Vol.1 – Chapter 039 – Protector

Is the black-clothed person sent by Su Huanian?

If so, then the first level of swordsmanship can be explained by dice, but it’s not a reward. Su He is learning without permission.

In other words, he hasn’t obtained the rewards from the first and second levels yet.

Su He searched around and confirmed that there was nothing left in the quiet room before leaving.

There was nothing in the backyard, and all the doors were locked. He couldn’t even enter the quiet room anymore.

Returning to the inner courtyard, he found a small box where the colorful python was just now. Opening it, there was a bottle of elixir and a handful of fine sand inside.

As soon as the trial token touched the box, it immediately made a sound: “You passed the first level with the wooden man and the second level with the divine pressure. You’re not bad, little turtle. Take the elixir and golden sand and leave. The third level is not something you can pass. My technique has nothing to do with you.”

This was a prerecorded voice triggered by specific conditions. Similar to the effect of a talisman?

Su He’s turtle face suddenly became colorful.

The black-clothed person is not a level! He didn’t encounter the third level, it was erased by someone.

It couldn’t be done by Su Huanian. She wouldn’t do something so low-class.

With her identity, if she wanted to give Su He a set of techniques, she could just ask for it directly. Why go through this strange trial?

There’s something fishy about the trial!

Su He picked up the small box and immediately left the trial grounds.

Leave quickly!

Things might change if he’s late!

Regardless of any tricks in the trial, he immediately returned to Su Huanian’s side, and all the problems could be solved.

And this is the Beast-taming Valley, the name doesn’t match him at all. Su He didn’t want to stay here for a moment longer. The Beast-taming Valley is adjacent to the Listening Sea Lake, about a hundred miles to the west.

Su He headed east, following the water downstream like flying. In just half an hour, he arrived at the mountain peak where Su Huanian was. He climbed halfway up the mountain and plunged into the dense fog.

The dense fog gave Su He a great sense of security.

“Ang!” He let out a long cry.

Dragon Turtle flew over and landed steadily on his shell. The fairy sword on Dragon Turtle lightly hummed, and the mist automatically parted, just like the treatment Feng Yaya received.

Crawling inside, Su Huanian, dressed in a snowy white robe, stood by the pond like a fairy in the clouds.

Su He gently placed the small box at her feet, with the golden sand, elixir, and token.

The voice on the token was still playing repeatedly, discouraging him. The more he listened to the voice, the more familiar it became. He should have heard it somewhere before. But the person speaking deliberately disguised their voice, making it difficult for Su He to recognize.

Su Huanian chuckled softly, “Elder Ge is such a person. He only passes on his techniques to his direct disciples and won’t teach anyone else. You don’t need to think too much about it. Missed these days, I will create a technique for you.”

This is the realm of the big shots. Creating a unique technique with just a few words. Su He’s eyes were full of stars, and then he stretched his neck like a whale sucking in water, taking a long breath and swallowing it into his abdomen.

This is the Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique. Su He hasn’t practiced it yet, he’s just demonstrating it.

Su Huanian frowned, “Did you pass the third level of the trial?”

Something unusual must have happened.

Su He: “Ang!”

Su Huanian shook her head, “I don’t understand the language of beasts.”

But from Su He’s eyes, she could tell that he wasn’t showing off, but trying to convey something.

Su Huanian extended a slender jade finger and lightly tapped it. A paper crane flew away flapping its wings. It should be going to find someone who understands the language of beasts.

“You activate the technique, and I will protect you.” Su Huanian waved her hand, and a light curtain covered the grassy area, protecting Feng Yaya.

It’s just an ordinary trial, the biggest problem is someone tampering with the technique, trying to tame this turtle.

Those who cultivate are competing against fate. Those who are bold and reckless won’t hesitate to make a move against Su He just because she wrote the word “Su” on Turtle Mountain.

Not to mention just one word, even those who want to seize the position of Sect Leader are countless. It’s just that some people know how to endure, while others are impulsive and foolish.

