Vol.1 – Chapter 060 – Suppression Prison

The water is calm!

Do you want revenge?

Su He stopped torturing the crocodile and looked at her.

There was an indescribable emptiness in Water Jing’s eyes, as if she had lost interest in everything. After staring at Su He for a while, her eyes finally focused.

Looking at Su He, Water Jing said quietly, “You killed Ling Ling.”

It was unclear whether it was a statement or a question.

She slowly drew out her Fairy Sword and said, “Take my sword and settle our grievances.”

Su He was furious!

Who the hell do you think you are, acting like you’re the victim? You brought this upon yourself, and yet you have the audacity to talk about settling grievances?


A roar echoed as a shadow appeared on Su He’s back.

Su He slapped the water and charged towards Water Jing. This woman had only condensed her Yuan Pearl at the age of three hundred, and her cultivation level was not high. After being imprisoned in the Suppression Prison for several months, she could be defeated in a battle.


With a roar, Su He unleashed his divine power, causing the crocodiles around them to faint one by one.

Water Jing, who was in the center of the roar, turned pale and almost fell to the ground. Just then, Su He’s water wave hit her, and with a splash, she was sent flying and landed heavily on the muddy beach, covered in mud and looking disheveled.

She struggled but couldn’t get up.

Her face became even paler, like paper.

Playing the victim? This was their specialty.

Su He instantly focused all his attention and prepared himself. After all, Water Jing was someone who had condensed her Yuan Pearl and could ride a sword. How could she not withstand the divine power of a roar?

Water Jing struggled in the mud, supporting her body with one hand and holding her forehead with the other. Veins bulged on her forehead as she experienced immense pain.

It wasn’t an act.

Su He confirmed that there was no killing intent in this woman, only an endless sense of death. She no longer wanted to live.

There was also no malice or ambush in the surroundings.

Su He cautiously approached, and Water Jing struggled to look at him. When he reached her side, she weakly raised her Fairy Sword and tremblingly stabbed towards Su He.

It was a feeble attack, and it took all her strength to barely touch Su He’s turtle shell, without even triggering its defensive mechanism.

The defensive mechanism didn’t even consider this an attack.

When the Fairy Sword touched the turtle shell, it made a slight collision sound. Water Jing’s face showed a hint of a smile, and her eyes were filled with relief. “Settling our grievances.”

Su He remained silent for a while before roaring in a low voice.

She’s insane!

Water Jing fell into the mud and laughed.

Indeed, she was insane. How else could she have raised a disciple who turned out to be heartless and ungrateful?

She would never forget the bee that Qiao Ling had sent with Lu Ming, carrying Qiao Ling’s message: Master, it’s cold!

It wasn’t an apology, regret, or complaint.

It was just a cry with a hint of coldness.

Water Jing couldn’t bear it anymore. Qiao Ling was like her own daughter, despite the nominal relationship of master and disciple. She had watched Qiao Ling grow up from a tiny bean.

She watched as Qiao Ling was imprisoned in the Suppression Prison, but she was powerless to help. She wanted to hate someone, but didn’t know who to blame. She only blamed herself for being powerless and unable to teach her well.

She sold all the spiritual medicines from Jing Shui Mountain for five hundred years, bought a set of tattered clothes and magical instruments, bribed the guards of the Suppression Prison, and secretly sent them to Qiao Ling.

But the result…

She didn’t mind taking the blame for her disciple. If Qiao Ling had asked, she would have agreed to switch identities and take her place in prison. That place was too cold and miserable, and although she was angry, she couldn’t bear to see her suffer there.

However, just as she bent down to help her disciple put on the clothes and magical instruments, thirty silver needles condensed with true energy pierced her brain, controlling her entire body without any hesitation or hesitation.

At that moment, Water Jing didn’t feel any pain. She only felt that the whole world had collapsed.

Water Jing stayed in the Suppression Prison without any resistance or thoughts of leaving. She didn’t think about anything, just went to work in the mines every day and then numbly stayed there until someone discovered her secret.

She even resisted being released from prison. She didn’t know how to face Qiao Ling after being released.

Killing one’s own master was a heinous crime in any sect.

