Vol.1 – Chapter 041 – Revenge

Su He shouted loudly.

“It’s you, Da Zhuang!”

The camel widened its drunken eyes and stared at Su He. It panting a few times.

Where did this little turtle come from? It’s not afraid and has the audacity to call me by my name. Who are you?

Its panting sound could actually express complete sentences, instead of just simple vocabulary like ordinary wild animals.

“Ang~ ang ang~” Su He chanted.

It’s me! A year ago, at Listening Sea Lake, I peed on your face!

A year ago, Old Taoist was giving a sermon, and this camel was drinking on the side. It got excited and played with Su He in mid-air. At that time, it bumped into Su He’s abdomen, and Su He couldn’t hold it in.


The camel was stunned, and it stumbled and sat down on the ground, staring at Su He in disbelief. It stretched out its front hooves and gestured a small circle the size of a plate, then gestured a big circle that couldn’t be contained.

A pair of big, bright eyes seemed to be speaking: My little turtle is this small and cute, but you are this big and ugly. Are you tricking the camel?

Su He’s eyes were clear, and he nodded seriously.

Still not believing, the camel opened its nostrils and sniffed hard.

Excluding the divine aura of the Dragon Turtle, it left behind the earthy smell of turtles, which was somewhat familiar… very familiar! After being peed on, Su He’s scent was imprinted in its mind.

It really is you!

The camel stood up in shock—standing on its hind legs, it took a few steps back and fell to the ground again, looking at Su He in disbelief.

“Panting, panting…” This sound had no meaning, but its eyes were speaking: How did this thing grow so big in just a year?

The scene seemed familiar, very Disney-like.

What an extraordinary camel with spiritual intelligence.

After the shock, it proudly panted a few times towards Xia Da Li.

The meaning was probably: No need to investigate further, this is my turtle!

It jumped up and walked to Su He with a proud stride, lifting one hoof to pat Su He’s shoulder. But when it reached halfway, it realized that Su He didn’t have shoulders, and it seemed inappropriate to step on the turtle’s head. Its hoof swayed, not knowing where to put it.

Su He reached out his claw and patted it.


The camel was satisfied, and its gaze at Su He changed to: You are quite sensible, little brother.

It bumped into Su He’s turtle shell and panted twice, telling Su He that it still had something to do today and would invite him for a drink later… or take him to steal Old Taoist’s alcohol.

Animal language doesn’t express things so clearly, but the meaning shouldn’t be much different.

It raised its eyebrows at Xia Da Li, panted, and recognized Su Xia Da Li. It had something to do today, so it left first.

It glanced slightly, wanting to see Su Hua Nian but not daring to.

It had been beaten by Su Hua Nian before.

Two years ago, it brought Feng Yaya to Evergreen Peak to steal alcohol. Feng Yaya was drunk for three days straight, and it was hung up and beaten by Su Hua Nian for three days.

Taking a sneak peek, it saw that Su Hua Nian didn’t have any intention of beating it, so it shouted towards the grassy area.

The meaning was probably: Little brat, let’s steal from a different place next time. Evergreen Peak doesn’t allow it, but there must be other places.

After shouting, it turned around and ran, afraid that Su Hua Nian would catch up.

Su Hua Nian frowned. She couldn’t understand animal language, but she felt that the camel didn’t say anything good. She looked at Xia Da Li and saw him earnestly studying the mandarin duck button on his chest.

It’s good that they didn’t steal from the Beast-taming Valley!

“I’ll accompany you!” Su He shouted and followed the camel, breaking through the formation.

The camel turned around: Panting~

I’m going to find Old Taoist. It’s a special place where you can’t enter.

Su He shook his head: Ang~

I’m going to kill someone.

The camel’s eyes lit up: Panting, panting~ panting!

Kill Old Taoist? Shall I watch out for you?

Su He: Ang… Ang?

No, I’m going… Wait, who are you going to kill?

The turtle and the camel blinked their big eyes at each other, and the air became silent.

The camel felt guilty under his gaze and quietly turned his head to study the flowers under the tree. These flowers were really strange, blooming in this season.

Inside the formation, Xia Da Li and Su Hua Nian fell silent for a moment. Su Hua Nian asked, “Did you already know that this turtle was the one Elder Ge encountered last year?”

