Vol.1 – Chapter 038 – Dice

The three black-clothed people looked at each other and immediately retreated.

Their mission was complete.

Inside the suppression prison, Lu Ming closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He had successfully planned this scheme and escaped unscathed, leaving the Sect Leader to handle the rest.

Now, it was time to start working!

Being imprisoned in the suppression prison was not a peaceful rest. They had to go and mine the dark stones.

The dark stone mine was filled with evil energy, which could damage a person’s bones and foundations. Only prisoners were required to go in.

In a special space, the sloppy Old Taoist suddenly came back to his senses after a while. His divine sense felt a sharp pain, like a needle piercing through.

He sensed that something was wrong. The Divine Turtle was able to pass the second trial, but it was impossible for it to directly suppress his thoughts!

Had the Old Taoist’s thousand years of cultivation gone to waste?

However, his divine sense was blocked in this space. He could only rely on the thoughts and mechanical perception in the small courtyard to have some control. He couldn’t fully understand the situation inside.

It was reasonable to think that Xia Dali was watching That Turtle and couldn’t do anything to it. Could it be the divine ability of the divine beast?

Just like the three flexible water manipulations?

The talent and inheritance were extraordinary, but unfortunately, it couldn’t pass the third trial. The sloppy Old Taoist’s mouth curled up slightly.

The third trial was a paradox!

“Ancestor…” The Daoist novice whispered, “Your smile is so sinister. Are you trying to trip me up in the third trial?”

“Nonsense!” The old Taoist frowned and coldly replied, “How can a cultivator be tripped up? Cultivation…it is a test for cultivators!”

The Daoist novice rolled his eyes and said, “Then, Ancestor, what impossible test did you set for me? Show it off to me!”

“There is no absolute test that cannot be passed.” The sloppy Old Taoist coughed and argued, “I just set a threshold…”

The third trial was not a checkpoint, but a requirement. The participants in the trial must have a human heart. In simple terms, although you are a turtle, you must have the recognition of being a person, truly believing that you are a person from the bottom of your heart!

This was the restriction that the old Taoist set for his own disciples. Without a human heart, how could one be accepted as a disciple?

Previously, he wanted to accept That Little Turtle because he thought it had a chance of obtaining the Demon Morphing Fruit. Can a beast still be called a beast after it has transformed into a human?

Speaking human language, eating human food, and handling human affairs, how was that any different from the old Taoist, who had a beast body?

But the Divine Turtle was different. The Divine Turtle could never transform into a human.

Demons and divine beasts were two completely different species. Divine beasts took pride in their own race, so how could they grow a human heart?

There were only two types of turtles that could pass the third trial. One was a turtle that could transform into a human, and the other was a person like him who practiced the beast transformation technique and had a turtle body.

The Divine Turtle did not fall into either category.

If you wanted to cultivate the old Taoist’s techniques, you could only wait for the old Taoist to accept you as his disciple when he returned… Ah!

He suddenly exclaimed and jumped up. The feedback from the formation in the small courtyard indicated that the Divine Turtle had passed the formation trial and entered the backyard.

The old Taoist was dumbfounded!

He carefully recalled the conditions he had set and couldn’t figure out where the loophole was.

It was impossible for a Divine Turtle to have a human heart, and a person who practiced beast transformation could only cultivate into ordinary beasts and then gradually advance to exotic beasts. This was the only path.

So why was This Turtle different?

Could it be that from the moment it hatched, it was adopted by a person and treated like a son, not knowing that it was a turtle from the bottom of its heart?

Who would raise a beast as their son? It was impossible even after thousands of years.

Where did it go wrong?

The old Taoist couldn’t understand.

He wanted to control the formation and close the gate to the quiet room several times to prevent the techniques from leaking. But he didn’t do it. It was okay to be petty, but he couldn’t be untrustworthy.

He had already promised the techniques after passing the three trials. It was not the conduct of a gentleman to change his mind at the last moment.

Inside the turtle and crane residence, Su He pushed open the door to the quiet room and squeezed in.

The inheritance of the techniques after passing the three trials was right here.