After leaving the prison, she didn’t even know how she returned to Jing Shui Mountain. It was only when she arrived that she realized Jing Shui Mountain was gone, Lu Ming was dead, and Qiao Ling was also dead.

Only Xiao Yu Lin, who had gone out to play, survived, but she was now lifeless, guarding herself in a desert.

It’s time to go back. Xiao Yu Lin is waiting for her at home.

Water Jing struggled to get up from the mud and walked unsteadily back.

After walking seven or eight steps, she turned back quietly and looked at Su He. “I won’t be able to see the First Seat, the Elders, or the Sect Leader. If you see those high-ranking figures, tell them that something has happened in the Suppression Prison.”

After saying this, she didn’t say anything more and forced herself to leave. After walking ten zhang, she drew out her Fairy Sword and sat on it, swaying as the sword carried her forward.

But just as she flew two li away, she fell down, only to be lifted up by a gentle breeze and landed lightly on the ground.

When she opened her eyes, she saw an old man dressed in a long green robe standing in front of her. He looked somewhat familiar.

Qiao Changlun touched her forehead, and it felt like water flowing, bringing a coolness into her mind. Then, a pill was placed in her mouth.

This girl was seriously injured. Her brain and soul were injured by someone, and she was further injured by the roar of the Dragon Turtle. She didn’t expect the little Dragon Turtle to have such power, its roar could directly shake the soul.

The pill entered her stomach and spread throughout her body.

Water Jing regained consciousness and saw the old man in front of her. She immediately bowed, “Disciple, Water Jing… I’ve seen Qiao…”Qiao Changlun waved his hand, “You can dispense with the formalities in your current state. You mentioned something happened at the Suppression Prison, what’s the reason?”

Shui Jing showed a hint of confusion. Did Senior Uncle Qiao hear what she said to the Dragon Turtle? That’s right, a Divine Beast like the Dragon Turtle would definitely have a protector. She didn’t expect that it would be Senior Uncle Qiao himself.

She paused for a moment before saying, “I saw Sister Yu Yue and Brother Ge Hong at the Suppression Prison mine. Although it was just a fleeting glance, I’m certain it was them.”

A sharp light flashed across Qiao Changlun’s eyes.

Enforcement Hall, Suppression Prison.

The Suppression Prison was divided into three levels. The top level was for imprisoning disciples who had made mistakes. The middle level was not a prison, but a mine for Netherstone, where the imprisoned disciples were required to mine.

Netherstone was the biggest source of income for the Qingyuan Sect.

There was another level below, where the great enemies and demons that the Qingyuan Sect had accumulated over thousands of years were imprisoned.

These people were trapped in a golden tower. The tower floated up and down, absorbing the true essence of the prisoners inside and sealing a hole about ten feet below.

Inside the hole was a mass of gray-black fog filled with despair, rolling and trying to break out, but it was firmly blocked by a layer of light from the golden tower.

A roar came from inside the hole.

At this moment, two figures suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hole. They looked at each other, each took out an elixir and swallowed it, and then walked into the hole hand in hand. If Shui Jing were here, she would definitely recognize these two as Yu Yue and Ge Hong.

“Elder Ge is indeed a great talent. Where did this elixir come from? It can actually dispel these prison ghosts.” The one who spoke was Ge Hong, who surprisingly bore some resemblance to Elder Ge.

The one accompanying him, Yu Yue, chuckled, “It wasn’t found, Brother. Can’t you smell the scent of Little Girl on the elixir? This must be an elixir refined by Little Girl.”

Ge Hong was taken aback, a hint of affection appearing in his eyes, “Little Girl?”

“The last time we met, it was when Sister Su was crossing the thunder tribulation. Little Girl was only seven days old. In the blink of an eye, it’s already been sixty years. Has that little girl grown up and started refining elixirs for us?”

“Almost!” Yu Yue said with a smile on her face, “Sixty years have passed in a flash. According to the Sect Leader, we will see the light of day again in a few days.”

“I wonder if my uncle and elder brother will be surprised to see me still alive?” Ge Hong said, anticipation in his eyes.

Yu Yue covered her mouth and giggled, “Elder Ge will probably whip you!”

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