Vol.1 – Chapter 037 – Inheritance

The python was momentarily overwhelmed by the Dragon Turtle’s momentum and retreated slightly.

Su He took the opportunity to crawl forward. The trial in the third level should be similar to the second level, passing through the door ahead would be considered passing the level.

It seemed that the trials were divided by doors. In the first level, he was chased by the black-clothed person and passed through the gate. In the second level, there was gravity and puppets, and he passed through the second gate. The third level should be the same.

Su He roared and rushed towards the third door.

The giant python, which was repelled by the Dragon Turtle, seemed to be angered. Its eyes flashed with a hint of humanity. It slapped its tail on the ground, roared, and sparks flickered on its wings.

Its momentum became even stronger.

Su He’s footsteps were forced to stop. He suddenly looked up at the python, anger flashing in his eyes.

Is it that difficult to play? The trial even increased in difficulty midway? These sparks and the sudden increase in momentum are clearly cheating!

In the special space, the sloppy old Taoist nodded in satisfaction. Little Turtle must have done something to suddenly increase his divine sense. He should have taken some elixir. In that case, the old Taoist wouldn’t hesitate to release a few strands of divine sense.

At the entrance of the inner courtyard, the faces of the three black-clothed people changed simultaneously. They also sensed a suppressive force, sinister and evil. It felt like being stared at by a venomous snake.

Even those who were watching from the side were affected by this suppression. What kind of pressure was the turtle enduring while breaking the formation?

He must be extraordinary to withstand this.

Then the turtle roared and tried to take a step forward, but couldn’t. It seemed to have reached its limit.

The leader among the black-clothed people narrowed his eyes and looked at the second brother.

The second brother’s breathing became rapid. He understood what the leader meant: give it another Enlightenment Pill!

Are you crazy?

He poked his chest and reported to Lu Ming, but heard a cold voice from the chest: “Give it to him! Give it both of the remaining pills! Let it pass in one go! Block its retreat, don’t let the Divine Turtle take a step back!”

The second brother panted heavily, his eyes filled with madness.

To take revenge on a turtle, is it necessary to waste so much? Give me the Enlightenment Pill, and I’ll kill it, leave the sect, and live a life on the run!

His hand holding the Enlightenment Pill trembled slightly.

As if guessing his thoughts, Lu Ming’s voice from the chest became even colder: “Give it to him!”

As if being doused with cold water, the second brother suddenly regained his senses.

They’re insane! They’re all insane!

He grabbed the two remaining Enlightenment Pills and threw them into Su He’s mouth.

Give it to him! Give it all to him! We three brothers risked our lives for you, violated the sect’s rules for you, and you didn’t even know you had Enlightenment Pills. And you fed three Enlightenment Pills to a turtle in one night!

Give it to him!!!

After swallowing the pills, Su He roared and a Dragon Turtle appeared behind him. Water surged under his feet, forming a river, with waves rolling and thunder and lightning above his head. The Dragon Turtle grew ten zhang tall in the blink of an eye. It slapped the giant python down and tore its wings apart with its mouth.

Then it tore the giant python to pieces.

In the special space, the sloppy old Taoist felt a pain in his forehead and was dumbfounded. The divine sense he released was shattered.

The Dragon Turtle erupted, crushing the divine sense pressure that had turned into a giant python, but instead of dissipating and returning to Su He’s body, it roared towards the sky.

One roar followed by another.

After being fed three Enlightenment Pills consecutively, Su He felt his brain buzzing as if struck by thunder.


With a loud noise, the scenery in front of him changed dramatically.

It was no longer the trial courtyard, but an endless sea with turbulent waves. In the boundless sea, there was a mountain that reached the sky.

No, it’s not a mountain! It’s a claw!

A Dragon Turtle, its size unimaginable, lay quietly in the vast sea. The mountain that Su He saw was just one of its claws.

This is… inheritance!

Having experienced the Green Snake’s inheritance, Su He immediately recognized it. This was an inheritance space, and the Dragon Turtle belonged to his inheritance!

Divine Turtle!

This is the Divine Turtle’s inheritance!

In the Green Snake’s space, Su He was shocked by the grandeur of the White Snake, but compared to this turtle, it was nothing!

This is my inheritance!

When the black-clothed people fed him some unknown pill earlier, it caused his momentum to skyrocket and his divine sense to become stronger. He unexpectedly broke into the inheritance space.

It’s not that he didn’t receive the inheritance before, but he didn’t have the ability to enter!

Su He was excited and shouted. He could now be considered a Giant Turtle, but compared to this Dragon Turtle, he was nothing more than a flea.


Su He raised his head and roared.

The Dragon Turtle seemed to hear it, and lowered its head slightly. In an instant, the weather changed drastically. The Dragon Turtle was so large that just the movement of lowering its head caused a huge change in the sky.

