He looked up at Qingyuan Mountain, where the main peak, Changsheng Hall, stood proudly.


Feng Yiju hadn't even set up a formation, so anyone could investigate.


Old Taoist Ge fell into contemplation, and Su He put down the treasure-seeking rat, saluted, and left to swim back to Listening Sea Lake.


The two groups of crocodiles in Listening Sea Lake did not fight each other. The new crocodiles found their own places to nest. They looked puzzled as they watched the old crocodile hunting and offering it to the Dragon Turtle.


Perhaps because the spiritual energy in Listening Sea Lake had doubled, the taste of the newly born small fish had improved a lot. In a few more years and generations, it should become even more delicious.


After eating his fill, Su He slowly submerged into the water. The spiritual energy at the bottom of the water was even more concentrated than on the surface.


With the longevity decision of the turtle, Su He slowly closed his eyes and contemplated his own path.


After Old Taoist Ge gave him two secret manuals, he no longer paid attention to him, which meant that it was possible to directly perform the bone sacrifice without going through the "sense realm".


The so-called resistance to injuries was just a joke.


Su He recalled the content of the "Qingyuan Bone Sacrifice" chapter. To perform the bone sacrifice, one must first merge the acupoints. Previously, merging acupoints, performing bone sacrifices, and forging the viscera were three separate realms. Later, they were classified into the same realm, all of which were exercises to temper the physical body and transform the body's Dao rhyme.


In Su He's case, it meant transforming his body into that of a dragon turtle. Letting the true blood circulate throughout his body and turning his ordinary turtle body into a true dragon turtle.


Cultivators merged acupoints by circulating spiritual energy and forcefully opening the acupoints. Su He couldn't do that. He had to use the true blood of the dragon turtle to perform the bone sacrifice, but he didn't know where to start.


The meridians were in the veins, not the blood vessels!


Su He was worried and couldn't figure it out even after thinking for a long time. So he decided to follow the same method as ordinary cultivators and first circulate spiritual energy to surge into an extraordinary acupoint on his left front paw.


This acupoint was not on the route of the longevity decision of the turtle, so even if there was a mistake, it would not affect his cultivation. The "Qingyuan Bone Sacrifice" chapter stated that after merging acupoints, one must repeatedly nourish them, otherwise the acupoints would close.


If there was a mistake, he would just ignore it and wait for the acupoint to close on its own.


The spiritual energy in his body circulated, surged out of the meridians, condensed at his left front paw, and became more and more concentrated, forming a solid ball of spiritual energy. The entire paw was faintly glowing.


Then, he directly guided it into the acupoint and released it suddenly.




His paw hurt, and the acupoint suddenly opened.


Su He felt as if there was a nail in his heart. His inner vision quickly moved into his mind's eye. He saw the virtual image of the dragon turtle in his mind's eye, with a faint glow on its left front paw.


Carefully sensing, it felt as if there was a nail that connected the paw of the virtual image of the dragon turtle in his mind's eye with his own paw. A trace of Dao rhyme flowed into his body through that nail.


The stagnant true blood began to condense again at this moment.


It worked!


Su He was overjoyed and focused his attention on finding an acupoint on his right front paw, following the same method.


Nail, conduit, and connection.


This method was correct. Su He found the path forward.


He opened thirteen acupoints that night, and even tried to open an acupoint in one of the seven diagrams of the cultivation technique.Without affecting the operation of his cultivation method, there was even a slight improvement.


Su He was overjoyed.


The sky above the water surface was already bright. Su He swam up to the surface, and Feng Yaya, who had woken up at some unknown time, was nibbling on a bun at the edge of the island, her little feet kicking about.


Her small hands held the bun, her entire face buried in it.


Seeing Su He surface, she immediately laughed with a silver bell-like sound, offering her bun: "Big Turtle!"


Su He responded with a long chant.


In the distance, a disciple was approaching with a group of yellow-turbaned strongmen, walking on the water. From afar, he saluted Su He and said, "Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, I am You Xu from the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion, here to set up the venue for the master-disciple ceremony!"


This early?


Su He glanced over, the number of yellow-turbaned strongmen setting up the venue was even more than those who had set up the formation for him that day.


You Xu respectfully said, "Ancestor Ge has a wide range of friends, and many seniors from afar will arrive early. When the time comes, there will be many Daoist friends, so we need to set up temporary markets, arenas, teahouses, auction houses, and discussion venues…"


Ancestor Ge's acceptance of disciples was akin to a large-scale gathering of cultivators. It was impossible to have everyone drink tea here for several days, then attend a master-disciple ceremony and return.


Various activities would be arranged every day.


"Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, have you prepared the finale item for the auction? Do you need me to print the booklets in advance?" No matter how many activities there were, they couldn't overshadow the protagonist's presence, so most activities had to have either Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle or Ancestor Ge as the finale.


For the Demon Subduing Realm's auction, Ancestor Ge had sent six treasures, enough to be the finale.


The treasures for the Transcend Mortality Realm were supposed to be prepared by Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, but they hadn't arrived yet.


Su He: "?"


"There's also the arena competition. The Demon Subduing Realm doesn't have an arena, but the Transcend Mortality Realm has four arenas for combat, alchemy, formations, and talisman methods. Will Senior Uncle only reward the top three or the top ten? Do you need me to help package the prizes?"


As the host, Su He naturally couldn't personally participate in the arena competition. Winning or losing would both look bad. As long as he prepared abundant prizes, he would save face.


Su He: "??"


"Do you want to add a few more arenas? Swordsmanship, magic, celestial cooking… you can add as many as you want. It's just that setting up the prizes will cost you. Also, you should set up a stall to sell some treasures at a low price, as a little benefit for the juniors who come to celebrate for you."


Su He: "???"


His expression gradually became strange. Why were there all these things? Why did he have to prepare them?


Wasn't the master-disciple ceremony just about kowtowing and serving tea?


You Xu's voice gradually lowered as he spoke, "Senior… Senior Uncle, you haven't prepared yet?"


Su He was silent: I didn't even know I had to do all these things! And you're making it difficult for a turtle! I'm so poor I don't even have clothes to wear!


You Xu's mouth fell open, "Senior… Senior Uncle… these are common knowledge in the cultivation world, all taught in Leaving South Court."


Su He was even more depressed.


Don't talk to me, I skipped class to hibernate, I didn't learn anything, and now the students of Leaving South Court are about to graduate.


"Senior Uncle, these must be prepared. Otherwise, it would be a joke, and you would really become famous in the cultivation world."


Aren't Divine Beasts supposed to be full of treasures? The shed shells, scales, and nails could easily be used as prizes.


And Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, with such a large Daoist Temple, surely you've never operated it? Those rare fish and shrimp, if caught, would make great prizes too!


Su He didn't have any. In the month since he woke up from hibernation, Su He had collected all the shed turtle shells with his innate sense, absorbed them with his Divine Ability, Mountain Bearing, and turned them into his defense.


He was going to be famous.


Su He slapped the water and rushed towards Beast-taming Valley.


Master, give me back the treasure-seeking mouse first!

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