Vol.1 – Chapter 040 – Daoist Temple

Good stuff.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t stolen, otherwise the quantity could at least double.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the cultivation technique, but the effect of absorbing spiritual energy is weaker. I made some modifications for you.” Su Huanian pointed her finger at Su He’s brow, and a spell was imprinted in his mind. To his surprise, it perfectly matched the Turtle’s Longevity Technique.

However, it seemed that the amount of spiritual energy absorbed didn’t increase, and his breathing became slightly more difficult.

Su He looked at Su Huanian in confusion.

Su Huanian seemed a bit tired and her voice softened. “You are a water-type divine beast, so you don’t need to absorb other spiritual energy. This absorption technique only absorbs water-type spiritual energy.”

After observing for a day, Su Huanian discovered that Su He’s cultivation technique was of a high grade, which couldn’t have been created by Elder Ge in just one year.

It must have taken at least a century of hard work, or there must be another source.

The fairy is amazing! Su He wanted to shout. It only took one day to create a cultivation technique that perfectly matched him and only absorbed water-type spiritual energy.

Should I say that Su Huanian is truly remarkable?

Su He looked at Su Huanian with admiration, and a hint of a smile appeared on her lips.

The fairy’s smile is even more beautiful. She’s usually too cold.

The Turtle’s eyes became more human-like. Su Huanian asked softly, “Can you breathe underwater?”

Su He nodded.

“Then cultivate underwater. The water there is full of spiritual energy, and the effect will be better.” Unfortunately, she didn’t understand the structure of turtles. Otherwise, she would know that normal absorption techniques didn’t just involve breathing through the mouth and nose, but the whole body’s pores.

This Turtle had no pores, so how could it absorb spiritual energy through its turtle shell and scales?

“Have you chosen a Daoist Temple?” Su Huanian asked.

Cultivation required both methods and wealth. Daoist techniques were the foundation, and without them, there was no way to talk about cultivation.

Wealth was external, but it could provide assistance. Elixirs, magical treasures, spiritual stones, and so on could all make up for one’s own shortcomings.

Partners progressed together. Enemies, masters, and fellow disciples were all partners on the path of cultivation. Ya Ya, Su Huanian, Elder Ge, and even Lu Ming were all Su He’s cultivation partners.

The Daoist Temple was the place to go. Cultivators, especially beasts, absorbed and manipulated the surrounding environment by inhaling and exhaling the qi of heaven and earth. Often, the dwelling places of exotic beasts became forbidden areas. Those exotic beasts that caused droughts or floods were no exception.

Su He was a divine beast, so he was no exception.

Su He fell silent, and his eyes dimmed.

“Do you want to leave?” Su Huanian asked.

Su He did want to leave. Qingyuan Sect didn’t make him feel safe, especially Feng Yiju. Su He didn’t mind joining a sect and becoming a guardian divine beast for thousands of years until death.

But he minded the restrictions!

No one likes being a slave. Don’t you see that none of the gods and Buddhas in the sky want to enter the list of gods?

Su Huanian didn’t understand the language of beasts, but she understood human hearts. She stretched out her slender jade finger and tapped Su He’s Turtle Mountain Immortal Sword, infusing it with her power.

“This sword is yours. With a single thought, it can cut three times, and each strike has my full power. If you want to leave Qingyuan Sect, no one can stop you.”

Su He’s breathing stopped, and he believed her.

A woman like Su Huanian, with just one glance, could make people trust her unconditionally—she didn’t bother to lie.

It’s ridiculous that he actually believed that a fairy would stand up against her fellow disciples for him.

“If you haven’t chosen a Daoist Temple, you can listen to the advice of the First Seat of the Beast-taming Valley.” Su Huanian suddenly said.

The dense fog outside the forest cleared, and Xia Dali, tidying his clothes, walked in. When Su Huanian sent a message to him in the morning about the changes in the trial, Xia Dali was still confused.

