Vol.1 – Chapter 058 – Panels

Su He found a familiar spot and lay down. This was the southern edge of the classroom, and his body was too big. If he lay in the front, it would block the view of others.


After evolving, his eyesight became very good, even at night he could see clearly. It didn't matter where he was, as long as there was sunlight.


Just because Su He had a dragon head and a dragon tail, and his appearance was closer to a dragon turtle, it didn't mean he had left the category of turtles. He was still a warm-blooded animal and still liked the sun, and still wanted to eat shrimp.


As soon as he lay down, a disciple quietly approached him. "Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, have you heard?"


The disciple looked like a thief. "Senior Uncle Shuijing from Jingshui Mountain is in trouble."


Su He was stunned for a moment before realizing who it was. Qiao Ling's master, the nun who had confronted him in court. She wasn't very smart and was extremely protective of her disciples.


After Lu Ming was disabled, he hid in her Jingshui Mountain. Su He used a camel's palm to turn the entire mountain into a desert.


Hmm, come to think of it, I haven't seen the camel in a long time. I wonder where that guy went. He hasn't appeared for a month.


Su He lowered his dragon head and looked at the disciple.


At that time, Shuijing was not on the mountain, and later she was very worried that she would come for revenge. Could it be that she did something and was beaten by her master?


It shouldn't be. Although Old Taoist Ge didn't dress well, he wouldn't do something like bullying the weak.


The disciple whispered, "Shuijing was found in the Suppression Prison. Last year, she went to the prison to visit her disciple and then left. It was actually her disciple who imprisoned her in the prison and changed their appearances using some means. She was only discovered in the prison the day before yesterday."


"Her soul was imprisoned, and she could only eat, sleep, and dig for Ming Stones like a walking corpse. It was only by chance that she was discovered when meals were delivered."


Su He was speechless and didn't know what to say.


The Suppression Prison held many dangerous prisoners, even enemies of the sect. And it was so lax?


Did Yu Housheng and Feng Yiju lose their minds? The Qingyuan Sect valued the Enforcement Hall and the Suppression Prison, otherwise they wouldn't have promoted the Hall Master to the position of First Seat in order to demonstrate the authority of the Enforcement Hall.


From top to bottom in the Qingyuan Sect, there was the Sect Leader, First Seat, Hall Master, Enforcement Officer, True Transmission, and ordinary disciples. Former First Seats and Hall Masters who had retired were respected as elders. They didn't hold any official positions, but they had supervisory powers. In urgent situations, the Seven Meridians Elders could dismiss the Sect Leader.


The Seven Meridians Elders were the former First Seats of the Seven Meridians. Feng Yaya's grandfather was the former Hall Master of the Sword Cleansing Pool.


There might be hidden reasons or other factors behind the Suppression Prison incident. With so many elders and former First Seats, there was no need for a newly appointed Divine Beast to worry about it.


But Shuijing shouldn't cause trouble because he killed Qiao Ling.


That was good news.


On the podium, Yu Lin seemed to have not noticed the actions of the person and the turtle. In fact, whenever Su He was in his class, Yu Lin pretended not to see anything.


Whenever he saw Su He, he would think of the scene when he taught at the Crocodile Beach, forcing the crocodiles to raise their hands and call their names, taking off his clothes and dancing recklessly, and urinating around the stone platform – that stone platform was likely the Divine Turtle's sunbathing stone!


At that time, he was deceived by Lu Ming with an enticing task and left the sect. When he returned two months later, he heard that a Divine Turtle had appeared in the Listening Sea Lake.


Yu Lin was shocked.


Lu Ming's grandson only told him that the turtle couldn't morph into a demon, but didn't mention that it was a Divine Beast!


What's the difference between a Divine Beast and a demon? They both died!


When Su He came to attend the talisman class, Yu Lin didn't even know how the class ended that day. He only knew that half of Leaving South Court was destroyed by his talisman.


Today's class was about the enhancement and limitation of elemental talismans under specific conditions. It was taught from the basics to the advanced level and was very good.


The courses in Leaving South Court were not about teaching real techniques, but to give new disciples a basic understanding of cultivation. Only when they left Leaving South Court and joined the Seven Meridians would they truly begin their cultivation.


After the class ended, Yu Lin got up and left, as if escaping.


Then he was stopped by Su He.


Yu Lin's face instantly became colorful, and his breathing became rapid.


