Vol.1 – Chapter 029 – Divine Beast

“Storage magical instruments can be ignored, the owner can retrieve them at any time. Who supplies medicinal cuisine in a vat? This turtle will definitely eat it all, right?

And also…competing with her for the white tiger head to eat, is this turtle going to invite her to eat medicinal cuisine? So this turtle has more than one vat?

The green snake’s heart ached.

Her tail tip trembled rapidly, her voice trembling: “Where did the medicinal cuisine come from?”


Su He said naturally: “Stole it!”


The trembling snake raised its head in confusion and quietly retreated. Can this thing be stolen? Aren’t you afraid of being slapped to death by the elders of the sect?

But she retreated two body lengths without punishment.

The green snake’s eyes lit up. So…can you also rob in the sect like at Listening Sea Lake?

Just as she was eager to try, a voice came over: “Don’t listen to him, fellow Green Snake!”

The fat Taoist walked down from the high platform. Pointing to the “Su” character on Turtle Mountain, he said: “That is the mark left by the sect leader’s wife. If you go to Jing’an Hall to rob someone else, you won’t even be able to leave the kitchen, and the next medicinal cuisine you’ll have will be snake soup.”

This turtle is really lucky, not only did it eat Lu Ming’s white tiger without any problems, but it also has the sect leader’s wife covering for it. Even an exotic beast can rampage freely in Qingyuan Sect.

The green snake nodded, feeling a little embarrassed, and suddenly reacted: “Can you understand the language of beasts?”

The fat Taoist laughed and looked at the students. He went straight to the topic and began today’s lesson.

“I am Ge Feng, you can call me Fat Senior Brother. The cultivation method I practice is called ‘Beast Transformation Scripture’. With each realm, I can obtain a beast body, so I can understand the language of beasts.”

He took a step forward, transformed into a wild boar with a fierce mane and sharp fangs, and smashed a three-zhang high boulder in the Daoist temple. In the dust, he rolled and transformed back into the fat Taoist.

He looked at the shocked students with satisfaction and didn’t interrupt them until they gradually regained their senses. He climbed onto the high platform and began his lecture: “You have already embarked on the path of cultivation, do you know the realms of cultivation?”

A simple-minded student raised his hand: “I heard the old Taoist at my doorstep say that there is Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Golden Elixir…and so on.”

Everyone burst into laughter, and another student said: “That’s not it! Confucius once said that there are many realms of cultivation, layer upon layer, endless!”

Everyone listened with longing.

Another student argued: “But I heard it’s something like no leakage, sharira, nirvana.”

Ge Feng didn’t interrupt, and only spoke after they finished talking: “What you all said is right, but also wrong! Some are made up by storytellers, and some are old realms of cultivation that have long been abandoned by cultivators.

The path of cultivation has been going on for thousands of years, constantly changing and evolving. How can there be fixed and unchanging realms? Perhaps when we are chatting, there are already great powers who have opened up realms unknown to their predecessors in the coldest places of the sky.”He put down his tea cup and passionately said, “The world is not what it used to be, and the division of realms has naturally changed. Nowadays, the division of realms is completely different from that of ancient times. However, no matter what, cultivating the Dao is the process of seeking the truth and getting rid of the false. Regardless of the method of realm division, they all lead to the same goal. Finding one’s own path and walking down it without hesitation is the way to go!”

“Even if your path has never been taken by anyone, and the road ahead is unknown! Just like the demon-subduing transformation I cultivate, it was created by someone with great talent and perseverance who imitated divine beasts before the beginning of time, when the Dao was cut off.”

“Divine beasts?” someone exclaimed. These people were all new disciples who only saw the world after entering Qingyuan Sect. Flying fish, water birds, and underground monkeys that manipulate water… they had never heard of such things.

Are these divine beasts? Everyone looked at Su He subconsciously.

Ge Feng smiled and shook his head, “Ordinary people cannot see divine beasts.”

“Strictly speaking, our current cultivation is inspired by divine beasts.” He pointed to his heart and projected his mind’s eye. It was a mysterious and yellow space with things floating up and down inside, but he had coded it, so it was not clear.