Xia Da Li smiled: Although I didn’t know for sure, I had a good guess. Listening Sea Lake is not that big, and it’s a great fortune to have a highly intelligent turtle appear. How could there be two of them, including a divine beast?

The biggest possibility is that they are the same one. Although the descriptions of Elder Ge show that the two turtles have different sizes, Xia Da Li has seen Su He’s age, and he is less than three years old.

To grow to this size in less than three years, he should have awakened his divine beast bloodline after meeting Elder Ge and grown rapidly within a year.

Such things are not uncommon in the cultivation world.

“Except for this turtle, most people who know about it have guessed it. If it weren’t for Elder Ge’s third identity being so special, it would make people subconsciously overlook him. I’m afraid this turtle would have figured it out earlier.”

This kind of thing couldn’t be hidden from Senior Sister Su, right? Haven’t you asked that turtle? Oh right, you don’t understand animal language. Xia Da Li suddenly became proud.

He looked at Su Hua Nian and only heard her questioning again, “Why did you encourage him to seek revenge?”

“I didn’t! I was trying to stop him…”

Su Hua Nian stared at him. Not only did you point out Lu Ming’s location and situation, but you also introduced the camel to him. Is that camel a good person?

“Okay, I did.” Xia Da Li admitted, “It’s a divine turtle belonging to Qingyuan Sect, but Qingyuan Sect has been performing poorly. They have repeatedly plotted against it, and even the Sect Leader wanted to restrict it from venting its grievances. I’m afraid this turtle will eventually develop resentment and run away to another place.”

Has the Sect Leader lost his mind? Why has he been doing such inexplicable things recently? He doesn’t resemble the admired Wind Gentleman of the past three hundred years at all!

In just this century, what has the Sect Leader done?

The sect that was just starting to rise has already developed such a bad atmosphere among its disciples?

Where did the atmosphere of mutual respect and love between brothers go? Looking around, it’s full of calculations!

Su Hua Nian didn’t speak. She knew that Su He seemed to be going to send off the camel, but he was actually seeking revenge, right?

She didn’t like it, but she didn’t oppose it either. If there is a grudge, and Lu Ming is no longer a disciple of Qingyuan Sect, then kill him. She just hoped that the turtle wouldn’t be immersed in the pleasure of revenge.

Su Hua Nian lightly tapped, and seventy-two silver needles flew out from beside the refining furnace, rushing towards outside the formation.

Between Su He and the camel, the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Just as they were about to say something to ease the tension, a row of silver needles flew and inserted into Turtle Mountain, and a ray of light fell into Su He’s brow—it was the method to control the silver needles.

What a sinister magical instrument.

The camel shivered and looked at Su He in shock: Panting?

Are you really going to kill someone?

This magical instrument is obviously made for assassinations. It’s simply a hidden weapon!

Su He nodded.

The camel stomped its hooves twice.

It also liked fighting, but it had a task and couldn’t leave. It felt a bit itchy. It turned its head and plucked a tuft of camel hair from its body, spat it onto Su He’s Turtle Mountain, and then imprinted its hoof on Su He’s forehead.

Su He understood. This was the camel’s divine ability—triggering the imprint on the forehead with spiritual power. This camel hair would release the camel’s full strength.

This camel was a Mysterious Moon Exotic Beast, equivalent to a cultivator in the Demon Subduing Realm. Its single strike could even flatten a mountain.

Another life-saving card.

Su He knocked on the camel’s turtle shell, giving it an encouraging look. It released its four hooves and ran off into the distance, disappearing into thin air.

It was originally in the special space where Elder Ge was, and Elder Ge couldn’t come out temporarily. The divine turtle that got its secret technique from him used a special method to send the camel out.

This camel was very intelligent and happened to help him keep an eye out. After obtaining his technique, it must be his turtle!

Su He watched the camel leave and turned around to head towards Xiangshui.

Jing Water Mountain… Jing Water Mountain… Where was it?

Last year, Elder Ge showed him the map of Qingyuan Sect in the jade slip, but Jing Water Mountain was just a small mountain, and Su He couldn’t remember it for a moment.

He tried hard to recall while submerged in the water.

Wang’an Mountain… Lunri Mountain… Tiangu Mountain… Jing Water Mountain.

He remembered!

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