This day has finally come. Is this turtle coming to find me? What does it want?


His breathing rate is terrible.


Su He silently complained and shouted at him.


Yu Lin was stunned. "Panel?"


Was this the meaning conveyed by the Divine Turtle's divine sense just now?


Su He whispered as if whispering, and Yu Lin's expression gradually changed from confusion to astonishment, and then to amazement.


He looked at Su He incredulously. Was this the thinking of a Divine Beast?


Su He just briefly explained the concept of the panel to him, mentioning the system in the previous life's novel. Yu Lin was completely shocked by this thing.


Let's not talk about the systems that can directly enhance one's cultivation level or bestow treasures. Nothing comes out of thin air, it's not realistic.


Even if it exists, there must be a reason behind it. For example, the cultivation level originally existed but was sealed or reincarnated. As long as the time is right, it can be instantly enhanced.


But what the Divine Turtle mentioned, the panel that can display attributes, theoretically can exist.


For example, combining the Water Mirror Technique, the "Manifest" character, and investigative techniques like the Eye Technique. It can not only display one's own attributes but also intuitively observe others.


Yu Lin's breathing became rapid. "Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle's imagination is boundless, but the disciple's cultivation level is low. Can I pass this idea to my master? My master is the Hall Master of the Transmission Hall and the True Transmission of the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion, Luoqiu Zhenren."Su He knew this man. He could have inherited the position of First Seat of Heaven's Secrets Pavilion, but he adamantly refused to do so. The Heaven's Secrets Pavilion was skilled in crafting magical artifacts, and the First Seat needed to understand business. However, Luo Qiu, a true man of the Dao, was not interested in business.


Later, he became the Hall Master of the Scripture Hall, which was in charge of the Qingyuan Dao methods. As long as one's merits were sufficient, all Dao methods of the Qingyuan Sect could be exchanged in the Scripture Hall.


One could even hire lecturers from the Scripture Hall for specialized explanations.


The instructors of Leaving South Court aimed to become lecturers in the Scripture Hall.


Su He had no objections and nodded in agreement.


Yu Lin was overjoyed, "Senior Uncle Dragon Turtle, rest assured, if this Dao technique is created, you can at least get half of the credit!"


He apologized and immediately left on his sword. Dragon Turtle's idea was too good. He couldn't send a letter by flying sword in case of accidents. He had to make the trip himself.


Three miles away in a pavilion, Qiao Changlun, dressed as a scholar, slowly put down his teacup.


Since he agreed to be Dragon Turtle's protector for Old Taoist Ge a month ago, he had never left more than thirty miles from Su He. He just hid quietly, so as not to be noticed by others.


To him, there was no difference between thirty miles and right in front of him.


At this moment, only three or four miles away, everything Su He and Yu Lin had said fell into his ears without missing a word.


Qiao Changlun looked in the direction of Su He, his eyes full of astonishment.


This Dragon Turtle is incredibly clever!


This was not an idea inherited from Dragon Turtle, it would only receive the inheritance when it truly morphed into a Divine Beast. This was something Dragon Turtle had thought of itself.


Old Taoist Ge had such great fortune, Elder Qiao felt a sour taste in his tea.


After a moment of contemplation, he extended his finger and pointed into the air. Ripples spread out in the air like water, eventually forming a water screen the size of a book. Elder Qiao's finger moved continuously, and one Spirit Talisman after another fell into the water mirror.


Soon, words appeared on the water mirror:


Name: Qiao Changlun


Race: Human


Realm: Demon Subduing Realm, Sixth Step, Thunder Tribulation Realm.




There were no words after the status. According to Dragon Turtle's idea, the name should be linked with the soul and spirit. If there was a problem, it would be displayed here. The status was linked with the physical body, and issues like poisoning, injury, etc., would be directly displayed.


This was a massive project. Ideally, this panel should operate on its own, rather than being controlled by cultivators. This way, if a cultivator fell into an illusion or was poisoned, they wouldn't misjudge and cause display errors due to their own condition.


This would involve Talismans, cultivation techniques, medical Dao, soul Dao, physical Dao, and many other Dao methods. It was not something that one or two people could accomplish.


They would need a group of old fellows to come together and study it thoroughly.


Coincidentally, Old Taoist Ge was taking in disciples on the Seventh of July. It would be a good opportunity for the senior brothers to gather.

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