He had only given the trial token to Su Huanian, and the trial hadn’t even started. He knew Elder Ge’s temper and wanted to be lazy for a while, but it ended up with the cultivation technique being obtained.

But in just one night, the trial unexpectedly ended?

The person in charge of the trial didn’t even know!

Elder Ge didn’t like formalities and didn’t want to interact with others too much. He especially loved exotic beasts—those that could be raised and eaten.

His three courtyards were built outside the valley and were not monitored by the Beast-taming Valley formation. Xia Dali couldn’t easily spy on the senior’s Daoist Temple.

He only found out when Su Huanian’s paper crane flew to him, informing him that the trial had already ended and that there had been an accident.

“Sister Su!” Xia Dali bowed to Su Huanian with a respectful attitude, completely different from his usual carefree appearance.

Among the entire Qingyuan Sect, his admiration for Su Huanian surpassed even Feng Yiju.

Hmm, he had been beaten when he didn’t follow the rules as a child.

“Is there a result?” Su Huanian asked. The message had been sent in the morning and only arrived in the evening, so there should already be a result. Although Xia Dali didn’t care about formalities and didn’t pay attention to those details, he was at least reliable.

Xia Dali nodded, “It’s Lu Ming. He is still unrepentant while in the Suppression Prison and has been expelled from the sect.”

“Huh?” Su He raised his head. It’s him again! Where did I offend him?

Last time, he plotted against me. It seems that he is interested in my divine beast blood and flesh. Several times, for no reason!

Expelling him from the sect and abolishing his cultivation technique. This phrase sounded familiar. Killing a snake doesn’t end its troubles. Su He narrowed his eyes.

This time, his plot must be extremely sinister, or else his cultivation technique wouldn’t have been abolished.

This thief must die!

“Huh?” Su He asked.

Xia Dali replied, “He has been expelled from the sect, so naturally he will find a place to heal. If he doesn’t dare to return to the Beast-taming Valley, he can only go to…”

He suddenly stared at Su He, “What do you want to do? Do you want to uproot him?”

His voice became serious, “Do you know where he is now? He’s at Shuijing Mountain with Shuijing Junior Sister. Even if Shuijing Junior Sister isn’t home these two days, it is still the Daoist Temple of an expert at the Enlightenment Stage. Although Shuijing Junior Sister’s cultivation level is not high, she is skilled in formations, especially the combination of illusion and sword formations. You won’t be able to break through.”

Even if you break through, how will you kill Lu Ming? Although his cultivation technique has been abolished, his physical body is still tempered, so you can’t sneak attack, right? With your size, can you hide in the water? You can’t do it. I advise you to think twice…”

Thank you for your guidance!

Su He turned and walked away, but Xia Dali stopped him, “You can’t leave! It seems like I’m teaching you how to assassinate someone. Now someone wants to meet you, and you can’t leave!”

Su He turned back and looked at him in surprise. Isn’t it? I don’t want to see anyone now, I just want to kill.

“No matter what, you have obtained Elder Ge’s cultivation technique inheritance. His people want to see you, but you are leaving without considering it. This isn’t good, right? It will damage the reputation of your divine beast and make people think you are an ungrateful ordinary beast.” Xia Dali said slowly, his eyes staring straight into Su He’s eyes.

Su He struggled for a long time and let out a long sigh of frustration.

Su Huanian watched quietly and finally asked, “Who is it?”

She had already sensed a strange aura outside the formation. That aura was wrapped in a special space, so unless it was split open, she couldn’t sense who it was.

A strange expression appeared on Xia Dali’s face, as if it was difficult for that person to speak. He shook his head helplessly and smiled, “Zhuang Ye!”

Su Huanian was stunned, and a hint of playfulness appeared on her cold face. She smiled and pointed her slender jade finger, and the mist of the formation parted.


A sturdy camel walked in with an indifferent stride.

A strong smell of alcohol filled the air.

Su He widened his turtle eyes.

He recognized this camel!

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