A divine beast is enough to make most people take risks. If it can be tamed, what’s the harm in leaving the sect?

Otherwise, she wouldn’t need to insert the fairy sword into Turtle Mountain.

Su Huanian wants to protect him, and Su He naturally agrees.

First, he closed his eyes and recalled the meridians and acupoints of turtles, and then reviewed the technique again to make sure he understood everything. Only then did he slowly empty his mind, relax his limbs, and enter a state of cultivation.

For the first cultivation, Su He was extremely cautious.

The Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique is divided into two parts. The first part uses a special breathing method to absorb spiritual energy from all directions, while the second part uses spiritual energy to nourish the demon star and generate spiritual power in the meridians, forming a circulation.

Yes, it’s the demon star! Elder Ge created the technique based on his second body. Cultivators can only cultivate into ordinary wild beasts, following the path of exotic beasts.

But with the roll of the dice and the advancement of the technique, Su He’s current technique is centered around the divine object in his mind’s eye.

Su He closed his eyes, and with each breath, a vast amount of spiritual energy entered his abdomen and was then exhaled. Only a trace of spiritual energy was retained in his body, merging into his mind’s eye.

Inside the mind’s eye, the shadow of the dragon turtle swallowed the spiritual energy and exhaled spiritual power.

Spiritual power is different from spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is everywhere, and when it enters the body, it will also be expelled. Spiritual power is Su He’s own strength.

If a comparison is to be made, spiritual energy is like food, while spiritual power is the strength contained in the muscles!

The rolling mist in Su He’s mind’s eye is his spiritual power, but it was generated instinctively before and he didn’t understand how to operate it or cultivate it.

He only instinctively consumed it when using the water manipulation divine ability.

Using the newly generated spiritual power as the hub, Su He guided the flow of spiritual power from his mind’s eye to his meridians, flowing through his body.

The route taken by the Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique is not just the main meridians.

Su He could vaguely see that this technique made his entire body’s meridians form a circulation like the stars in the sky, and the flow of spiritual power connected them to form a star map.

Or in other words, it formed a formation of spiritual power within the body!

Instructor Qiu Tong said that everything in the world is a formation, whether it’s humans, plants, or animals. It seems to be true now.

The Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique originally connected only 65 meridians, forming a star map similar to the Big Dipper in the north.

The image after the advancement of the technique… Su He couldn’t recognize it!

Perhaps it was due to a lack of knowledge, or perhaps it wasn’t a star map at all, but the most suitable path for Su He’s technique to operate.

The spiritual power circulated through the meridians, returning to the mind’s eye, and then guided out again, following another route to form a complex network.

There were a total of seven network star maps, and only when they all circulated once would it form a complete big circulation. The spiritual power returned to the mind’s eye, already slightly stronger.

Su He slowly opened his eyes, and it was already dark outside. One day had passed since the start of the big circulation.

When Su He opened his eyes, he saw Su Huanian with one hand imprinting on his turtle shell, and the other hand manipulating a refining furnace, refining a treasure.

Su Huanian had been multitasking during the day. A strand of her divine sense had entered Su He’s body to observe the operation of the technique.

Seeing Su He wake up, she released her hand from his turtle shell, and at the same time, the refining furnace stopped. She gently opened the furnace lid, and a group of small silver needles flew out.

She pointed to the rewards that Su He brought back, saying, “This is Gengjin Sand, which is the impurities formed by the mixture of various precious metals during refining. Although it can’t be used to refine treasures, it contains the divine nature of a hundred kinds of metals. I will help you refine them into seventy-two silver needles, which can be mixed into your water manipulation divine ability to enhance its power.”

Su He loved it. Even as a turtle, he still needed to hug the thighs of powerful people.

Su Huanian then pointed to the elixir Su He brought back, “This is the Four Gentlemen Elixir, refined from Angelica, Szechuan Lovage Rhizome, White Peony, and Prepared Rehmannia that are over five hundred years old. It is very beneficial for improving your bloodline.”

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