Vol.1 – Chapter 059 – Sacrificial Bone

Su He watched as Yu Lin rode his sword and felt a bit envious, wondering when he could fly as well.


A flying turtle sounded a bit strange.


It probably wasn't a normal kind of flight. It was very likely that even if it flew, it would be accompanied by waves of water, walking on the waves in the sky.


The second class was Ge Feng's Daoist class.


The Daoist class didn't teach specific techniques, but rather the common knowledge of cultivation: the introduction of various specialized terms in techniques, the detailed explanation of various realms.


Su He was currently in the True Blood Realm.


During hibernation, he had exchanged about one-third of his blood for Dragon Turtle True Blood. The speed of condensing True Blood had noticeably slowed down this month.


Su He always felt that he might have gone astray. He was different from ordinary cultivators. The blood of ordinary cultivators circulated in their minds, supported by divine objects in their minds, transforming ordinary blood into True Blood containing Daoist charm.


But Su He had to actually produce Dragon Turtle True Blood and only let the original blood carry the charm of the Dragon Turtle. This step should change from the root.


First, refine the bone marrow and then the spleen, so that the newly created blood in the body is directly Dragon Turtle True Blood.


Su He consulted his master, Old Taoist Ge, who smiled and gave him a book called "Qingyuan Sacrificial Bone" and a book called "Five Emperors Returning to Origin Diagram", telling him to boldly practice whatever he had in mind. The Dragon Turtle's body was strong and could withstand it.


Su He was confused.


This was too unreliable. Cultivation should be done step by step, how could it be so casual?


The seven steps of transcending mortality: Mind's Eye, Divine Object, True Blood, Sense Realm, Sacrificial Bone, Enlightenment, Gathering Essence. After True Blood, it should be the Sense Realm.


By condensing True Blood, if the True Blood Daoist charm is enough, one can break open the Sense Realm and condense Divine Sense, and cultivators can practice techniques, talismans, and so on.


The amount of True Blood Daoist charm required to break open the Sense Realm varies from person to person. Some can break open the Sense Realm with only three parts of Daoist charm, while others need six or seven parts.


It's not that the earlier it is opened, the better. The easier it is to break open the Sense Realm, the more fragile the Sense Realm is, and the Divine Sense that can be condensed will not be powerful. Even in the Enlightenment Realm, one cannot condense the Sense Bead.


According to reason, Su He's Dragon Turtle True Blood should be equivalent to the Daoist charm True Blood of other cultivators. He had already condensed thirty percent of True Blood, but he didn't feel any urge to break open the Sense Realm.


The condensation of True Blood was stagnant again.


On the stage, Ge Feng had finished explaining the Sense Realm yesterday and was now starting the Sacrificial Bone Realm. Occasionally, he would insert a small advertisement for the Beast-taming Valley.


"The Sacrificial Bone Realm is divided into three steps. The first step is to use the power of True Blood to strike the acupoints, making the acupoints like nails, pinning the flesh, bones, and muscles together, closely connected.


The second step is to use the acupoints as the point, along with the bones, to refine the bones with the infiltration of True Blood. The third step is to temper the five viscera and six bowels. At this point, the body and the skin are filled with the Dao. This step can extend one's lifespan to three hundred years."


Everyone listened with longing.


The Great Dao is ethereal and cannot be directly observed, but lifespan and techniques are what cultivators pursue. Condensing True Blood can extend one's lifespan to one hundred and twenty years, and breaking open the Sense Realm to condense Divine Sense can allow one to live up to one hundred and eighty years. Achieving the Sacrificial Bone Realm can extend one's life to three hundred years, which has completely transcended the limits of mortals.


While listening to the class, Su He pondered his own path. Unconsciously, he had already left the class, and a soft voice sounded in his ear, "Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, do you have any appointments recently?"


Su He looked over and saw a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl whom he had never seen before in Leaving South Court.


"I have eight mu of spiritual fields in Qingping Mountain. If Senior Uncle has no appointments, can you help me water the fields? I'll pay you the market price."


Su He's eyes lit up.


As a disciple of Old Taoist Ge, his status was equivalent to True Transmission, and he couldn't neglect sect tasks.


Qingyuan Sect had three types of tasks: sect tasks, fellow disciples' commissions, and external commissions.


