Vol.1 – Chapter 030 – His delicacies, my poison

The new disciples are ignorant and fearless, not understanding the magnificence, sanctity, and power of Divine Beasts…

Ge Feng has been practicing for forty years and knows well that there is a world of difference between Divine Beasts and Exotic Beasts. One is the supreme being above the Nine Heavens, while the other is a crawling creature in a mud pit. They are simply not comparable.

What is a Divine Beast?

The mystery of a god, the ferocity and agility of a beast. Divine Beasts are the closest existence to immortals and gods. There are even rumors that adult Divine Beasts can slaughter gods and exterminate immortals. Perhaps these stories are too ethereal and the legends are not enough to rely on, but the reality is visible.

The highest combat power of one of the top ten immortal sects, Xuantian Sect, is a green dragon, while Zhuque Sect is named after the Divine Beast Zhuque in the sect. Combat power is not the most enviable aspect of Divine Beasts. There are always geniuses who can subdue Azure Dragons and White Tigers among human descendants. However, when those monstrous beings who subdue dragons and tigers have already perished in the long river of history, the Azure Dragons and White Tigers they subdued still live on!

Divine Beasts are immortal!

This is the real reason why Ge Feng is suffocating. No matter how talented a Divine Beast is, it is at least in the Traverse Heaven realm when it reaches adulthood. A Traverse Heaven realm that is immortal is enough to suppress the sect’s Qi Luck and ensure the continuity of the sect’s inheritance!

Ge Feng breathed heavily and walked towards Su He, pointing his finger lightly at his heart.

Projection of the Mind’s Eye.

In a space of mysterious yellow mist, a dragon turtle roared with its head raised.

Majestic and divine.

Ge Feng retreated several steps and fell to the ground.

A Divine Beast!

It is really a Divine Beast! Although it is not a natural Divine Beast like those in Xuantian Sect and Zhuque Sect, it has a Dao Body of a Divine Beast in its Mind’s Eye.

Having a Dao Body means that This Turtle has a slight possibility of becoming a true Divine Beast!

Perhaps this possibility is countless times more elusive than that of a mortal reaching the Traverse Heaven realm, but there is still a possibility!

It’s a good thing that it’s not a purebred Divine Beast! If it were, Qingyuan Sect’s destruction would be imminent.

Qingyuan Sect may be able to dominate in the Dongyun Mountains, but compared to the top ten immortal sects, it is too weak. It was so weak that a few months ago, when Lady Su fought against an elder of Xuantian Sect and only won by a small margin, all the sects in Dongyun Mountain were silent, and everything was focused on Qingyuan Sect.

Xuantian Sect is still somewhat embarrassed among the top ten sects because their highest combat power is a Divine Beast instead of a disciple who has trained up from the sect. A Divine Beast with a bloodline of Divine Beasts, but not a true Divine Beast, is the most suitable for Qingyuan Sect.

This matter is too big, and Ge Feng cannot suppress it. He needs to tell the Sect Leader and the First Seats of each sect.

He turned to the disciples and said, “No one is allowed to spread the news!”

Several disciples looked at him with embarrassment. It was too late. They had already spread the news. It was two Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters who were listening outside and had graduated from Leaving South Court. They came back to review their basics and had spread the news through their Beast Pets.

Damn it! These half-bottle disciples who know a little bit but not a lot are the most trouble. They know the status and preciousness of Divine Beasts, but they don’t know what trouble spreading the news will bring!

“There is something here. All Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters, return to the school after receiving notification from the elders before leaving!”

The students also vaguely knew that something big had happened and did not dare to stay for long. They looked at Su He curiously and orderly retreated.The goat was just curious, but the green snake was jealous to the point of madness. When passing by Su He, the snake tail whipped him in anger.

People often feel uneasy when those around them suddenly become successful. But since the green snake had just gained spiritual intelligence, it was still innocent and didn’t have too many ulterior motives. It was just jealous.

