Vol.1 – Chapter 031 – First Seat

Qingyuan Sect, Changsheng Hall.

This is where the Sect Leader of Qingyuan Sect is located, the true core of Qingyuan Sect.

At this moment, Feng Yiju is sitting on the First Seat in Changsheng Hall, looking at the elders on both sides.

“Everyone, Ge Feng has reported that there is a Divine Beast appearing in Qingyuan Sect. What do you think about it?”

“Great news!” A bearded man with a happy face said, “Sect Leader Senior Brother, this is our chance. We should celebrate for three days!”

Having a Divine Beast is enough to ensure the peace of Qingyuan Sect for thousands of years. Even one day it can truly transform into a pure blood, Qingyuan Sect can also compete with the top ten immortal sects.

Everyone agreed. Although Feng Yiju’s expression was calm, there was a hint of joy in his eyes.

However, at this moment, someone spoke up: “Although the birth of a Divine Beast in Qingyuan Sect is a great news, Sect Leader Senior Brother, don’t forget about the Taibai Temple three hundred years ago.” The speaker was a young man dressed as a scholar.

The joyful atmosphere suddenly became silent.

Three hundred years ago, the holder of the Ox Ear was not Qingyuan Sect. At that time, Feng Yiju and Su Huanian had just emerged and took charge of Qingyuan Sect. The Taibai Temple in the Dongyun Mountains was the undisputed ruler. However, the Divine Beast of Taibai Temple went mad overnight and destroyed the Taibai Temple.

Qingyuan Sect also gained a lot from the ruins of Taibai Temple, which laid the foundation for its rise.

“So…” The scholar said in a deep voice, “the top priority is not to celebrate, but to quickly set up a slave restriction in the Divine Turtle’s spirit, so that it cannot rebel against Qingyuan Sect.”

Everyone was silent. It took a long time for someone to say: “But don’t you remember? The Divine Beast cannot be humiliated. It was the attempt to set up a slave restriction for their Divine Beast that caused the Taibai Temple to go mad and suffer a disaster.”

The scholar looked at him and said, “That’s why we should set up a slave restriction when our Divine Beast is still young and can be easily suppressed with one hand. This is the foundation for eternal peace.”

The weak scholar’s voice was powerful, and the entire Changsheng Hall was overwhelmed by his momentum.

Everyone looked at the Sect Leader, and Feng Yiju’s expression was calm, revealing nothing.


A urgent shout came from above the Beast-taming Valley.


A sword light smashed into the courtyard of the First Seat.

It was the skinny Taoist who took away Su He’s White Tiger that day.

Although he was thin, his power was not small. He smashed a deep pit on the ground and immediately jumped out, shouting towards the Beast-taming Valley’s First Seat who was drinking in the pavilion, “Master, it’s a Divine Beast!”

The First Seat of the Beast-taming Valley is named Xia Dali. He was not born in the Beast-taming Valley, but in the Evergreen Peak. However, the previous First Seat disregarded public opinion and passed the position to him.

In just one generation, everyone was amazed by the previous First Seat’s vision. This unremarkable fat man took only one generation to make the Beast-taming Valley rise from the downstream of the Seven Meridians to the middle stream, and even the upward trend has not weakened in the slightest.

Xia Dali held a wine glass and looked at the skinny Taoist. He was unharmed, with intact limbs and soul, so it was not a matter of life and death, and no one was chasing him. The magical power condensed in the wine glass quietly dissipated, and the frozen wine water had returned to its original state.

“Phew! You are the beast!” Xia Dali snorted discontentedly, “I told you to be steady, but you are yelling and rushing around. How can you be dignified?””He has only two disciples so far. One is Ge Feng, who is mature, stable, and looks like a master, which pleases Xia Dali. The other is Guanshan in front of him, who is like a monkey with his hands and feet everywhere.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Master!” Guanshan waved his hand eagerly. “There’s a divine beast! That big turtle that Lu Ming senior brother calculated for last time has arrived, and it’s really a divine beast.”

Xia Dali put down his wine glass and became serious. “How do you know?”