Other disciples had no requirements, but True Transmission disciples had to complete three sect tasks every year, and their achievements had to reach three hundred. Otherwise, the exchange of techniques and the monthly allowance of disciples would be affected.


It was straightforward.


Su He's current inheritance from his own lineage did not require achievements, but learning from other lineages would cost him. And the three hundred achievements of True Transmission disciples had to be earned by himself.


Su He couldn't leave Qingyuan to do high-achieving tasks, so he had to think of another way.


For example, watering the fields!


Qingyuan Sect had abundant rainfall, but ordinary rainwater couldn't be used for watering the spiritual fields. It required the True Transmission realm to master the true transmission of rain and use the Rain-spreading Technique.


The rainwater brought by magical power contained spiritual power.


Su He didn't know the Rain-spreading Technique, but the water flow condensed by his Water Manipulation Divine Ability had more abundant spiritual power. And Su He didn't charge much, only one achievement for thoroughly watering one mu of spiritual fields.


Su He raised his head.


Today there was a task, and tomorrow he would rest in Leaving South Court. He would go to Qingping Mountain to find her.


The disciple left satisfied.


Su He left Leaving South Court and climbed down the Elephant Waterfall, heading towards Listening Sea Lake.


He climbed onto a small island and saw that Feng Yaya hadn't woken up yet, so Su He swam directly west.


Yesterday, he received a sect task to drive away a large number of crocodiles gathering at the shallow beach outside He'an City, eight hundred miles away. The fishing, farming, and even the safety of the people in the city were threatened.


He'an City was called a city, but it was actually a small town with only over three thousand people. But its origin was extraordinary. Those who could build a city within the Qingyuan Sect's territory were all descendants of Qingyuan.


He'an City was the descendant of Elder Luo of Evergreen Peak. Elder Luo was over eight hundred years old. Although he only had one son, the family had over a hundred people after five generations.


Unfortunately, not everyone had the aptitude for cultivation. So they settled not far from Qingyuan Mountain and became a small town after hundreds of years.


Recently, the people in the town burned incense and contacted their ancestors, informing them of the time when the crocodiles appeared outside He'an City. Elder Luo directly issued the task, and Su He quickly snatched it.


Driving away crocodiles was his specialty.Eight hundred miles upstream along the Elephant River, two hours later, Su He was already outside He'an City. Before reaching the shallow beach, he could hear the sound similar to the croaking of crocodiles and frogs. Su He swam over.


This was where the crocodiles nested, in large groups. By his estimate, there were at least a hundred of them, no less than his own crocodile beach.


Su He raised his head and let out a long howl, "Ang~"


From today on, I am the leader here, all crocodiles gather!


The crocodiles glanced at him, but no one paid him any attention.


Instead, two young boys who were peeping from the shore screamed and ran away, "There's an Exotic Beast! A turtle-like Exotic Beast!"


Su He ignored them and just looked at the crocodiles.


These guys needed to be taught a lesson. Su He was a massive creature, standing in front of the crocodiles, he was several times larger than them. Yet, these guys didn't even have a sense of crisis.


One of them even started to challenge him.


Lonely and arrogant!


Get lost.


Su He swam over, opened his mouth and bit its tail, swung it around and threw it out. The crocodile hit the water surface and immediately rolled its eyes. It took a while to recover, then it screamed in pain and ran away.


Su He was like a lion among sheep, chasing after them and swinging each crocodile onto the water surface.


The crocodiles that could compete with him half a year ago were now like chicks.


Su He did not use his Divine Ability, dealing with beasts, only bare-handed combat could show the most remarkable effect.


These guys needed to be taught a lesson, after a beating, they would recognize the leader, and he would drive them back to Listening Sea Lake to expand the crocodile population.


Su He fought from the easternmost part of the shallow beach to the westernmost part, and then back from the west. Some crocodiles resisted and bit him, but they couldn't even provoke his external appearance.


Even if Su He retracted his external appearance and let them bite, it didn't hurt at all.


In the distance, people in He'an City were sneakily observing. Seeing Su He beating the crocodiles, some were applauding while others were worried.


They were afraid that the Exotic Beast outside would drive away the crocodiles, and then the Exotic Beast would occupy the shallow beach.


Life would become even more difficult.


As Su He was beating the crocodiles, he saw a Taoist nun standing on the shore with a Fairy Sword in her hand, quietly watching him.

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