The students retreated, and Ge Feng immediately took out a few small swords to send messages via flying swords to the First Seat and Sect Leader.

Also, this turtle was raised by Madam Su, but she probably didn’t even know that it was a divine turtle with a divine beast dao body.

After all, Madam Su was from the Sword Cleansing Pool and was extremely focused on swords, so she couldn’t possibly know about these things like the disciples from the Beast-taming Valley.

Over ten flying swords were sent out to deliver messages, but one fell to the ground, which was meant for the Master.

Damn it! The Master has broken our communication channel again!

Ge Feng complained through gritted teeth and picked up the flying sword, shooting the message towards Junior Brother. He could only ask Junior Brother to pass it on.

Ge Feng wrote over ten letters and looked at Su He excitedly, as if he was holding a winning lottery ticket.

He turned around and saw an empty courtyard. The huge turtle was gone!

Ge Feng: “!!!”

In a small stream, Su He swam rapidly underwater.

Hurry, hurry!

Things had become serious. Judging from Ge Feng’s reaction, they were probably going to meet many elders from the Qingyuan Sect. They might even be thoroughly inspected.

Su He didn’t care about the divine turtle’s identity being exposed or being the protector of Turtle Mountain for the Qingyuan Sect.

But there were ten vats of medicinal cuisine in Turtle Mountain! They were exactly the same, with the same shape of the medicinal residue and the same patterns on the vats.

Once they were inspected, it would be exposed. The bug-like divine ability of “this divine turtle has the ability to replicate items” was enough to make anyone envious.

It might even overshadow the expectations for the divine turtle!

At that time, Su He would probably face something other than the position of “protector of Turtle Mountain.”

Slicing research? It was not impossible. After all, divine beasts had strong recovery abilities and were not afraid of being sliced.

Faster, swim to Xiangshui before they arrive. Xiangshui was so deep that no one could see the bottom. If he broke the vat and threw it in, no one would find it.

In a small courtyard of the Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion, a woman looked at the letter in her hand, and her face gradually turned cold.

Divine beast…

Lu Ming had calculated on a divine beast! He was a guy who was more likely to fail than succeed!

She pinched the letter with both hands, and it instantly burned.

Kill it!

The divine beast must not be allowed to live.

It was said that divine beasts all had normal spiritual intelligence, and it could be foreseen that this divine beast’s position in the sect would not be low. At the very least, it would be treated as a First Seat.

The higher its position, the more dangerous Lu Ming would be, to the point where he might not survive.

Revengeful turtles!

But Lu Ming couldn’t die. Lu Ming was related to her path. If Lu Ming died, her path would be cut off.

Kill it! Immediately! Before the First Seats surround it.

The woman stood up quickly and shouted outside, “Junior Sister Yulin.”

A little girl poked her head in, “Senior Sister Qiao Ling, are you looking for me?”

The woman smiled gently, “I’m going to take a nap for a while. If the Master asks, you have to cover for me. Don’t let the Master come in and find me sleeping, okay?”

The little girl nodded frantically, “Don’t worry, Senior Sister. The Master definitely won’t come in!”

She went out and thoughtfully closed the door for Qiao Ling.

Qiao Ling sat cross-legged, and a misty aura enveloped her face. In a moment, her appearance completely changed, and she looked completely different from before.This was a Disguise Technique that she and Lu Ming had discovered together in a ruin. The place was where an ancient Daoist couple had transformed into great power. She and Lu Ming each had their own chance and inherited a portion of the legacy. The two needed to gather together to open the ruins.

Qiao Ling flashed out, and at the same time, a swarm of bees flew out from her bosom, scattering in all directions.

Qiao Ling was from Heaven’s Secrets Pavilion, excelling in mechanisms and refining artifacts, and had a special inheritance. These bees were mechanical beasts specifically used for exploration.

The bees quickly spread out and occupied Leaving South Court, but they did not find any trace of the Divine Turtle.

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