When it lowered its head, its turtle eyes encompassed the entire starry sky, with stars being born and dying within. The starry sky revolved endlessly.


Su He’s mind was buzzing. This wasn’t something he could see. With his current realm, he couldn’t withstand a glance from the Dragon Turtle.

The scene in front of him shattered, and Su He suddenly woke up. He was still in the trial courtyard, and the giant python had disappeared. Everything was calm as usual.

Behind him, the three black-clothed people, one stood as usual, while the other two seemed to have lost their souls, with no spirit in their eyes.

The Enlightenment Pills were gone…

“Ang!” Su He nodded at them to express his gratitude.

Even if he failed this trial, it was worth it!

The Dragon Turtle didn’t bestow any inheritance on Su He. He couldn’t withstand the Dragon Turtle’s inheritance at the moment, but he knew where his path lay!

That brief glance could be considered a hint left on Su He’s forehead.

The Dragon Turtle… is not actually a Dragon Turtle. Its real name is just Turtle! There are no other prefixes. Just like a dragon is a dragon, the other prefixes like Green Dragon, White Dragon, and Yellow Dragon are just additions.

A turtle is a turtle, with pure bloodline, the supreme and boundless Turtle!

Its head is not a dragon’s head, it just looks similar to a dragon’s head. There are countless Dao Bodies in the world, and dragons, phoenixes, and qilins are all Dao Bodies. They just don’t have a human-like form.

Humans are the primordial Dao Body, a kind of interpretation of the Dao.

Similarly, the shape of a dragon’s head and tail is the same. Just like a qilin, it also looks similar to a dragon’s head. If you have to name it, you can call it Dragon Turtle, Divine Turtle, or Mysterious Turtle. It doesn’t mind.

Hmm, Su He felt that it was bragging. Maybe it was just a rebellious turtle that grew up to be a dragon dad.

Also, what was the inheritance space just now? Su He hadn’t figured it out yet. Did that turtle really exist and draw Su He’s thoughts into it? Or was it just an inheritance imprinted in his bloodline, activated when certain conditions were met?

Su He hadn’t reached the conditions for inheritance yet.

For beast cultivators with divine beast bloodlines, there are also three realms, or rather, three steps to go through.

The first step is to purify the bloodline and truly transform into a divine beast.

Just like a fish leaping over the Dragon Gate, only by leaping over the Dragon Gate can one become a dragon and obtain the dragon’s inheritance. Before leaping over the Dragon Gate, one is just a fish and cannot obtain the dragon’s inheritance.

It’s probably like saying, “You’re not my offspring, why should I give you the inheritance?”

Therefore, the first step is to become a divine beast, even if it’s an adopted one!

Only by truly becoming a Dragon Turtle can one obtain the Dragon Turtle’s inheritance.

This first step doesn’t have a name, perhaps it can be called Transcend Mortality, just like the first realm of human cultivation.

After Transcend Mortality, completely transforming into a divine turtle, without a trace of impure blood, is an immature Dragon Turtle and can accept the Dragon Turtle’s inheritance.

That’s a story for later. Before that, how to “Transcend Mortality” is what Su He should consider the most.

He repeatedly fell into a deep sleep and evolved, which in itself was a process of Transcend Mortality. But it’s not enough!

His body has already completed its evolution. His color has changed, his turtle shell has turned black, and dragon scales have grown. His teeth and vocal cords have also appeared.

The next step is to evolve the dragon head and tail.

Simply eating high-quality food is no longer enough. Even after waking up from this sleep, he had eaten a lot of good things, and even had two meals of higher quality medicinal cuisine, but there were no signs of evolution.

Su He estimated that his evolution was really similar to the Mortal Realm of human cultivators.

Ge Feng said that the realm of cultivators is based on imitating divine beasts, and there are similarities between them, which is natural.

Transcend Mortality has seven steps: Mind’s Eye, Divine Object, True Blood, Sense Realm, Sacrificial Bone, Enlightenment, and Transcend Mortality.

Su He is currently at the Divine Object realm, condensing a divine object in his Mind’s Eye. His divine object is the little Dragon Turtle.

The next step should be to use the divine object to condense True Blood, so that every drop of blood in his body carries the essence of the Dao.

If he were a cultivator, the differences in attributes would be evident at this point. The True Blood condensed with a divine object related to fire would be completely different from the True Blood condensed with a divine object related to water.

But condensing True Blood is not as simple as just having a divine object in the Mind’s Eye. It requires a cultivation method!

Su He didn’t have a cultivation method, but there was one here.

Su He opened his eyes. The giant python had disappeared, and there were no more obstacles in front of the gate.

Su He crawled step by step towards the gate.

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