Vol.1 – Chapter 036 – Turtle

The sword moves like a dragon, twisting and leaping. This sword technique is not very suitable for Su He. After all, it is a human sword technique, and Su He’s turtle claws cannot be as flexible.

However, he managed to learn it reluctantly. The test should be completed, but the three black-clothed people are still fighting against the puppets and have not stopped. Every puppet that is smashed will roll into the corner and reassemble.

There is a stone tablet on the side, which is still updating the information of the trial in real time:

Gravity: Five times

Puppets: True Blood Realm

Quantity: Eighteen

This eighteen does not mean that there are still eighteen, but the number of puppets that exist in the courtyard at the same time. There were only eight at the beginning, but the more they kill, the more puppets there should be, which is matched according to the strength of the black-clothed people.

If they continue to kill, there will be more puppets, right?

Su He looked towards the gate ahead. The test site is an ordinary courtyard, just much larger. They are currently in the outer courtyard, and after passing through the two gates ahead, they should reach the inner courtyard.

That should be where the third level is located.

The number of puppets in this level is increasing, so the test is not only about learning the sword technique, but also about learning it as quickly as possible. The longer it takes, the more puppets there will be, and the difficulty of entering the second gate will be higher.

Thinking of this, Su He did not stay any longer and rushed through the group of puppets, crashing into the second gate.

Seeing Su He move, the faces of the three black-clothed people changed, thinking that he was trying to escape. They shook off the puppets and wanted to force him, but they saw Big Turtle crashing into the second gate and disappearing from view due to the formation.

One of the black-clothed people urgently said, “Second Brother, Third Brother, follow him in! That Turtle cannot break the second formation, he will be thrown out of the courtyard, go help him! I will stay here to deal with the traces!”

The two black-clothed people shook off the puppets and rushed through the second gate into the inner courtyard, only to see Su He lying motionless in the center of the inner courtyard, trembling.

In the special space, Daoist Novice tore a chicken leg for the sloppy Old Taoist and said, “Ancestor, I know the first level, and many senior brothers have secretly passed it. What is the second level?”

Although the sloppy Old Taoist is stingy, he is still good to his juniors. Many disciples treat the puppets in his courtyard as a trial ground to test their cultivation achievements.

The Old Taoist did not prohibit it, and even set up a stone tablet in the courtyard to let the testers know the realm of the opponents they are facing and the battle under several times gravity. They have a clear understanding of themselves.

Of course, ordinary disciples who break the puppets have to compensate, and they have to pay for the increased gravity stones themselves.

The sloppy Old Taoist chuckled and said, “No matter how the cultivation changes, the essence, energy, and spirit advancement is the foundation. Essence refers to the physical body, spirit refers to the soul, and energy refers to the Daoist methods.”

“Since This Turtle wants to learn my Daoist methods, I will test its ‘essence’ and ‘spirit’. Passing the first level under five times gravity can be considered as passing the physical body test. In the second level, I will exert my mental pressure. If it can withstand the pressure and enter the backyard, it can be considered as passing.”

These are just trials. If it were an enemy intruding, the gravity in the first level would not be three to five times, and the puppets would not be harmless.

The thoughts left in the second level would not be just mental pressure.

“What about the third level?” the Daoist Novice asked curiously.

The Old Taoist waved his hand, “Don’t even think about passing the third level.”

After passing the first two levels, there will be rewards in the inner courtyard, which is the reward for Xia Dali’s efforts. Just take it and go. Do you really want to take the Old Taoist’s techniques? The Old Taoist’s techniques can be taught, but only to direct disciples. If This Turtle wants to learn, it will have to wait for the Old Taoist to go back. If it looks good to him, he will accept it as a disciple and pass on all his skills.

I may be stingy, but I never hide anything from my disciples!

In the inner courtyard, Su He’s entire turtle shell was trembling.

As soon as he entered the inner courtyard, he felt an invisible pressure weighing on him. Every step he took was extremely difficult, and various emotions such as timidity, fear, and panic surged, making it impossible for him to even take a step.

After two years as a turtle, he has seen a lot of bloodshed and experienced battles. The more brave, the more cautious. This trial has touched the heart of all beasts.

Especially for those who are more sensitive to danger, they can sense the pressure more clearly.

A ferocious beast ahead!

This is not a description. Three zhang away from Su He’s eyes, there is a colorful python as thick as a water jar, with its head held high, spitting out its tongue as it overlooks him.

This is not an illusion. It is the result of the mental pressure reaching its extreme, which will naturally produce illusions.

Two black-clothed people with swords appeared behind him, and their killing intent merged into the illusion.

There is a cliff behind the giant python in front, and Su He has no way to retreat.

He dug his four claws into the ground, supported the pressure on his body, and roared at the giant python, “Ang!”

His spirit was uplifted, and his blood boiled.

A dragon turtle phantom emerged from his body, three times larger than Su He, and condensed behind him, roaring at the giant python, “Roar!”

This phantom is not like Su He, but a dragon head and dragon tail, with sharper and more ferocious four claws.

The Divine Turtle was majestic!

The giant python, feeling provoked, narrowed its eyes and let out a roar. A pair of wings opened behind it, and its momentum suddenly rose, completely suppressing the Dragon Turtle’s momentum.

The Dragon Turtle roared in anger, but it was in vain.

The lack of power is not related to bloodline, but to Su He himself being too weak. How can a stumbling tiger provoke a hunting dog?

In the special space, the sloppy Old Taoist stroked his beard and thought, “Something’s not right! This Turtle can use three clones-like divine ability in the first level, and the control is extremely exquisite. Its divine sense should be very powerful. That’s why I released a few strands of mental pressure in the second level. Why does it seem that the Dragon Turtle cannot hold on without much effort?”

How did it come to this? At most, it is just in the Sense Realm.

In the small courtyard, the two black-clothed people couldn’t see the illusion, but they sensed that the giant turtle in front of them was in great fear.

“We can’t help him in the mental battle. He can’t break through the second formation!”

The war in the spiritual world is not something they are qualified to intervene in.

A voice came from behind, “He must pass!”

The leader of the three arrived.

He more or less guessed Senior Brother Lu’s thoughts. Although he didn’t understand, he speculated that Senior Brother Lu wanted to subdue this Divine Turtle and use the power of the sect to set restrictions on it.

According to the rules of the sect, only the Sect Leader can control the Divine Turtle. How can Senior Brother Lu snatch the Divine Beast from the Sect Leader’s hands?

But Senior Brother Lu has a deep background and a special inheritance, perhaps he has a method that he cannot understand?

“Senior Brother Lu’s order.” The leader said in a deep voice.

The second brother’s breath quickened, and he gritted his teeth to open the Qiankun Bag, carefully took out a porcelain bottle, and then took out a pill, hesitating several times before flicking it into Su He’s mouth.

The pill melted as soon as it entered the mouth, like a clear stream flowing into the stomach and then rushing towards the spirit platform with a cool and refreshing breath.

The Dragon Turtle phantom behind Su He suddenly became excited, and his body suddenly swelled by a circle. The turtle shell was as large as three zhang, and he raised his head and roared at the giant python, “Roar!”

The momentum was overwhelming!

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