Vol.1 – Chapter 057 – Si Ze

The heavy rain in Listening Sea Lake lasted for two days before finally ending, followed by a month of drizzling rain.


The misty lake surface and the pavilions on the island, drifting and ethereal, seemed otherworldly.


Feng Yaya fell asleep again. This little girl, for some reason, would stay awake for four or five days and then sleep for four or five days.


Su He had a fulfilling month: completing tasks and attending classes.


His turtle-like life of uncertainty finally came to an end this month, and he truly adapted to the life of Qingyuan. The Qingyuan disciples also gradually adapted to the presence of divine beasts in the sect. The only one who couldn't adapt was Aunt Qiu from Jing'an Hall.


In this month, her hoarse voice had almost become as loud as a lion's roar. Although she was a mortal, she had immense strength. She could make a loud sound like a bell and a drum by hitting Su He's turtle shell with an iron spoon.


Even people ten miles away could hear it clearly.


Now, whenever the Qingyuan disciples heard the sound of the bell, they knew that Aunt Qiu had cooked something delicious in Jing'an Hall.


Aunt Qiu complained to Old Taoist Ge, and Old Taoist Ge became furious and gave Su He a severe beating.


This fucking turtle grandson had been stealing food from Jing'an Hall for a month and didn't even offer him a single meal!


Old Taoist Ge had been busy this month, not to mention secretly investigating the Sect Leader. In two more months, it would be the Seventh of July, and he hadn't even prepared the exquisite wine and delicacies for the guests.


After cultivating for a thousand years, he finally accepted his only disciple. He even invited the immortal chef from the Demon Subduing Realm's Shidin Pavilion.


Because of this, Su He was currently being chased by Aunt Qiu with a kitchen knife.


It seemed like Aunt Qiu had learned the art of communicating with spirits. Her eyes could kill: she didn't like the food Su He made and wanted to chop him up and make soup!


Su He fled in panic.


When Aunt Qiu hit him before, he didn't care much because Mount Fu blocked her and she couldn't even touch his turtle shell. But one time, Mount Fu automatically counterattacked and almost injured Aunt Qiu with a sword aura.


In that moment, Su He felt death approaching. The Hall Master of Jing'an Hall stared at him, ready to extinguish the sword aura. If Su He hadn't been scared and apologized in time, he might have really been made into soup that day.


Even Old Taoist Ge couldn't save him.


Since then, the first thing Su He did when he entered Jing'an Hall was to put away Mount Fu.


With Aunt Qiu chasing him with a kitchen knife, Su He ran while using his beast roar to transmit his thoughts: "I'm not stealing! I brought money today! I've been doing tasks for a month, so I have money!"


Aunt Qiu hadn't cultivated, so even though Su He's thoughts were included in the beast roar, she couldn't understand.


Or maybe she could understand, but she just wanted to chop him up!


Su He ran all the way and plunged into the river, swimming far away. Aunt Qiu was still roaring like a lion on the shore.


Su He was still trembling with fear. Indeed, women of this age were the most terrifying.


He couldn't go to Jing'an Hall anymore, so Su He went to Leaving South Court on an empty stomach.


As soon as he entered the gate:




An explosion sounded, and a young woman in her prime was chasing a male disciple. Several instructors in Leaving South Court not only didn't stop them, but also watched with great interest.


The woman was dressed in red and carried an iron cannon barrel on her shoulder. The cannon barrel was rough and barbaric, as if it had been taken from the wall of a mortal city.


She had a row of beast tooth cannonballs slung diagonally across her chest. She exuded a wild aura, resembling the majestic and heroic feeling of a mountain king.


She took out a beast tooth cannonball, stuffed it into the cannon barrel, and fired.




The escaping male disciple was blasted away by her, tumbling like a gourd on the ground.


Huh? Su He was surprised. It was the person who wanted to cultivate the Beast Transformation Technique and gave him a hard time, wasn't it? He remembered her name was Si Ze?


Good job with the blast!


Su He conjured two water hands and clapped above his head in applause.


Ge Feng quietly handed him a watermelon and explained the situation.


Su He responded with a look: My nephew is very sensible!


Ge Feng's chubby face twitched, and his action of handing over the watermelon became more awkward and respectful.