The doors to the side, where the elixir and artifacts were kept, were sealed, leaving only the door to the quiet room open. The meaning was self-evident.

The quiet room was empty except for a water-foaming jade turtle the size of a grinding plate and a cushion beside it.

The water-foaming jade was extremely transparent, allowing Su He to see the meridians and acupoints made of gold and silver inside the turtle’s body.

Beasts also had meridians and acupoints, but few people studied them.

In the Transcend Mortality Realm, the sacrificial bone was not just about the bones. It also included bloodlines, meridians, internal organs, and so on. Just the meridians and acupoints in this jade turtle were worth a fortune to Su He.

Remember it!

A dice fell from the sky and spun on top of the jade turtle’s head. It landed on four.

A light flashed inside the jade turtle’s body, the meridians remained unchanged, but there were more than three hundred additional acupoints, densely packed like a starry sky.

Su He’s eyes lit up. This indicated that the diagram of meridians and acupoints in this jade turtle was not Su He’s reward for passing the trial. It was an unexpected gain.

Su He suddenly remembered that the swordsmanship of the three black-clothed people was also unexpected?

Su He was a bit suspicious, but now was not the time to think about it. The three hundred additional acupoints in the jade turtle could disappear at any time. This was just a temporary mark for him to remember.

Su He stared at the jade turtle intently, trying to memorize the acupoints’ light points. He closed his eyes and recalled, confirming that he had memorized all four hundred plus acupoints before turning his head to look elsewhere.

Beside the cushion, there was a piece of jade slip. It seemed that the owner of this place sat here facing the jade turtle, exploring the meridians and acupoints of the turtle, and creating techniques.

Su He couldn’t pick up the jade slip, so he simply bumped his head against it.

He could use the jade slip. A year ago, when he encountered the drunk Old Taoist on the small island, the Old Taoist talked to him about the Dao for three days. When it reached a profound point, he directly stuck a jade slip on Su He’s forehead and guided him to watch it himself.

It was because of this that the Old Taoist, after waking up from his drunkenness, discovered that Su He had extraordinary spiritual intelligence and made a promise to meet on the Seventh of July when the lotus flowers bloomed.

Unfortunately, the Old Taoist did not leave a name.

But the Old Taoist’s characteristics were obvious. He was sloppy, obsessed with wine, and had a camel in the Mysterious Moon Realm. It was unlikely that he was an unknown person. Su He could find someone who understood the language of beasts to inquire.

The sloppy Old Taoist was Su He’s mentor in cultivation. Since he had come to the Qingyuan Sect, he should pay a visit.

Guided by his divine sense, the techniques in the jade slip flowed into Su He’s mind.

“Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique.”

This was the name of the technique. Just as Su He finished memorizing the content of the technique, a dice fell from the sky and landed on a five above his head.

The secret book about the Turtle Breathing Longevity Technique in his mind changed.

It advanced.

Su He: “???”

He was full of question marks. This secret book should have been the reward for passing the trial, but why was there a dice?

Dice only appeared when one obtained unexpected wealth that didn’t belong to them.

Could it be that Su Huanian had tricked him and there was no trial here at all? Did he become a thief and steal someone else’s techniques?

Su He spat out the trial token. The token had changed, clearly indicating that the trial had been passed.

Then…the owner of this technique didn’t want to pass on this technique to him at all. It was snatched away by Su Huanian?

Or perhaps there was a stage in the trial that he couldn’t pass, and originally, he could have been stopped from obtaining the techniques, but he inexplicably passed the trial.

Was it the black-clothed person or the patterned python?

The only trial Su He was sure of was the wooden man. The black-clothed person had the highest suspicion.

Looking back now, Su He felt that the black-clothed person was going easy on him.

Su He could only handle one and a half of the three black-clothed people. When all three attacked, he could only flee in desperation, even having to hide inside his turtle shell to resist.

Upon careful recollection, the three black-clothed people clearly had killing intent towards him, but they didn’t take action and only drove him here. That was all.

Not only did they help Su He resist the wooden man, but they also gave him elixirs to help him pass the patterned python. This was no longer just going easy on him. It was practically feeding him.

Only a mother would do that.

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