Guanshan came too quickly just now, panting heavily. He took his master’s wine jug and drank a lot before saying, “Senior Brother sent me a flying sword message.”

In the same sect, disciples usually address each other by their surnames or titles. Only those who have the same master can address each other as brothers directly. Guanshan’s senior brother is Ge Feng.

Guanshan calmed down and said, “Senior Brother is teaching in Leaving South Court today, and the big turtle has gone there. Senior Brother has mapped the mind’s eye of the big turtle, and inside is a mighty dragon turtle.”

Xia Dali narrowed his eyes and suddenly widened them. Damn it! There’s a divine turtle, and he didn’t send me a flying sword message first but instead sent it to Guanshan? Am I not doing as well as your junior brother…?

Ah! I remember now. I lost a bet with Ge Feng’s grandfather a month ago and then beat up Ge Feng when I returned. As a result, that guy sent me flying sword messages every day and made me annoyed, so I banned his channel for sending me flying sword messages.

Xia Dali stood up, his fairy sword appeared, and he was about to ride his sword to Leaving South Court.

“What are you doing, Master?” Guanshan was surprised.

Xia Dali said without hesitation, “Of course, I’m going to bring the divine beast back! No matter whether it’s a divine beast or an exotic beast, if it enters Qingyuan Sect, it should belong to my Beast-taming Valley. How can it be left outside?”

Is there a need to ask? He looked at his disciples, who didn’t even have this awareness. How could they inherit the true transmission of Beast-taming Valley?

“Don’t be ridiculous, Master!” Guanshan pressed down his fairy sword. “That divine turtle belongs to Yaya. Even Senior Uncle Su left a mark on the divine turtle’s back. Are you going to fight with Senior Uncle Su for the turtle? You can’t beat him.”

Xia Dali’s face twitched a few times. Why did you come back so anxiously to tell me that the divine turtle already has an owner? Are you trying to make fun of me?

Unfilial disciples deserve punishment!

He kicked Guanshan’s butt and made him roll on the ground like a gourd. But Guanshan didn’t care and jumped up cheerfully, asking, “Master, are you really going to fight Senior Uncle Su?”

He will definitely be beaten up!

“Phew!” Xia Dali spat, “Grandson, you don’t know what’s good for you!”

“I’m going to deliver a secret about the divine beast’s advancement. Although Qingyuan Mountain has never had a divine beast, who knows more than my Beast-taming Valley?” Guanshan hesitated. “What about Senior Brother Lu Ming?”

Senior Brother Lu Ming was really imprisoned in Suppression Prison because of this turtle. He was not just a prison guard but a real prisoner.

There is a grudge between the first true transmission of Beast-taming Valley and divine beasts, even an enmity. This is why he came to find his master.

As the first seat of Beast-taming Valley, shouldn’t his master deal with this?

Xia Dali’s face turned bad, and he was openly cold. “Who is Lu Ming? What does he have to do with my Beast-taming Valley?”

Ignorance is not a mistake. It’s okay to want to subdue divine beasts and even let your Guardian Beast eat them. But he shouldn’t use dirty tricks and let Feng Yaya destroy Beast-taming Valley.

There are countless frightened Beast Pets that have run away, at least seventy of which are disciples of Beast-taming Valley who have communicated with their origins and are about to make them their Guardian Beasts.Several Beast Pets were injured and even killed, and those disciples were completely ruined.

For one’s own selfish desires, treating fellow disciples and brothers as nothing, such a disciple, Xia Dali, would not recognize! You can be stupid, foolish, incompetent, and even bad, but you shouldn’t be heartless!

No matter who your master is or what your background is, he, Xia Dali, expelled you from being the chief of Beast-taming Valley!

Xia Dali rode his sword and headed towards Leaving South Court. Along the way, he found out that the news of the Divine Turtle appearing in Qingyuan Sect had spread like wildfire, and there were discussions from time to time.

Indeed, it was something worth celebrating. Demons are destined to become the Demon Subduing Realm, and for Divine Beasts – the Demon Subduing Realm is just the beginning.

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