This turtle had become his senior uncle after becoming his disciple.


It's great to have a dragon turtle as a senior uncle.


But it was only three years old, which was more than thirty years younger than himself. It was a bit awkward.


After the blast, Si Ze put her hands on her hips and shouted, "Zong Sunye! If you dare to take another step, I'll kill you!"


She had just returned from a mission today, and as soon as she entered the sect, she felt that the way others looked at her was strange. She thought it was because her actions on the mountain were too ladylike and made people uncomfortable.


She found a junior brother and gave him a beating before she realized that her reputation had spread throughout the sect during the two months she was away.


The rumors were outrageous. Some said she was transforming into a beast and wanted to marry the divine beast in the sect.


Some said her beast transformation failed and she was hiding in the mountains, afraid to come out.


There were even rumors that she was laying eggs in Listening Sea Lake…




What the hell!


Whether it was an exotic beast or a divine beast, the only thing he was interested in was their teeth. A beast that could be made into a cannonball was a good beast.


Did she really give birth to a divine beast? Was it born to play with its teeth?


"Zong Sunye, die!" Si Ze fired another shot. The beast tooth cannonball exploded, not with flames, but with a burst of lightning that struck Zong Sunye's head.


Zong Sunye screamed and tried to escape, "Sister Ze, I was wrong! Please forgive me for the sake of our village, for the sake of our relatives… Ge Senior Brother, save me…"


He instinctively ran towards the instructors.


How dare you run away! Si Ze gritted her teeth, "Die!" She loaded another cannonball and fired. With a boom, flames engulfed Zong Sunye, who was fleeing.


Si Ze was stunned when she fired the shot, and a look of horror flashed in her eyes, "No!"


She had grabbed the wrong beast tooth. This shot was meant for enemies!


Zong Sunye was dumbfounded: Is Sister really going to kill me?


We're from the same village and even have some relatives. Is it necessary? He looked hopeless.


Just then, a wave crashed down and slapped him to the ground, extinguishing the flames. The wave disappeared as soon as it hit the ground, leaving Zong Sunye unconscious.


This wave carried some personal grudges.


The look of horror on Si Ze's face faded, and she rushed to Zong Sunye's side to make sure he was okay. Then, her anger resurfaced, and she dragged him by his ankle and walked away. Passing by Su He, she dragged Zong Sunye in a circle around him.A glint of surprise flashed in her eyes as she looked up and asked, "Do you have a human form?"


She was captivated by the majestic Dragon Turtle. If This Turtle had a human form, she might consider the rumors.


Su He shook his head, his face dark.


What kind of thoughts were these? This was definitely a cultural issue! Which village did these two come from?


Major points deducted!


She looked disappointed.


"Could you please step aside, thank you."


Su He stepped aside, and she left with Zong Sun Ye in tow. The exit was a flight of stairs, and Zong Sun Ye's head bounced on the steps as he was dragged along.


Thump, thump, thump!


Laughter echoed through Leaving South Court, restoring its tranquility.


Su He arrived just in time for the talisman class at the small courtyard. He had to be punctual. Instructor Yu Lin seemed embarrassed to see him and always wanted to skip class whenever he showed up.


What kind of instructor skips class every day? Was that acceptable?


Su He had a great passion for talismans.


Talismans could do anything!


This was not an exaggeration.


Su He was eager to learn talismans. After opening his Sense Realm and condensing his Sense Pearl, he could draw talismans on the pearl and create a panel.


This was not a fantasy, nor was it complicated.


He didn't need many functions, just a memo would do.


For a month, Su He had been trying to figure out the pattern of the dice.


When was the chance of rolling a quality point high? Stolen? Robbed? Tribute? When was stealing skills an acceleration of learning, and when did it improve the quality of cultivation methods?


This was too important.


But the amount of experimental data required was enormous, and it couldn't be figured out with just thirty or fifty trials.


Su He wasn't very smart, and even after nearly four years, he hadn't completely figured out the pattern.


First, he needed to create a panel to store and record data. Every roll of the dice would be recorded. As long as the data was large enough, he could figure out the pattern.


The method might be clumsy, but it would never be wrong.




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