“In ancient times, people did not cultivate their mind’s eye. The division of realms at that time is already unknown, but it is known that the cultivation world once faced a crisis of the Dao being cut off. At that time, a great being discovered the pure bloodline of divine beasts and the way of returning to the ancestors to cultivate, and introduced it into human cultivation, which led to the current realm of cultivation.”

“Transcend Mortality, Subdue Demons, and Traverse Heaven are the three great realms of cultivation now. The last two are not worth mentioning yet, and we are far from them. The Transcend Mortality realm has seven steps: mind’s eye, divine object, true blood, sense realm, sacrificial bone, enlightenment, and gathering essence.”

“The mind’s eye realm is self-explanatory. You need to cultivate your body and refine your vitality to the extreme before you can use your blood and qi to break open your mind’s eye. The most important thing in cultivation is the second step after opening the mind’s eye, which is to condense the divine object in the mind’s eye!”

He pointed to the object in his mind’s eye projection that was coded.

“Depending on the different cultivation methods and personality, different people can condense different divine objects in their mind’s eye. This is the foundation of cultivation! It is also the most important knowledge that humans learned from divine beasts.”

He pointed to the green snake and goat in the field, “In fact, demons are the same. They use Demon Morphing Fruits to condense a human form in their mind’s eye. Strictly speaking, this is not a human form, but a Dao Body, one of the most suitable forms for cultivation in the world. It just happens that the Dao Body is in the shape of a human.”

“Human beings themselves are Dao Bodies, so there is no need to take another step. Cultivation requires condensing the most suitable ‘Dao’ for oneself in the mind’s eye: water, fire, thunder, lightning, swords, spears, and halberds…”

The audience was quiet, afraid to miss any details. Su He had already activated the recording function of Turtle Mountain and recorded everything.

Ge Feng said leisurely, “And the method of condensing the ‘Dao’ in the mind’s eye was first used by divine beasts. They condensed the perfect form of their ancestors or divine beasts in their mind’s eye, purified their bloodline with their Dao rhyme, and stepped on the path of returning to the ancestors step by step, even surpassing their ancestors.”

“So if a beast with divine beast bloodline can open its mind’s eye, there will be a divine beast shadow naturally in its mind’s eye. There are rare cases where beasts have swallowed Demon Morphing Fruits but cannot transform into humans because their bloodline is too noble, and the Dao Body in their mind’s eye is not in human form, but in the form of a divine beast!””The human form is the most suitable and versatile Dao Body, but it is not the only one. Snakes and fish have dragon forms, birds have wind forms, and beasts have qilin forms. Such creatures are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns!”

Green Snake turned her head frame by frame to look at the dazed Su He, her eyes filled with undisguised envy: “Turtle, turtle!”

I thought you had eaten a defective Demon Morphing Fruit and were pitifully unable to undergo Demon Subduing Transformation. It turns out you were quietly walking the path of a second-generation ancestor.

Although Ge Feng didn’t say it explicitly, Green Snake also realized that a Dao Body like Su He’s, with a Divine Beast in his Mind’s Eye, was the most suitable for them. Green Snake simply didn’t have a suitable Divine Beast, so she had to settle for the most versatile innate Dao Body.

Snakes can also morph into dragons, but obviously, her bloodline wasn’t strong enough to activate the Divine Beast’s inheritance.

“Divine Beast…” Green Snake murmured to herself.

Ge Feng laughed and said, “Fellow Daoist Green Snake, there is no need to worry. There is no hierarchy between human and Divine Beast Mind’s Eye Divine Objects; the best one is the one that suits you the most. Besides, the number of creatures that can undergo Demon Subduing Transformation can be counted on one’s fingers, and those who can become Divine Beasts are even rarer, with none appearing for thousands of years. Instead of being distracted, it’s better to cultivate diligently and solidify your own Dao path.”

“Is there none?” Green Snake raised her head slightly, her eyes lost in thought, and her tail pointed at Su He: “Turtle!”

Ge Feng laughed, “I know this is a turtle, and it’s a rare sight – a big turtle, turtle!”

He suddenly understood Green Snake’s meaning and his voice changed instantly.

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